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Yohan Geronimo Bio, Age, Job, Height, Daniele, 90 Day Fiance

Yohan Geronimo comes from humble beginnings, and for that very reason his fiance Daniele Gates was having second thoughts about this charming man on 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise season 2.

So, what’s his life like? What’s his age, job, and height? Learn everything about him as this Yohan Geronimo Bio proceeds. 

90 Day Fiance: Are Yohan Geronimo And Daniele Gates Still Together?

Yes, Yohan Geronimo and Daniele Gates are stil together as of 2022. The last we saw them was in Feb in La Romana, Dominican Republic, spending quality time with Yohan’s family.

Also, at the time, Yohan’s FB relationship status mentioned that he was in a relationship. Meaning that the duo must have continued their relationship even after the filming ended.

As for those of you who missed their drama on 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise, Yohan and Daniele first met each other while Daniele was on a trip to the Dominican Republic. After four months of togetherness, Yohan then popped the question and without hesitation, Daniele said “yes!”

However, as their relationship progressed and as they were getting reading for the big day, Daniele found out that Yohan was ever poorer than she’d imagined. “I expected Yohan to live in poverty, but I didn’t expect his home to be as bare-bones as it is,” she explained.

So, finding out about Yohan’s economic condition and given that the guy always mentioned how he wanted to come to the US to send money to his family, it was only natural for Daniele to second guess her decision.

Over the show, Daniele was then seen worried if Yohan was marrying her for all the wrong reasons, and the tension arose as these couples attempted to join their vastly different lifestyles together.

However, that’s all in the past now. The duo seems to have made it through the hurdles and is now (as of 2022) more in love than ever.

Furthermore, Daniele mentioned that she wanted to have a baby with this charming man. So, they might be working on it as well.

Yohan Geronimo Age

Yohan Geronimo was reportdlty born before 1990. That made him at least 32 years of age in 2022.

He is 10 years younger than Daniele who was born on November 3, 1979.

On Daniele’s 42nd birthday, she post a series of IG pics alongside Yohan captioned, “’ll probably get angry a few times and archive this bc Im petty af, but I think ima keep this one for real. I love you mucho, and thank you for making this rotation an adventure.”

Yohan Geronimo Job

Yohan Geronimo is a personal fitness trainer, and maybe, this is what he wants to continue doing after moving to the US.

But meanwhile, Yohan’s keeping himself busy with his butcher shop in Villa Hermosa, La Romana, Dominican Republic. He opened the meat shop “La Bendicion (the Blessing)” back in March 2022, initially offering pork, chicken, ground beef, sausage, chop, salami, and ham. Someday, he wants to branch out his brand as well.

Here’s La Bendicion’s IG @carnicerialaromana

Besides being a fitness trainer and meat shop owner, we can also now mention Yohan’s job to be a reality star. He was around paid $500 to $1000 per episode.

Also, getting paid the same amount were his co-stars — Gaby and Abby, Aryanna and Sherlon, Valentine and Carlos, and Amber and Daniel.

As for his time as a personal trainer, he reportedly made around $128 per month in the Dominican Republic.

Is Yohan Geronimo On Instagram?

Yes, as of June 2022, Yohan entertained 73 followers over his Instagram @yohangeronimo. Most of his posts then featured his solo shirtless pics.

Also, here are his Facebook accounts @yohan.geronimo.3 and @yohan.geronimo.9.

Fun Fact: Yohan still has pictures of his ex-girlfriend on his Facebook. And from the looks of it, she seemed older than him and was perhaps a tourist as well.

Yohan Geronimo Height

Yohan Geronimo stands tall at a height above 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm).

Mentioning his district features, Yohan has a beautiful smile, a chiseled body, and a big tattoo over his left arm.

Yohan Geronimo Family

Yohan Geronimo loves his family and he often took it to his socials to show it. The last he featured his parents on FB was on Feb 13, 2021.

Other members of Yohan’s family include Wanda Rafaela Geronimo, Mejetabel Geronimo, and Wilian Gerónimo.

Wanda is a Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) graduate who went on to work at Facebook. Here’s her FB @wandarafaela.geronimo and IG

Whereas, Mejetabel is a Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School who had yet to embark on a career.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Yohan Geronimo Born?

Yohan was born and raised in La Romana, Dominican Republic.

And even as of 2022, he resided in his hometown. But he does want to move to the US to live the American dream.

  • When Is Yohan Geronimo Birthday?

Yohan’s birthday wasn’t revealed.

  • How Much Is Yohan Geronimo Net Worth?

By 2022, Yohan garnered a net worth of under $100 thousand.

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