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Daniele Uditi Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Best in Dough

Daniele Uditi is the master pizzaiolo and chef at Pizzana, a Neo-Neapolitan pizzeria with locations in Brentwood and West Hollywood.

Amid forging a unique identity in the culinary world, he has lately taken up to offer his pizza wisdom in this new food series on Hulu called Best in Dough. The show dropped on 19 September 2022 and here is our attempt to answer all your queries concerning the chef who also previously starred in Netflix’s The Chef Show.

Now, the ‘Daniele Uditi Bio’.

Daniele Uditi On Hulu’s Best in Dough

Chef Daniele Uditi serves as the head chef on Best in Dough.

Coming from a long line of chefs, bakers, and pastry makers from Naples, Italy, Daniele certainly knows what he is talking about when it comes to pizza. And joining him on the show are chef Millie Peartree, comedian/foodie Eunji Kim, as well as baker Bryan Ford (of Baked in Tradition).

While the judging is always critical, there is a warmth to this show that is different, Daniele said about his show comparing it to others. It is still a competition but a fun one, he has promised.

Daniele Uditi Career

Daniele Uditi started his career in the industry at the age of 12, cleaning the pizza ovens at his family bakery in Naples by day and going to school at night. He would help his auntie mix dough in Caserta, close to Naples, and she told him how to mix flour with water using her own starter. Daniele often recalls how she initiated him.

Still, Daniele says, he really got started after working with Rosanna Marziale at Le Colonne in Caserta. Rosanna is a Michelin star chef and she was and has always been Daniele’s biggest inspiration.

In the journey, Daniele’s cooking caught the attention of Chris O’Donnell years ago in Brentwood, and the actor invited him to his backyard for what would become a routine Sunday evening of making pizza for his elite guests like Sophia Loren and Gwenyth Paltrow. (Today, Chris is also one of the partners at Pizzana.)

Since launching Pizzana in 2017, Daniele has received critical accolades including a place for his restaurant on the Los Angeles Times’ “101 Best Restaurants” list.

How Much Is Daniele Uditi Net Worth?

When Daniele Uditi moved to California, he had $300 in his pocket and a jar filled with his aunt’s pizza starter dough, and he lived in a van with his brother that they parked on Venice Beach. Fast forward to 2022, Daniele could be found at his unique pizzeria, Pizzana, pounding that same dough he brought from Italy. The only thing that changed is his net worth. He reportedly was standing above $1.5 million net worth as of 2022.

This sure is an unthinkable accomplishment for someone who when he first arrived in 2010 was broke and sleeping in a van.

Is Daniele Uditi Married?

Yes. Daniele Uditi is a married man. He has a wife named Jaqueline.

In 2000, Daniele traveled to the United States to work as a consulting chef for various Italian restaurants in the Los Angeles area. And so what was meant to be a six-month stint turned into a permanent move, as he fell in love not only with the bounty of produce that California has to offer but even more with the woman who would become his wife.

Some twelve years later and they got married on 12 June 2012.

Jaqueline’s full name is Jaqueline Jauregui Becerra. Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico, she was based in Simi Valley of California with Daniele as of 2022. She could be found on IG @jaqueregui and she also mentioned working at Canoo. As for her age, she turned 37 on 17 May 2022.

Together, Daniele and his wife also have parenting roles to play. They have a son named Kuno who arrived the same year Pizzana debuted (in 2017).

Daniele says he delights in watching their child grow up around incredible food just as he did. The proud dad also went on gushing that his son has a creative eye, too. Also, he loves how the young man loves making a mess, like him when he was a kid. Anytime Daniele makes pizza, Kuno also comes in to get his hands in the sticky stuff. His dad even confirmed that he is actually very good at stretching pizza.

Every now and then, Kuno joined his dad in his TikTok videos and was also featured on Instagram.

Daniele Uditi Age

Daniele Uditi reached the age of 37 in 2022. Grateful to turn this age, he recalled on his birthday that he can not believe how many things he got the chance to accomplish so far. Also, he said he was looking forward to many more.

Who Are Daniele Uditi Parents And Siblings?

Daniele Uditi was raised in a culinary family. His mother was a chef, his aunt a bread-maker, and his grandfather a pastry chef. So, he kind of grew in this business.

Daniele himself has admitted that he does not share his personal feelings on social media. But then, on special days he feels like telling how grateful he is towards his parents. He says he has promised them that he will always be humble like they taught him to be.

Once in an interview, Daniele also mentioned that his mother told him to always use fresh ingredients in his recipes.

As for siblings, it was not understood yet if he has any.

Daniele Uditi Height

Daniele Uditi stands below 5’8” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Daniele Uditi From?

Daniele Uditi is originally from Naples, Italy.

  • Is Daniele Uditi On TikTok And Instagram?

Yes. Daniele Uditi could be found on Instagram and TikTok as of the time of this writing. His IG @danieleuditi included 984 posts and 37.7K followers and his TikTok @daniele_uditi entertained 2,944 followers as of 20 September 2022.

Daniele also seemed eager about sharing on Facebook and Twitter @DanieleUditi.

  • When Is Daniele Uditi Birthday?

Daniele Uditi’s birthday is on June 5th and that is why he is a Gemini.

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