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Yasmin Finney Bio, Parents, Boyfriend, Height, Net Worth

Meet TikTok-er Yasmin Finney, who, having built a sizeable audience sharing her experiences as a young trans woman online, now stands out for her stint on Netflix’s Heartstopper.

Read through this ‘Yasmin Finney Bio’ and find out all about her parents, boyfriend, height, net worth, and more.

Yasmin Finney On Heartstopper

Yasmin Finney plays Elle Argent, Charlie (actor Joe Locke) and Tao’s (actor William Gao) friend who transferred to Harvey Greene Grammar School for Girls (nicknamed Higgs) after coming out as transgender. Yasmin’s Elle also happens to have left her old school because she was bullied there.

In Heartstopper which is based on the much-loved webcomic of the same name viewers also shall see Elle wonder if she has feelings for Tao, Charlie’s protective best mate.

So basically as Elle, we see a trans teen navigating love and friendship after moving to a new environment.

This role came to Yasmin after casting in What If, the directorial debut from Pose star Billie Porter. Talking to media outlets recently, she said she feels blessed to be telling a “positive” trans story.

So with this confidence and Elle’s vulnerability, shyness, and ability to be unapologetically herself, Yasmin’s portrayal is sure to become a fan favorite.

Is Yasmin Finney A Transgender Woman?

Yas min Finney is openly a transgender woman. In fact, she has been lucky that she is considered one of the most influential actresses within the Transgender community.

As per Curtis Brown’s reports, she is regularly included on lists of “Tik Tok’s biggest influencers” and brings with her a huge international fan base from both within the community and beyond.

Her videos on Tik Tok where she is sharing her experience as a Trans woman have been watched over 12 million times.

So, it’s been a while since she told everyone that she was born a boy and later changed into a girl.

Does Yasmin Finney Have A Boyfriend?

If you had been wondering if Yasmin Finney is dating her love interest from Heartstopper in real life, the answer is no.

Also, in a 4 September 2019-dated video on her YouTube channel ‘ YazDemand’ (where she entertained 1.3K subscribers as of 23 April 2022), she admitted that she is single at the moment and that she will be probably not getting a boyfriend anytime soon. She said she had her reasons.

Then, in recent times, on TikTok, Yasmin also hinted that she had some not-so-good dating experiences because of her being trans. For instance, she demoed a video where she is being shouted at with angry words by a guy she has been talking to for weeks because she told him she is trans.

Yasmin Finney Parents

Apparently, Yasmin Finney does not have the best kind of relationship with her family and that includes her parents as well. In several of her TikTok videos, she hinted at the fact that she has very turbulent relationships with many people in her family. And that is because they are according to her, transphobic. Then, in another such video, she bluntly shared that she has been thriving without them.

Yasmin Finney Height

Yasmin Finney herself confirmed via tweet that on 1 March 2022 that her height is 5′ 11″. However, by this time she had still not reached her permanent height.

How Old Is Yasmin Finney?

Born in 2003, Yasmin Finney turned 18 years old in 2021.

Yasmin Finney’s Net Worth

Yasmin Finney reportedly had less than $100K as her net worth as of April 2022.

She is also a model; a couple of years back she hoped to become a successful model within the next ten years. She opened up that she has high expectations of what she wants to be when she is older. For now, though, she has earned work with Manchester’s leading model agency Nemesis Models.

And of course now with her Netflix debut, Yasmin would also love to do on-screen roles that are really represented as a Black trans woman. With Heartstopper, she is inspirited that it has given her the platform and also opened the door for other Black queers to come out and be put in front of casting directors.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Yasmin Finney’s Ethnicity?

Yasmin Finney was born in Manchester, in the United Kingdom. Speaking of her ethnicity, she inherited her parents’ Black British lineage.

  • When Is Yasmin Finney’s Birthday?

Yasmin Finney’s birthday is on August 30th and for people born on this day, their zodiac sign is Virgo.

  • Is Yasmin Finney On Twitter?

Indeed! Yasmin Finney was on Twitter @Yazdemand as of 23 April 2022. She joined the platform back in January 2020 and managed to get 28.5K followers by this date. And over the course she found Twitter to be “kinda fun”.

Yasmin also held decent vogue on other social media platforms. At the time, her Instagram @yazdemand saw 178K followers and TikTok @yazdemand entertained around 454.6K.

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