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Maggie Murdaugh Family: Father, Mother, Siblings!

Meet the family members of Maggie Murdaugh. Here we’ll discuss her father, mother, and siblings. How old are they? What do they do for a living?

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Who Are Maggie Murdaugh Family Members?

Late Maggie Murdaugh was born to her parents Kennedy and Terry Branstetter as Margaret Kennedy Branstetter in Nashville, the area where they had moved from Kentucky to Tennessee so that their underage love could flourish. Maggie’s parents were high school sweethearts who met at Caverna High School in tiny Horse Cave, Kentucky in around 1960.

After Maggie’s birth, her father’s job led the family to move to Wilmington, North Carolina. The family settled there from 1980 to 1987. “Her parents were very proper,” one friend of Maggie told The New York Post. “We had our little cliques and we ran after boys and did a little partying and drinking. But I think her dreams were what she was taught. She was from the South, and the Southern dream for a girl at that time was to finish college, maybe, but more importantly find a husband, get married, and have kids.”

But, her father’s last job brought the family to Copper River, South Carolina. There she enrolled at the University of South Carolina where she met her future husband who was one grade ahead of her. He was Maggie’s first real boyfriend.

Maggie was born on 15 September 1968. She graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1991. She was a member of Kappa Delta Sorority. Maggie and her husband, Alex, raised their 2 sons in Hampton, South Carolina, and enjoyed spending their summers at their beach house in Edisto. She died on 7 June 2021.

Meet Terry Branstetter, Maggie Murdaugh Father

Terry Branstetter is the father of Maggie Murdaugh. Terry was born to his parents Paul T Branstetter and Margaret Elmore Branstetter. Paul was born on 2 October 1918 and died on 27 November 1976.

Margaret was born on November 9, 1921, in Slick Rock, Barren Co., KY to the late Harry Curtis and Mary Lou Broady Elmore. She was a former resident of Cave City. She was a nurse for 30 years in Horse Cave working for Dr. Keene Hill most of that time. Margaret was a member of First Scotts Presbyterian Church, Charleston, SC, and a former member of Cave City United Methodist Church.

Terry was the only son born to his parents.

  • Is Terry Branstetter Still Alive?

Yes, Terry Branstetter is still alive. However, after his daughter’s death, he has been in declining health since the murders, a family member told The Post.

  • Terry Branstetter Age

Terry Branstetter is currently 78 years old. He was born in August 1944.

  • Terry Branstetter Job

Terry Branstetter was an engineer and project manager at the E. I.. DuPont De Nemours &. Co in Summerville, South Carolina, and Nashville Tennessee. He was in the graduating class of 1966 at Western Kentucky University and joined the company in Nashville, Tennessee.

Terry got three job offers after college: from IBM, Ford, and DuPont. He once said he specifically got his dad’s blessing to go with DuPont even though his father had always been a “Ford man.”

In August 2015, Terry had commented about roasting May Bill Collins of Summerville, South Carolina. He said the mayor is known for being conservative with his own money but liberal with everyone else’s. For example Netflix. Terry holds a subscription to the service and apparently, this is something the mayor has enjoyed. He likes to tell his wife: “Bill can spend my money quicker than I can.”

Meet Kennedy Branstetter, Maggie Murdaugh Mother

Maggie Murdaugh’s mother is named Kennedy Branstetter. Kennedy is the daughter of Anthony Garland Hubbard and Marian Troutman Crume Hubbard. Anthony was born on 4 September 1904 in Munfordville, Hart, Kentucky to John Buford Hubbard and Nancy Ganaway Kennady. Anthony and Marian married on 1 May 1943 in Bardstown, Nelson, Kentucky, United States.

Kennedy’s father passed away on 20 January 1978 at the age of 73.

Kennedy’s mom Marian was a native of Cox’s Creek, KY, and was a graduate of Western Kentucky University. Upon graduating, she taught in the Hart County, KY school system. She was a former member of the Woman’s Club of Louisville and the Munfordville Woman’s Club.

Marian died at the age of 93 on 22 May 2007.

Kennedy has a brother named John G. Hubbard, M.D.

  • Is Kennedy Branstetter Still Alive?

Yes, Kennedy Branstetter is still alive.

  • Kennedy Branstetter Age

Kennedy Branstetter is currently 78 years old. She was born in August 1944.

  • Kennedy Branstetter Job

There is no information available regarding Kennedy Branstetter’s job.

Maggie Murdaugh Siblings

Besides her husband Richard Alexander Murdaugh, and son Richard Alexander Murdaugh Jr., Maggie Murdaugh was also survived by her sister Marian Branstetter Proctor (Barton Proctor). Born in June 1963, Marian is currently 59 years old. Her husband is also 59.

Marian took the witness stand with emotional testimony including a conversation with Alex days after the murders that she described as “odd”. On cross-examination, the defense talked about Maggie being part of a loving family. Marian testified how terribly Alex was coping with the murders and agreed he was destroyed by them.

Related FAQs

  • Where Are Maggie Murdaugh Family Members From?

Maggie Murdaugh’s parents are originally from Kentucky. They are now residing in South Carolina.

  • Are Maggie Murdaugh Family Members On Social Media?

No, we couldn’t find any of Maggie Murdaugh’s family on social media.

  • How Much Is Maggie Murdaugh Family Net Worth?

Maggie Murdaugh’s family’s net worth should be above $1 million.

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