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Creighton Waters Bio, Age, Family, Salary, Married, Law School

If you’ve been following the Alex Murdaugh trial then you should also be familiar with the lead prosecutor Creighton Waters who often grilled the disgraced South Carolina attorney. He is the one who often asked “bizarre and ineffectual questions” as per Bryan A. Garner.

Intrigued by this prosecutor? Keep reading this Creighton Waters Bio to learn more.

Meet Creighton Waters, Prosecutor In Alex Murdaugh Trial

Creighton was the lead prosecutor in Alex Murdaugh’s trial. Ever since Alex Murdaugh first took the stand in the trial on February 23, 2023, Creighton was questioned all over for his “weird” tactics during his cross-examination. He even was criticized by the lexicographer and legal scholar Bryan A. Garner for focusing on Alex’s alleged previous financial crimes rather than the details of the murder in a seeming attempt to discredit the suspect.

Also, TV writer Rae Sanni said Creighton’s fixation on topics doesn’t directly connect to the murders.

The last we checked, Creighton grilled Alex about what he repeatedly called the once-prominent lawyer’s “new story” about what happened at the kennels on the evening of June 7, 2021. He also ended his cross-examination by rattling off the names of about four dozen people — starting with Maggie and Paul Murdaugh and running through his family, friends, law partners, clients, and police.

Overall, Creighton believed that Alex killed his wife and son to gain sympathy to buy time because his financial misdeeds were about to be discovered.

Creighton Waters Law School

Creighton Waters got his BA in 1992 and JD in 1996 from the University of South Carolina’s prestigious Honors College.

According to lawyers who worked against/with Creighton’s prosections, Creighton is diligent, patient, zealous, reasonable at times and difficult at others, well-prepared, and a veteran of high-stakes plea negotiations that sometimes turn into shouting matches. He is also known for fine-tuning his legal motions until minutes before the filing deadline when they finally meet his standard. “He’s demanding when you work with him,” said Robert Bolchoz.

How Much Is Creighton Waters Salary?

Creighton Waters was paid an annual salary of around $84.7 thousand per annum as an attorney in South Carolina. He has been the Chief Attorney in the State Grand Jury Section at the South Carolina Office of the Attorney General ever since May 1998. Initially, he worked in the office’s appellate division under legendary Deputy Attorney General Don Zelenka and it was only in 2010 he moved to the state grand jury.

Before S.C. Attorney General’s Office, Creighton started his career working as a clerk for two years for the late S.C. Court of Appeals Judge Jasper Cureton — whom he considered one of his chief mentors.

When Creighton’s not on his job, he blows off steam playing guitar. Infact, he was the lead guitarist of Sole Purpose, a Columbia cover band performing at weddings, parties, and restaurants.

But Creighton never talked about his cases with the band, due to the strict secrecy rules around state grand jury proceedings.

Sadly, as the band’s popularity grew and his work became more demanding, forcing Creighton to quit in 2020.

Creighton Waters Age

Creighton Waters was 52 years of age when he prosecuted the Alex Murdaugh trial in 2023.

He is 8 years younger than Alex’s attorney and 19 years younger than Judge Clifton Newman.

Creighton Waters Family

Creighton Waters comes from a family of lawyers.

His dad, Samuel C. Waters has served on the boards of Rogers Townsend & Thomas PC, the American Legal and Financial Network (ALFN), the Mortgage Bankers of the Carolinas (MBAC), Legal League 100 (Five Star Institute of the DS News), and the Committee on Actual Real Estate Solutions (CARES). His practice focused on creditors’ rights, bankruptcy, and consumer litigation. 

Samuel’s previous legal experiences were as Trust Officer for C&S National Bank (1974-6), Counsel for the Department of Veterans Affairs, District of South Carolina (1976-1984), Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, (1981-4), Woodward Leventis Unger Herndon & Ormand (1984-6), and Rogers Townsend & Thomas (1986-2014).

In 2014,  he then established The Waters Firm, LLC, and thereafter became Of Counsel with the Finkel Law Firm LLC.

Samuel turned 79 in Feb 2023.

According to his friends, Creighton inherited his strong moral compass from his father and his father’s best friends — who tended to be public servants as well. They also mentioned that Creighton was as different from other kids his age. He played guitar, loved to read, especially books about history and war, and was obsessed with expanding his vocabulary, trying to wedge ten-dollar words into his everyday speech.

Is Creighton Waters Married?

Yes, Creighton Waters is married to his wife Tracey L Waters (born: June 1964). Find Tracey on FB @DW Tracey.

His wife, Tracey is a social worker who worked at Dickerson Center For Children, Inc in West Columbia, SC. She has a degree of Licensed Master of Social Work and over 13 years of experience in the field.

As for their kids, Creighton and Tracey share a son named Cade 

Is Creighton Waters On Facebook?

Find Creighton on Facebook @creighton.waters.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Creighton Waters Birthday?

Creighton didn’t reveal his birthday.

  • How Tall Is Creighton Waters?

Creighton stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 11 Inches (180 cm).

  • Where Was Creighton Waters Born?

He was born and raised in Columbia’s Heathwood neighborhood.

  • How Much Is Creighton Waters Net Worth?

By 2023, Creighton garnered a net worth of above $700 thousand.

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