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Anna Kane Now, Maiden Name, Evander Kane Ex-Wife

Canadian hockey player Evander  Kane was previously married to his ex-wife Anna Kane. She swiftly withdrew her use of her ex’s injury as a marketing tool for OnlyFans, but it was her last known activity. This followed a contentious divorce marked by allegations of infidelity, physical violence by Anna, and Evander’s involvement in gambling on his own NHL games.

In 2024, Evander had his ex-wife kicked out of the arena after she showed up to the Oilers game in Detroit. Anna documented the whole situation on social media. In one of her Instagram Story posts, she said, “Sorry @detroitredwings I got kicked out cuz my ex was crying.”

Who is she? What is Anna Kane’s maiden name? How old is she now? What is her job? We got it all covered below so keep scrolling down.

Meet Anna Kane, Evander Kane’s Ex-Wife

The NHL player Evander Kane’s estranged wife is known as Anna Kane. After getting married in 2018, the couple’s relationship hasn’t been easy. Even though she married a well-known person, Anna stays out of the spotlight. HITC does note that she does take pleasure in being an active mother who spends her time hiking and going on “luxurious vacation trips.” The two’s turbulent marriage ended in divorce.

After the couple broke up in 2020, Anna filed for divorce in July of 2021. According to TMZ, Evander requested a restraining order in December of that year, which was granted. A Santa Clara County judge declared that Evander was lawfully unmarried in April 2022, according to TMZ as well.

In March 2019, their first child, Eva, was born at 28 weeks gestation and passed away soon after. In July 2020, more than a year later, Kensington Ava was born. Anna stated in court filings that she was expecting Evander’s child in the first half of 2022. In November 2021, Evander accused his ex-wife of lying about her pregnancy; she later acknowledged that she had an abortion in July.

“I acknowledge I was not forthcoming about my pregnancy ending, but I was and still am terrified because I know what this man is capable of,” Anna wrote on her Instagram story.

On December 1, 2021, the hockey star was granted sole custody of Kensington, according to the New York Post. According to the Post, a judge decided that Anna would have supervised visitation with their daughter and would have to go through a mental health assessment.

Where Is Anna Kane Now?

TMZ Sports said in December 2021 that Anna posted a video on Instagram in which Evander may be seen aiming a gun at her. The video showed Evander “walking into a garage with the gun before he eventually raised it in the air and then pointed it in Anna’s direction.”

Subsequently, she stated that he was “pointing a loaded gun at me… psychopath.” Evander’s representative refuted these allegations, stating that the video was edited and the pistol was a prop from an earlier 2020 picture shoot in which Evander and Anna were featured.

“Her conduct, unfortunately, is consistent with her prior actions throughout this [divorce] case,” according to his lawyer. “Each time, we hope it will be the last. Each time, we strive to keep the peace and put our best foot forward. And each time, Evander is exonerated and Ms. Kane’s allegations are unsubstantiated.”

According to court records acquired by TMZ Sports, Evander told a judge that he was concerned that “Anna might hurt him, his girlfriend, Mara Teigen, and his daughter in the wake of her recent social media activity” as a result of these charges. The judge granted his request.

On January 11, 2024, Anna Kane attended the Oilers’ game against the Detroit Redwings to commemorate her birthday the next day. In a series of Instagram stories uploaded from her buddy @stephaniibrahim’s account, Anna was spotted behind the glass rink side. According to Hockey of Hockey, Evander had his ex-wife taken out of the game for breaking their restraining order as soon as he found out about her presence. Next, based on her own testimony, Anna related how she saw security guards escorting her out. She is smiling in the video, and the caption says, “Need 15 security to walk me out cuz your d–k is so little.”

In a narrative that @KailerMemeamoto posted on Twitter, Anna looks to be out at a bar following her ejection and is obliquely giving some background information about the event.

“I’m gonna tell you what happened,” says Anna, explaining that her maiden name was on the ID she used to enter the game. “Your girl came losing diamonds, and I don’t give a f–k. She came prepared for the hater.”

Anna Kane Age

Born in 1986, Anna Kane turned 38 years old in 2023.

What Is Anna Kane Maiden Name?

The maiden name of Anna Kane is Deanne Snowball.

Anna Kane Job

Anna Kane is best known as the wife of Evander Kane but she rose to fame as The Bachelor contestant in the season of Ben Flajnik (season 16) which premiered on 2 January 2012. At the time she was 26 years old, per her bio.

Ben was met with a single, measured glance from the blonde student, 25, as she strode in and made her way to her seat.

“That’s a bold move,” said Ben. “That’s awesome. Gotta be some kind of first.” But it wasn’t awesome enough to win her a rose. Snowball said she enjoyed the experience. “Honestly, the girls made my night. Playing kickball made my night. Ben wasn’t for me, I wasn’t for him.” In a line that should be immortalized forever in reality-dating-telvision lore, Anna asked, “Do I look like a girl that’s hurtin’? Really? Really? No.”

At the time, Anna shared that she called Ontario, Canada her hometown. She added her three attributes as “My smile, my positive attitude, and my ability to make friends with anyone that I meet.” Talking about the most outrageous thing she did, Anna explained, “I jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet and I loved every second of it. I went skydiving.”

Anna had made bad names for herself since then and a gossip site even wrote a piece about her being a con artist.

According to one old LinkedIn, Anna was a student at Wayne State University which she attended from 2008 to 2011.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Anna Kane From?

Anna Kane hailed from Ontario, Canada. But she hails herself as a California girl at heart.

  • When Is Anna Kane Birthday?

Anna Kane’s birthday is in January.

  • Is Anna Kane On Instagram?

Yes, Anna Kane is available on Instagram (@anna_kane__ & @annakane_ak).

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