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Curtis Edward Smith Today, Wife, Age, Alex Murdaugh

Curtis Edward Smith aka “Fast Eddie” or “Cousin Eddie” has been dragged into the case of Alex Murdaugh where he has been accused of shooting the South Carolina-based attorney. Does he have a wife? How old is he?

Let’s explore a few details in this article below.

Meet Curtis Edward Smith, Alex Murdaugh’s Alleged Shooter

Curtis Edward Smith is the distant cousin of Alex Murdaugh who Alex held responsible for the death of his wife and son. He has done his share of odd jobs for Alex over the years. He told New York Times that he was reluctant to do the last job Alex had asked for when they met at the side of a rural road in September 2021.

“I want you to shoot me in the back of the head,” Alex recalled talking to Alex while speaking to the paper. He said Alex had a loaded gun in his hand.

The unusual story got even weirder when, ten days later, state law enforcement officers detained Curtis on the grounds that they had conspired with Alex in a failed assassination attempt. In an effort to provide his eldest son a $10 million life insurance payout, Alex’s life was spectacularly disintegrating. The police claimed that Alex planned to have his death appear to be a murder.

Curtis was released to await Alex’s trial. He continued to insist that he was not a collaborator but a convenient scapegoat. “I don’t know if betrayed is even the word for it,” Curtis told the paper. “I thought of him as a brother, you know, and loved him like a brother. And I would’ve done almost anything for him. Almost.”

Where Is Curtis Edward Smith Today?

Curtis Edward Smith now has been charged with assisted suicide, assault, insurance fraud, and the sale of methamphetamine. He said he had no plans to participate in a scheme over insurance money. Curtis added that Alex had called that morning and asked him to drive his work truck toward Hampton, never discussing why.

He claimed that the disgraced attorney soon passed by and signaled for Curtis to follow him by honking his horn. Alex parked on the side of the road outside of town, and Curtis pulled over next to him. When Alex exited his truck, he pulled out a revolver and urged Curtis to shoot him.

“It ain’t going to happen,” Curtis told him. When Alex moved as if he was going to shoot himself in the head, he said, Curtis grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back. The gun went off.

Alex sank to the ground, Curtis said, his hand over his head, his legs splayed.

Curtis, who left holding the gun, asked if Alex Murdaugh was OK. Alex indicated that he was. The handyman swore at the lawyer, jumped back in his truck, and drove away.

In another interview with Today, Curtis claimed, “I didn’t shoot him. I’m innocent. If I’d had shot him, he’d be dead. He’s alive.”

After a court proceeding when he was identified as Alex’s long-time drug dealer and shooter, Curtis Edward Smith was released from custody on a $20,000 bond. Yet the 62-year-old has determined that these claims are false.

Curtis is therefore currently incarcerated and awaiting trial. He is reportedly in Lexington County Detention Center currently in custody.

Curtis Edward Smith Age

In February 2023, Curtis Edward Smith is 62 years old. He was reportedly born in July 1960.

Curtis Edward Smith Job And Career

Curtis Smith has worked as a handyman and was a former logger. Besides that, there isn’t much about his job. However, he had received a substantial sum of money from Alex for his service.

When Curtis’ bond was revoked in August 2022, his financial information was revealed. This is due to the fact that he allegedly lied about his financial situation and broke his house arrest 26 times, including by going to Walmart and private residences. The judge did not agree with his defense attorney’s claim that the defendant “is a man of limited means,” which effectively forces him to drive for a job and medical needs.

In the end, Cutis, who had been charged with Alex in June 2022 on two charges of criminal conspiracy, apologized in court for the financial lies. It was discovered that between 2013 and 2021, he allegedly got 435 or more payments from Alex, totaling $2.4 million.

Is Curtis Edward Smith On Facebook?

No, Curtis Smith is not on Facebook.

Curtis Edward Smith Wife

It is unclear whether Curtis Smith is currently married or not. So, whether he has a wife or not is a mystery.

Related FAQs

  • Is Curtis Edward Smith Related To Alex Murdaugh?

Yes, Curtis Smith is a distant cousin of Alex Murdaugh.

  • Where Is Curtis Edward Smith From?

Curtis Smith is currently based in Walterboro, South Carolina.

  • When Is Curtis Edward Smith Birthday?

Prison report shows that Curtis Edward Smith’s birthday is in July.

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