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Cristina Mackey Bio, Ethnicity, Parents, Height, Rick Ross

The singer Cristina Mackey retaliated against the baby mama of her rapper boyfriend Rick Ross, Tia Kemp, who was once her partner. Tia Kemp chastised her last week for her cooking abilities, which led to this. Cristina said the following on her most recent Instagram Live.

“Why wouldn’t you move with a man? If you lived with your man, you wouldn’t be on my page on a fake account at 40-something years old. You know what I’m saying? You would just be minding your business. You would just be minding your business ’cause it’s the same person making the fake accounts.”

Who is Cristina? Learn all that we know about her here.

Meet Cristina Mackey, Rick Ross Girlfriend

Cristina Mackey is the current girlfriend of Rick Ross aka Rozzay. The singer has been posting about their relationship on the internet about their relationship.

Cristina posted a “pick me” video where she explains “All you’re doing is manifesting that up with me… I want to get picked over and over and over again.” Viewers are split about the post.

“in my 42 years, I’ve learned that you don’t have to explain the truth. I think she’s trying to convince herself,” one viewer wrote. Another added, “I actually agree with her, all she wants is love and to be loved. Deep down all of us want this and a relationship that does not fail. I agree.”

Another wrote, “He be picking women like he be picking up Rolex’s girl he is gonna pick you and her and her and them.”

Rick Ross and Cristina went public with their relationship in December 2023. She captioned the post, “Use it as motivation ❤️‍🔥.”

Fans ridiculed their relationship on the post’s IG comment. “😂😂😂😂😂 you did all that healing to end up with Rick Ross?” one girl wrote. Another posted, “I thought he was with vee im confused 😂even more now cause I thought this was her.”

“Women are the best actors EVER! lol,” another wrote.

Likewise, another wrote, “If he had regular money, he would never have a chance lol.”

A few days later, Cristina posted, “Feelings are mutual @richforever.”

Cristina shared a video last week on her Instagram Story, stating that they had “a little flamingo taco bar” since her boyfriend Rick Ross “demanded a taco bar today.” Before setting it in front of the record executive, she also flaunted the dish she had made for him.

Rick Ross’s ex-girlfriend Tia Kemp, with whom he shares a son, was not thrilled with Mackey’s culinary abilities, even if she seemed to be enjoying the cuisine prepared by her current partner. During her Instagram Live, Kemp addressed Cristina and held out a cookbook.

Here is what she said: “If I say a b*tch can’t make a taco, b*tch, you can’t make a taco… If you can’t make a f*cking taco, I’m gonna tell you what she’s worth… What [is] that h*e worth y’all? B*tch is worth a dollar. Damn, two cents, a dollar. She ain’t got no f*cking sense, she worth a dollar.”

Rick’s baby mother went on to add that he was “worth a dollar too.” Following this, Cristina stood up to retaliate against Tia Kemp, declaring that her relationship with Ross would remain unaffected by the animosity from his ex: “The fact that I’m confident about my relationship and it disturbs some of y’all says a lot about what y’all have going on in your personal life. Coz when you hear a woman speaking confidently about her man, you should just believe her, right?”

Cristina went on to say that people shouldn’t be “hating” on her and should quit being “disrupted or disturbed.” Having said that, she made fun of Tia Kemp, claiming that she was a “40-something” woman acting from a “fake account” because she was worried about Rick Ross dating someone else.

“It’s social media, it’s everybody’s business. If you mind your business, I can mind my business. Whatever I post doesn’t mean you get to dig deep into what I say. If I say this is my person, this is my person. And if I want to post my person, Imma post my person, right?,” Cristina posted.

In addition, Mackey wished Tia Kemp “love” and “happiness” and advised her to focus on her own relationship, pointing out that, in contrast to her, she was “young,” “single,” and had no children, making her “nobody’s baby mother.” Mackey was called a “tweety bird” by Kemp, who responded by accusing Mackey of blocking her on her personal page and stating that she was not qualified to discuss Ross’ baby moms’ ages.

Earlier, when Lewis Belt, the presenter of The Cali Kickback podcast, asked her how she felt about fans of Ross inquiring about actress and comedian Pretty Vee, with whom the rapper went out before her, she said that she wasn’t upset.

How Much Is Cristina Mackey Net Worth?

Cristina Mackey has accumulated a net worth above $250 thousand. She gained fame as a rapper and singer. Before her career in the entertainment industry, she worked in the fast food industry as a host and booth holder.

Cristina was also a host at TGI Fridays, Revolution, Cici’s Pizza, and Wendy’s among others. In 2020, she worked as a manager at a teeth-bleaching store in Orange County, California.

Cristina then worked as a professional relationship advisor which has been the longest career of her life.

Talking about her education, she graduated high school before the age of 16 and went to college two weeks later. However, she discontinued her college education after getting cast on the Chris Brown video. Before that, she lied about her age to land jobs at several places.

Cristina Mackey Age

Cristina Mackey is 27 years old as of January 2024. Her birth year is 1996.

What Is Cristina Mackey Ethnicity?

Cristina Mackey is of mixed ethnicity. While her mother appears to be a White woman her dad is African-American.

Cristina Mackey Parents

Cristina Mackey’s parents are no longer married. Her mom remarried her step-dad who was a gang member.

Cristina doesn’t post about her family. However, back in June 2014, Cristina’s dad turned 44 and she wished him, “It’s my dadssss birthday. happy 44th daddy! Love you!

Cristina Mackey Height

Cristina Mackey stands tall above 5 feet 7 inches. She has a scar between her eyes which she got as a kid.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Cristina Mackey From?

Cristina Mackey was born in Aurora, Colorado. She is now residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • When Is Cristina Mackey Birthday?

Cristina Mackey celebrates her birthday on 5 September.

  • Is Cristina Mackey On Instagram?

Yes, Cristina Mackey is on Instagram and Facebook.

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