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Timmy Pandolfi Bio, Parents, Height, Age, Love Island

Timmy Pandolfi, can low-key play the guitar, he learned more things growing up in the church, and most importantly, he can rap along his introduction on Love Island. Yes. It’s the contestant of Love island USA Season 4 that we are talking about.

Love Island follows Timothy and the other singles from across the country, as they all live together in a gorgeous villa competing in “naughtier” games and steamier challenges. Let us now tell you more about Timmy in this writing called ‘Timmy Pandolfi Bio’.

Timmy Pandolfi On Love Island

Timmy Pandolfi, like his costars Courtney Boerner and Deborah Chubb, decided to go on Love Island looking to fall in love and find their ultimate soulmate. And kindness is the number one end of all characteristics he looks for in a woman. Just like his mother, he would like his ideal partner to be inviting and calm. The other green flags according to him were: someone goal-oriented, who knows what she is doing, and finger’s nails nice and clean. Without shying away he also pointed out that he loves hips, buttocks, and toenails in women.

He revealed to many cameras on the show that he knows how to make women comfortable and would approach them first with nice eye contact.

However, despite all that, the plot of the show also meant that Timmy will be going home with no woman and without any money won if he failed to make a strong connection. This rule applies to every singleton on the Island. They are at risk of getting “dumped”.

As for now, Timmy seemed to be doing just fine. Other than being terrified of snakes, really really bad, he continued shrimp tails and whole Shrimp.

As for the past, Timmy said that he said not to love for like five times. He said he used to be like like self-sabotage person. But since then Timmy bragged that he has worked a lot on himself. And at this point until Love Island, he was ready to explore the routes with “love business”.

How Old Is Timmy Pandolfi?

MTV star Timmy Pandolfi reached the age of 29 in 2022.

Timmy Pandolfi Job

Timmy Pandolfi introduced himself as a personal trainer, a real estate agent, and a rapper. Speaking about his love for sports, he also said that though he is not a player he certainly has dibbled and dabbled in games.

According to LinkedIn, Timmy graduated from

outgoing; extremely organized; detail-oriented; has excellent verbal and written communication skills. Seemingly employed as an adaptive trainer at Hope Fitness, Timmy shared that he acquires experience in sales, the fitness industry, and customer service, and enjoys connecting with others.

Timmy Pandolfi Parents

Timmy Pandolfi’s mother Sheila Pandolfi reached the age of 60 in April 2022; and was based in Medford, New York as of this time. She seemed still happily married to Chris Pandolfi, Timmy’s father, who according to his Facebook worked at Calvary Baptist Church; studied at Cornell University; and went to Sachem High School North.

Chris here is a native of Lake Ronkonkoma, New York. Also known by the full name Christopher, he turned out to be a pastor growing up in an Italian Catholic family on Long Island. He married Sheila on 18 December 1987 and had their first child (Timmy’s older sibling) on 5 November 1989.

Timmy has three siblings in total, two brothers and a sister and all of them together seemed like a closely knitted group of people.

Is Timmy Pandolfi On Instagram?

Yes. Timmy Pandolfi could be found on Instagram @timmyswerve13 where he had 57 posts and 15.8K followers as of 20 July 2022.

Timmy also managed to get 91 subscribers on his YouTube channel: Timmy Swerve, which featured a couple of his rap songs.

Yes. Among other things, Timmy also loves telling people that he is a rapper. One can look him up on Spotlight where he entertained around 27 monthly subscribers.

Timmy Pandolfi Height

When Timmy Pandolfi was a senior in high school at Stony Brook School, he stood 5′ 11″ tall in height. He had a Sport Management major at the time. Back then, in high school, he also passionately played basketball, baseball, and track and field; was named All-State once, and scored 1,000 points.

Since then and he has grown even taller, gained some good muscles, and gotten some amazing design tattoos.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Timmy Pandolfi From?

Timmy was born and raised in his hometown of New York City. Although recently, he was based in Los Angeles.

  • When Is Timmy Pandolfi’s Birthday?

Timmy Pandolfi celebrates his birthday on the 5th of June and that makes him a Gemini.

  • How Much Is Timmy Pandolfi Net Worth?

Self-proclaimed decisive, driven, and self-sufficient Timmy Pandolfi reportedly had more than $250K as his net worth as of 2022.

As per‘s estimation, he should make on an average $29.12 per hour salary as a personal trainer working around Los Angeles.

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