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Daniel Henney Family: Kids, Parents, Wife Or Girlfriend?

Daniel Henney has been a phenomenal actor and earned praises from all over the world. Still, his love life remains obscure to many. Fans are eager to know if he is married in secret, or dating somebody in secret? Here in this bio, we address it all.

Scroll down this Daniel Henney article to learn about his parents, wife, kids, and other details.

Does Daniel Henney Have A Wife Or Girlfriend?

In real life, Daniel Henney isn’t married yet. But like all the celebrities, the names of several female celebrities came attached to his which created rumors of him being in a relationship. Back in 2011, he and actress Lee Na Young were rumored to be dating each other. On 1st January 2011, Sports Seoul released an article claiming that the two developed feelings for one another after filming for their drama, “Fugitive”, and became a couple.

They were spotted outside of the set of the drama which further fueled the rumor. However, Lee Na Young’s agency KeyEast denied the dating rumor with an official statement. The statement KeyEast released shared that the article was based on speculation and the picture that was shared also had other staff on the set.

KeyEast also claimed the photos were manipulated and the journalist vouched that they were in a relationship. The agency further claimed that the actors didn’t meet each other after the end of the drama and didn’t harbor feelings beyond that of fellow actors.

Daniel was also rumored to be dating Maggie Q in 2005. As reported, they broke up after Q moved on to Los Angeles-based businessman Paul Alfonso in 2009.

Daniel’s on-screen wife and kids while playing Matt Simmons in Criminal Mind: Beyond Borders (Pic: Daniel’s IG)

In the same way, eager fans of Daniel were also asking him if he was dating Genesis Rodriguez. Other few names came while discussing the dating life of Daniel.

As of November 2021, Daniel doesn’t seem to be dating anyone. But on screen, he appeared on “Criminal Mind: Beyond Borders” where he played FBI agent Matt Simmons, a loving husband with four kids.

Fans loved him in that role and also commended his on-screen wife for the chemistry they shared on screen.

How Many Kids Does Daniel Henney Have?

Daniel Henney doesn’t have any kids as of November 2021. But he is a pup parent to Juliette, a young golden retriever he rescued from a dog meat farm in Hongseong, South Korea by Humane Society International. He has been a passionate dog advocate and has worked with HSI for several years to raise awareness in South Korea on the benefits of dog adoption.

He also has another golden retriever named Roscoe.

Who Are Daniel Henney Parents?

Daniel Henney was born to his parents Phillip Henney and Christine Henney. His mother is Korean-American and his father is Irish-American by ethnicity. As reported, his mother was born in Busan, South Korea, and later her adoptive parents brought her to the states as an infant.

Daniel’s parents married on 1 August 1976. They celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary in August 2021. Back in 2017, he wished his parents their 41st anniversary with a post where he wrote, “Wishing these two goofballs an incredibly fantastic and happy 41st wedding anniversary today. Happy 41st guys!! You amaze me every day….so lucky to have you in my life!! #family #anniversary

Daniel’s father turned 74 years old on 28 April 2021. His father served in the Armed Forces in the Navy.

The Korean-American actor grew up in a tiny Midwest town in Michigan playing cowboys and cops with his dad. He was the only Asian kid in a Carson City-Crystal High School graduating in 80.

Speaking with MOCHI MAGAZINE, Daniel shared that his upbringing didn’t allow him to worry about fitting in or feeling like an outsider. He believes in connecting as a human first. He commended actors like John Cho and Grace Kim who raised the profile of Asian actors.

Fun Fact: Daniel’s parents run a joint Twitter, you can follow them on (@philandchris). Phil’s mom celebrates her birthday every year on 5 February.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Daniel Henney?

Daniel Henney was born on 28 November 1979. This makes him 41 years old turning 42 on 28 November 2021.

  • How Tall Is Daniel Henney?

Daniel Henney stands tall to the height of 6 feet 2 inches.

  • How Much Is Daniel Henney Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Daniel Henney sits on a total net worth of $5 million.

Daniel started his career as a model before he turned to acting. During his college years, he worked in France, Italy, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. He debuted in Korea with an advertisement for Amore’s Pacific Cosmetic “Odyssey Sunrise,” he became a spokesman for Olympus cameras with Jun Ji-Hyun and for Daewoon Electronic’s Klasse air conditioners with Kim Tae-hee. In Korea, he also became famous for the Hit TV drama “My Lovely Sam Soon.”

Some of his best-known works to date are X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), Big Hero 6 (2014), and The Last Stand (2013). In January 2017, Daniel’s agency released an official statement about a social media account that has been impersonating him online. He was first informed by his fans that the impersonator was asking for money with fans claiming that he was Daniel.

In fact, in 2019, Daniel donated 20 million won ($178,000) to the Community Chest of Korea. His donation exceeds the 100 million won needed to qualify to become a member of the Honor Society of the charity organization. His donation was later delivered to the Purme Foundation, Seungil Hope Foundation, Pearl S. Buck Foundation, and Plan Korea to help people in need.

  • What Character Does Daniel Henney Play In The Wheel Of Time?

In “The Wheel Of Time” Daniel plays Lan Mondragoran, protector of Moiraine.

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