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Zoë Robins Wiki, Husband, Height, Ethnicity, Net Worth

Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time arrived in 2021. And one of the actors working on the series to bring The Wheel of Time world alive was Zoë Robins.

The showrunners of Wheel of Time wanted the show to be the next Game of Thrones. And for that purpose, they have hired actors like Rosamund Pike, Daniel Henney, Josha Stradowski, Madeleine Madden, Marcus Rutherford, Barney Harris, and Zoe in the lead roles.

For Zoë, The Wheel of Time was a big step in her acting career. So far, the highest her career had gone was a Power Rangers series.

Who is Zoë? What character did she play in The Wheel of Time? Where is she from? Is she married? If yes, who is her husband? What is her ethnicity? Find out the answers to all these, and a lot more, questions below.

Does Zoë Robins Have A Husband?

Zoë Robins does not appear to have a husband as of 2021. Although, her social media, especially her Facebook, did suggest that she had a child. The child is a son and his name is Kaiyon.

There is not much information about Zoë’s dating life. Only one of her previous relationships is known to the public. And her current relationship (status) is also pretty much unknown.

The one boyfriend, who is on the record, is Nico Greetham. Nico and Zoë were co-stars in Power Rangers Ninja Steel. They were dating at the time of Power Rangers’ shooting. It seems their relationship did not work out. Nico is currently dating Logan Riley. Before becoming an actor, Nico was a professional dancer.

Zoë Robins Net Worth

Zoë started her acting career in 2005, at the age of 12, with a New Zealand TV show called The Tribe: The New Tomorrow. Her other TV works are Kilian Curse (2005), Kilian Curse 2 (2007), Power Rangers Ninja Steel (2017), The Finest (2018), The Brokenwood Mysteries (2019), and now The Wheel of Time.

So far, she had acted in only one feature film called Black Christmas in 2019. Zoë also had some experience in theatre acting. She made her stage debut in 2010 with the Hutt Valley High School production of Singer.

Also, she has worked in The Actors’ Program production of Sheep, and the Long Cloud Youth Theatre production of The Bacchae.

In Wheel of Time, Zoë plays the character of Nynaeve al’Meara, a “channeler” and one of the major characters in the series. Zoe has mentioned during an interview that her casting process was not too painful. She made a self-tape for the audition and sent it to the producers.

Later, she sat on a Skype meeting with the showrunner and write Rafe Judkins. Then she had to send another audition tape. Which was enough for her to land the role.

Zoë wanted to be an actor from a very young age. She went on to study acting at The Actors’ Program in Auckland. Zoe was trained in hip-hop dance, screenwriting, casting, etc.

Among her acting skills are her ability to speak different accents. Apart from her native New Zealand accent, Zoe could speak American Standard accent, Cockney accent, Irish accent, Scottish accent, etc. She also knows how to play netball, tennis, and touch football. She can cycle, ski, swim, etc.

What Is Zoë Robins Ethnicity?

Zoë Robins most likely comes from a mixed-ethnicity background. Her father, about whom we do not know much, is most probably a black man. Her mother is a white New Zealander.

Zoë Robins Family

Zoë Robins’ mother’s name is Bridget Robins. She is a primary school teacher and worked at Waiuku Primary School. Zoe’s parents are no longer together. Bridget is married to another white man called Graham Bunckenburg. They were married only very recently, in January 2019.

Apart from her mother, Zoë has a couple of aunts called Maria Robins and Jaz Robins. She also has an uncle called David Robins.

How Tall Is Zoë Robins?

Zoë Robins is 5 ft 8 inches (or 173 centimeters tall). And she also has a very attractive figure with a 36″ bust, 27″ waist, and 38″ hips. She has brown eyes and dark black hair, which she sometimes wore straight and sometimes had braids.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Zoë Robins?

Zoë Robins was born on 19 February 1993. So, as of November 2021, she was 28 years of age. And her zodiac sign was Pisces.

  • Where Was Zoë Robins Born?

Zoë was born in Wellington, New Zealand. And she was raised in Lower Hutt, a city within Wellington Metropolitan Area.

  • Is Zoë Robins On Twitter?

No, we could not find Zoë Robins on Twitter. But she was on Instagram, @zoerobins, and Facebook. There was also a Fan account on Instagram with the handle @zoerobinsig, and a Youtube channel called Zoe Robins Fans.

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