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Dahlston Delgado Bio, Age, Partner, Career, Cheer

After becoming a streaming sensation in early 2020, the Netflix docuseries Cheer, i.e, about an elite Texas cheerleading squad returned for its second season on 12 January 2022. And Dahlston Delgado, here, is among the newcomers and from Navarro’s rivals Trinity Valley Community College, whose career as a choreographer spans the globe and has no sign of slowing down any time soon.

And now, we shall tell you more about him in this ‘Dahlston Delgado Bio’.

Dahlston Delgado On Netflix’s Cheer Season 2

This season in Cheer, there is a further emphasis on Trinity Valley Community College, its coaching staff, and its team members that included Dahlston in a special appearance.

During the show, we see him as Navarro’s choreographer, polishing up the routine before Daytona.

Before flying across the world to make a special appearance on Netflix’s popular show, Dahlston assisted Brad Vaughan, a choreographer who used to work with Navarro. When Brad chose to instead work with Trinity Valley, Dahlston had stepped up. Now, the Dahlston we see on Cheer Season 2, choreographs roughly 75-85 routines per year.

Dahlston Delgado Age

Every year on the 23rd of June, Dahlston Delgado celebrates his birthday. And because it’s been also reported that he was born in 1987, he should have turned 34 years old in 2021.

Does Have A Dahlston Delgado Partner?

Dahlston Delgado is openly and proudly gay and (of course) he also never felt the need to hide his boyfriend/partner Harrison Milford from the world.

Dahlston Delgado, as seen with partner in December 2019 (PIC: Instagram)

Fellow Texas Tech Cheerleader Harrison, on Instagram @harrison.milford (with 1,623 posts and 52.7K followers), is also known for his win at Grand Collegiate National Championship and several other world championships. With hard works and dedication, he also managed to be in the Nfinity Hall of Fame.

Oftentimes these two are spotted Instagramming their moments and exchanging their love for one other on their respective sites.

“Two gays sharing a hot dog on Bow Bridge in Central Park…doesn’t get much more Vday than that. We’ve taken far too many great pictures together, so I just went with the one that pops up when he calls!”, this was Dahlston’s way of putting how they celebrated their Valentine’s Day, back in 2020.

And this “Back in the best city, with the best human. Happy birthday babe”, Dahlston wrote on 31 December 2019, on the day celebrated not just his partner’s birthday but also bid farewell to the year 2019.

Dahlston Delgado Career

So, a brief look at a career path that Dahlston Delgado has paved for himself in 16 years as a choreographer looks something like this.

His competitive cheer career began at Extreme Cheer and Tumble, and he started working as a coach and choreographer at Extreme in 2004. Following this, his mom drove him to Cheer Station in Austin to compete on a higher level for his freshman, sophomore, and junior years.

In 2007, Dahlston graduated from Belton High School. (He began cheering in seventh grade at Belton Junior High School and had continued his school cheerleading career through his junior year.)

After graduation, Dahlston moved to Dallas to work, and 2008 was when choreography became his full-time career. He had started taking on new clients and traveling for choreography by then. Then, as he said, he cheered and coached until he tried out for Broadway in 2011 where he took a role in the Broadway version of Bring It On: The Musical.

Eventually, Dahlston moved to New York for two years, which also meant taking a break from teaching choreography to learn someone else’s steps for a change.

When Dahlston returned from New York, his choreography picked up where it left off. The rest is history.

Dahlston Delgado Family

As Dahlston’s mother Dawn Delgado turned 60 in February 2020, he was the first to celebrate her and wish her on the occasion.

“You are the BEST Mom and watching you become an even better Grandma has been such a blessing. You mother so many different people in such special ways. Every year I realize more & more just how lucky I am that I get to call you mine. If you know both of us, you know that we are best friends and tell each other anything & everything! For that, I am forever grateful. Happy 60th Dawn!!! We all love you so so much”, Dahlston’s message for hoi mother read on Instagram.

Dahlston’s father, too, has been just as much of a best friend, rock, and support system to him.

Then, for siblings, Dahlston has a brother who is on Instagram @thedrewbug. “25 years ago I was blessed with the greatest little brother ever. Couldn’t be more proud of the human and man you are today. If you know anything about our family, you know that we are complete opposites…but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s my constant reminder of how kind, simple, and humble life should truly be”, Dahlston, the big brother, wished his little brother a happy birthday in 2017; when he also revealed that the year was going to be special to his brother also because he was close to starting a family with Madisson. A couple of years now and Madisson is Dahlston’s sister-in-law.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Dahlston Delgado From?

Dahlston Delgado was born and bred in his hometown of Belton, Texas. From there he moved to Dallas, i.e, also in Texas, in 2013 and has lived there ever since.

But even then as he puts it, it’s on the airplane that he spends most of his time. Why? Because, he now choreographs roughly between 75 to 85 routines a year, including high school, college, and All-Star cheer routines, traveling as far as England, Puerto Rico, and Canada, as well as throughout the United States to do so.

  • How Tall Is Dahlston Delgado?

Dahlston Delgado stands above 5’10” tall.

  • Is Dahlston Delgado On Instagram?

Yes, Dahlston could be found on Instagram. As of 14 January 2022, the account @dahlston22 included 778 posts and 8,551 followers.

Further, his social media activity could be seen also on hiss ‘Dahlston Delgado’ Facebook and Pinterest @dahlston22.

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