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Dana Conway Bio, Dating, Family, Job, Bake Off 2023

Dana Conway was 16 when she realized her passion for baking. A self-professed “untidy baker” back then, she now has a kitchen of her own, and a cockapoo, Gracie, to clean up after her. Also, in her city and around, she has become many family’s go-to celebration cake-maker. They love that her style is rustic and homely, and yet pleasing to the eye.

With time, Dana is only getting more famous. In 2023, she thought she would give Great British Bake Off a try and so here we are talking about her after seeing her as one of the contestants on the series.

Dana Conway On GBBO The Great British Bake Off 2023

Unlike fellow contender Dan Hunter, Dana did not have a great start in the competition.

Week One, also declared as Cake Week, saw Dana create her signature dish called ‘Salted Caramel Latte Vertical Layer Cake’ and unfortunately she received mixed reviews. Later, her performance in the Technical round was no better, as she was ranked dead last for her work, making fans wonder what the future might have in store for her.

When it was time for the Showstopper Challenge, all the participants had to make an Animal Cake, and Dana on her part made “My Amazing Gracie” cake, taking inspiration from her adorable cockapoo dog, Gracie. This time luckily, her love for her pet and her eye for designing helped her to pull ahead slightly in the completion. But of course, she, even by then, was still considered the weakest by one of the judges.

When Week 2 was “done and dusted” Dana, via social media, appreciated people for all the love and support.

At the time of this writing, the Great British Bake Off was still in full swing with its class of 2023 and luckily Dana also continued to be in the competition. She has been lucky thus far unlike Amos, who became the first baker of the season to leave. The next week also called “Biscuit Week” saw another baker, Keith, leave the tent.

One other highlight of the series this season was also when on October 10-episode Dana broke a glass mixing bowl while mixing her bread mix. This smashing incident soon had Bake Off viewers talking about her. There was one more thing that got the people talking about her. They liked how she said would be calling her bread, “Breadly Cooper” in reference to the Star Is Born actor.

Is Dana Conway Dating Anyone?

As of October 2023, Dana Conway seemed likely single. Lately, when even a former school thought of wishing her all the best wishes they could muster, there was not anyone possibly her boyfriend/partner doing the same, on social media.

Dana herself on her social media also did not give away any cue if she had been seeing someone.

Dana Conway Job

As of 2023, Dana Conway has been working as Database Administrator. Before this, she toiled as a Cyber Security Apprentice for Lloyds Banking Group. Before pursuing jobs such as these, Dana attended Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School and maybe also some college. At Sacred, she was their head girl.

Dana Conway Height

Dana Conway stands below 5’6” in height.

How Old Is Dana Conway?

Dana Conway was born in 1998. So, she turned 25 years old in 2023.

Dana Conway Family

Dana’s dad is David Conway. According to his Facebook, he is a manager at London Underground Ltd and a former St.Patricks A.I.Higher Secondary School, Adyar, Chennai’s alum. As of London, United Kingdom, he and Chhaya, Dana’s mom lived in London, UK. On his FB, Dana’s dad also mentioned being “married since 20 October 2010).

Dana clearly loves both her parents and especially is fond of baking them her special cakes on occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

In her family, Dana also has a bunch of siblings. One of them is Aaron Conway, a Software Engineer and host of The Third Wheel podcast. On his FB, Aaron also describes himself as a freelance designer and web developer and a Dan Franciso, California dweller. The other is Dana’s sister Shannon Conway who on her FB often talks about being proud of Dana.

Dana also is blessed with a very young-looking grandmother named Rosalind Conway who according to her Facebook studied at Madras Medical College and went to St. Joseph High School. Since March 2016, Rosalind also has been serving as the Dean at Manisha nursing institutions while being based in Visakhapatnam, India.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Dana Conway’s Birthday?

Dana Conway’s birthday is on April 28th making her a Taurus.

  • Where Is Dana Conway From?

Dana Conway was born and brought up in Essex, England. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in London, England.

During the Bake Off show, Dana also very proudly spoke about her Indian heritage.

  • Is Dana Conway On Instagram?

Yes. Dana Conway was on Instagram as of October 2023. The personal blog @dana_conway included 33 posts and 2,151 followers. Besides that, Dana showed glimpses of her life on ‘Dana Conway’ Facebook too.

Both these pages are full of visually appealing and mouth-watering pictures of the delicacies she creates.

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