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Dakota Hayden Bio, Girlfriend, Family, Height, American Idol

Meet Dakota Hayden who emerging from a small town in Western Kentucky with a population of 500 made his true country root shine on the American Idol audition in 2022.

Dakota is one of the youngest contestants on the twentieth season of American Idol (premiered on 27 February 2022). So, we can not wait to tell you more about him in this ‘Dakota Hayden BIO’.

Dakota Hayden On American Idol

Before fans saw Dakota on the American Idol stage he told them he is a very big fan of Luke Bryan. What are the odds that Katy Perry on seeing Dakota was saying “he looks like he could be your son” looking at Luke?

Soon, the star judges not just loved Dakota’s country boots but also his singing. His Idol addition aired on 13 March 2022. He performed a cover from Luke Combs and on Guitar (of course). Dakota was told to sing without the instrument too and he nailed it even then.

“When you saw us smiling up here the whole time you were singing, it wasn’t because we were laughing at you. We were thinking to ourselves, “We found somebody here”, Lionel Richie said calling him “a pure country” as he welcomed Dakota to Hollywood. Of course, the “All Night Long” singer also added that Dakota’s attitude and personality reminded him of Luke Bryan from the star-studded table.

For Katy, she found her top 10 material in Dakota. She flattered him saying “You are authentic through and through”.

Joining Dakota on this journey is another Kentucky teenager, the 19-year-old Noah Thompson.

Dakota Hayden Girlfriend

Dakota Hayden’s dating status was unclear as of the time of this writing. If he did have a girlfriend, he did not say anything about her as of this date.

How Old Is Dakota Hayden?

Dakota Hayden had his sweet 16th back in 2020 when locked inside his home during the first wave of the COVID pandemic. His mother had promised they will be having him a big party once all the self-distancing was over. Anyway, what we meant to tell you is Dakota turned 17 years old in 2021.

Dakota Hayden Family

Dakota Hayden’s dad is Eric Hayden who turned 42 in August 2021 and his mom is Meredith Martin Hayden who turned 44 in December the same year.

Also, Dakota has a younger sister named Madalyn who was a sixth-grader back in November 2021. And while the youngest sibling did not yet appear to be on social media, the rest of the people in the family kept mentioning her on theirs. That is when Dakota’s mom revealed that her other kid was born at 22 weeks and was 1 lb and 2 oz at the time. So, Madalyn was kept in the NICU for a total of 141 days before they brought her home.

More people, that we know in Dakota’s family would be his maternal grandmother Ada Hawkins Calloway and maternal aunt Misty Martin Haycraft.

So, this Hayden family owns 36 acres of land in the countryside where they raise cattle, hunt fish, and do everything country. Also, at the moment, the whole family is proud of Dakota advancing for the Hollywood round on Idol.

Dakota Hayden Height

Country from his hat to his boots, Dakota Hayden stood above 5’11” tall as of the time of this writing.

Is Dakota Hayden On TikTok?

Yes. Dakota was on TikTok @dakotahayden as of 16 March 2022. On it, he held 10.4K followers and 71.8K overall likes.

Under the moniker ‘Dakota Hayden Music’ one could find him also on Instagram @dakotahaydenmusic and on Facebook @dakotahaydenmusic where he entertained10.2k and 9K followers.

Dakota Hayden Job

Other than being a high schooler, Dakota is, in his words, a singer-songwriter and storyteller.

He used to occasionally perform at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in Beaver Dam. But now, post-American Idol debut, he will be pursuing music even more as a career.

Dakota, who admits to drawing inspiration from Morgan Wallen, Cody Johnson, Alan Jackson, George Strait, and Keith Whitley, plays guitar and enjoys songs from old school to the new sounds.

He has had a love for music since he can remember. From old school Johnny Cash to the new country songs, the music touches his heart and warms his soul, Dakota says.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Dakota Hayden From?

Dakota Hayden is a native of Fordsville, a home rule-class city in Ohio County, Kentucky, in the United States.

  • When Is Dakota Hayden’s Birthday?

Every year the 25th of March marks Dakota Hayden’s birthday making him an Aries.

  • What High School Does Dakota Hayden Attend?

Dakota Hayden is a high schooler currently enrolled at Ohio County High School.

He also seemed to have attended Fordsville Elementary School from sixth through eighth grade. The school showing its support for Dakota on his Idol journey had his name plastered on its school’s board.

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