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Courtney Boerner Bio, Parents, Before, Ethnicity, Love Island

Love Island Season 4 premiered on 19 July 2022 on the streaming service, Peacock. This new season came around among the highly-anticipating viewers with sexy singles from across the country. Courtney Boerner, who is often told that she is too much, was one of them, documenting her love life with the other singles as they all lived together in a gorgeous villa while searching for love.

We shall now tell you all about the same Courtney in this writing called ‘Courtney Boerner Bio’.

Courtney Boerner On Love Island

Courtney Boerner told the many cameras on Love Island that she is on the show looking to find her “needle” in the haystack. “Perfect package on the outside and most intelligent on the inside”, she described her perfect man before adding that she loves outer space and NASA.

Courtney also cheekily spilled that her best flirting trick is eye contact. “I want to say ‘*uck you’ with my head you know”, she exclaimed.

She also revealed that her guilty pleasure is “anime” and a toxic trait is flaking.

Is Courtney Boerner Bisexual?

Yes, Courtney is bisexual and her appearance, therefore, comes after previously bisexual contestants Kyra Green and Leslie Golden.

She confirmed on national television that she has dated both men and women.

Courtney Boerner Age

Courtney Boerner was 24 years old when she went on this journey to Love Island to find herself a perfect man.

Who Are Courtney Boerner’s Parents?

Courtney’s father Kevin M Boerner Orlando turned 67 in 2022 and before that, he studied Physician Assistant at King’s College and went to Brooklyn Technical High School and Midwood High School.

At the time of this writing, he lived in Pattaya and went around as “single”.

Orlando-based Cindy A Hair, on the other hand, is likely Courtney’s stepmother, and another Orlando-based, Kimberly Boerner, age 22, is her sister.

Then, there was William J. formerly of Brooklyn, New York, and Mineola, New York, Courtney’s grandfather who passed away during his sleep at the age of 91 in 2017. Late Mr. Boerner was a World War II veteran and served with the Navy in the Pacific Theater. He was an atomic war veteran and one of the first Americans to be in Japan after the dropping of the atomic bomb.

Lastly, Courtney also is related to Kaylee Boerner, Keith Boerner, and Diane Lettieri.

Courtney Boerner Surgery

In her E! Online bio, Courtney states that she has had 19 plastic surgeries so far. She, however, did not go into details. Yet, she did divulge a few more secrets about herself. She shared that she hates bad breath more than anything and how she could not live without her jewelry or her vibrator. She also cited that when people tell her that she is too much she tells them that it is not her problem that they can not handle “this woman” and “this body”.

Courtney Boerner Before

One can clearly tell that Courtney Boerner underwent breast augmentation, had the famous “Brazilian Butt Lift” and had work done on her lips.

Before the surgery-Courtney (at right), as seen with her sister, Kimberly back in 2016 (PIC: Instagram)

Her before the surgery pictures display seeable contrasts from her appearance nowadays.

Is Courtney Boerner On Instagram?

Yes. Courtney could be found on Instagram @courtnneylynn where she had 101 posts and 126K followers as of 19 July 2022.

Also, she entertained 5967 followers on TikTok @courtnneylynn and joined Twitter @courtnneylynn in June 2022.

Courtney Boerner Height

Beautiful Courtney, who can self-tan her entire back, stands below 5’4” tall in height.

Courtney Boerner Job

Courtney, according to her BIO on social media, left the Sunshine State to pursue a stylist career in Los Angeles. It further suggests that she is pursuing a career as an influencer or model. It seemed as if she also decided to go on Love Island USA seeing it as likely an ideal place to kick off her influencer career.

She has also worked for Showtime PPV during a boxing match between Jack Paul and Tyron Woodley, as a ring girl (of course).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Courtney Boerner From?

Courtney hails from her hometown of Winter Park in Florida. Although in recent times, she was based in Los Angeles, California.

  • How Much Is Courtney Boerner’s Net Worth?

Courtney Boerner reportedly had less than $200K as her net worth as of 2022.

One can see her enjoy the finer things in life. She has posted pictures of herself in what looks like the nearly $700,00 Rolls Royce Cullinan with a Hermes orange interior and a starlit ceiling. The MTV star also mostly wore designer clothing, traveled on private jets, and relaxed on yachts.

As for her earnings as a fashion stylist, her salary should fall between $56,232 and $66,570, as per‘s estimation.

  • When Is Courtney Boerner’s Birthday?

Courtney Boerner likely celebrates her birthday on the 28th of November.

  • What Is Courtney Boerner’s Ethnicity?

Though Courtney Boerner proudly puts flags of the United States of America, Germany, and Korea on her social media BIO, ethnicity-wise, she acquires a blend of Germany and Korean ethnicity.

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