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Daniele Gates Bio, Age, Job, Family, Yohan, 90 Day Fiance

Season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise premiered on 10 June 2022 and finally revealed to its viewers that it also features some familiar faces other than new couples, in the cast.

Among a handful of couples who travel abroad, usually to a tropical locale, to find love, the new series on Discovery Plus also explores the story of less serious Daniele Gates and most sincere Yohan Geronimo. Let’s us tell you in this writing who Daniele is, her age, job, family background, relationship with Yohan, and more.

90 Day Fiance: Are Daniele Gates And Yohan Geronimo Still Together?

Daniele Gates met Yohan Geronimo four months ago in the Dominican Republic before they took their affair to a season of 90 Day Fiance franchise. The two met when Yohan was a fitness instructor at the hotel where Daniele stayed in.

According to TLC, they immediately connected despite their glaring differences, and Yohan even proposed just six weeks later. And the rest of their relationship is played out on the show.

Daniele returns to see Yohan and to take the next steps toward getting married. However, there is a problem and Daniele is not too sure of  Yohan’s intentions.

Apparently, Daniele also wants to start a family. But, she is worried that Yohan is only marrying her for a better life and not out of love. Daniele who expected Yohan to live in poverty especially seemed shaken by witnessing her home with her own eyes to be as bare-bones.

Yohan, on the other hand, can be seen telling the cameras that he wants to move to America to work and help his family.

So, did Daniele manifest the love of her life, or just learned a really tough lesson?

The fate of this couple was also left unanswered as the trailer explored the hardships and challenges they faced to make their relationship work.

Back in the real world, Yohan still wrote ‘in a relationship’ on Facebook as of June 2022. And he and Daniele also appeared together in an Instagram post on 22 February 2022.

Does Daniele Gates Have A Son?

Daniele Gates is a proud single mom. She has a son named Thomas who turned 21 on 4 December 2021 and before that, graduated from Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in June 2019.

Often on the internet, you can spot Daniele getting overwhelmed and emotional talking about her son and her journey of raising him. She would say things like she has never I have never been prouder of anything than of her son.

Daniele is proud of Thomas that he has done a better job of raising himself, with a minimal amount of parenting than she ever could have expected.

Also, now and then, you could catch her giving single-parenting or parenting tips like — never let your own insecurities, anxiety, or feelings of hopelessness or self-defeat impact the life experience of your child. Make sure they know they can have or do anything they want if they figure out how.

Daniele Gates Age

10 years older than Yohan, Daniele Gates reached turned 42 years old in late 2021.

Daniele Gates Family

Like her son, Daniele Gates was also raised by a single mother. And clearly, her mother, Terry Lazzaro did a very nice job. Terry could be found on Instagram @lazzarowi where she showed glimpses of mostly her life now as a grandmother.

Daniele is really proud and thankful for her mother. She could go on and on talking about this person who is selfless beyond measure and has granted her the best of her genes. The shitty ones, she jokes that she got them from her father.

According to Daniele, her mom modeled a solid work ethic which allowed me to do the same. And so, she says, she was also able to raise a man she is proud of. Daniele also shared that her style and sarcasm are hers, along with her creativity and insatiable work ethic.

Of all things, she loves her mother for being so open-minded; so grounded; for always being her go-to person for advice on her financial transgressions.

Last but not the least, Daniele also has one sibling. But, we have not heard anything about him/her.

Is Daniele Gates On Instagram?

Yes. Daniele Gates could be found on Instagram @liveyinsa where she had 977 posts and 4,929 followers as of 15 June 2022.

One could also find Daniele on Facebook. But for some reason, her Twitter @yinsayoga had been suspended.

Daniele Gates Job

Daniele Gates has had a successful career as a yoga and ayurvedic wellness consultant. Skilled in coaching, yoga, meditation, and anatomy, and having completed over 700 hours of training, she founded Yinsa in 2018. The New York-based yoga and Ayurvedic wellness company, so you know, aims to make yoga and Ayurveda mainstream and help underserved communities build self-care practices. Daniele also is the founder of Yinsa Skincare.

All along, since August 2007, she has also been an educator at the NYC Department of Education. The education professional acquires a Master’s degree focused in Sociology/Interdisciplinary Race Studies from Stony Brook University.

Daniele Gates Height

Several beautiful tattoos-bearing Daniele Gates stands 5′ 3” in height; not to mention she appears actually very young than her real age.

Daniele is also aware of the fact that she does not look like she has a 21-year-old. The reason is: she said, it’s because her mother does not look like her mother and together they are really into skincare.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Daniele Gates’s Birthday?

On 3rd November in 2021, as Daniele Gates made a birthday post for herself on Instagram from Bayahibe in Republica Dominicana she wrote how she manifested her greatest gift that year. She explained in a lengthy caption how it involved letting go of toxic ties that were destroying her physically, mentally, and spiritually.⁣

  • Where Is Daniele Gates From?

Daniele Gates hails from her hometown in New York.

  • How Much Is Daniele Gates Net Worth?

Daniele Gates reportedly had more than $400K as his net worth as of 2022.

From instructing yoga, Daniele would have earned $36.41 per hour as her salary working in New York. But, because she owns an enterprise of her own, she no doubt gets to take home more than this sum.

Speaking of how much 90 Day Fiance paid her, the franchise was believed to pay their cast members $1,000 to $1,500 per episode.

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