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Kevin Kim Bio, Pokimane Alleged Boyfriend, Age, Job, IG

Fans of the streamer and YouTuber Pokimane are excited that they are going to be seeing more of Kevin Kim, the alleged boyfriend of the streamer. Are they dating each other? What job does Pokimane’s alleged boyfriend Kevin Kim have? How old is he?

We’ve got all the answers for you here.

Meet Kevin Kim, Pokimane Alleged Boyfriend

Twitch streamer and Youtuber Pokimane has been entertaining her fans online for several years. But, they are interested to learn more about what meets their eyes, online, and more importantly, details surrounding her dating life. Pokimane’s name came attached to Kevin Kim who has made frequent appearances on her streams and content.

It was towards the end of 2021 that fans started theorizing that Pokimane might be dating Kevin. According to Distractify, when Kevin sat next to her drinking coffee all while streaming, fans flared up the chat claiming them to be an item. “I’m just one random dude that happened to be on the stream one time,” Kevin felt he had to say something and opined during the stream. “Thanks for the welcome, I feel so loved.”

While fans were pressing her to either deny or confirm the relationship between the two Pokimane said, “I feel like it’s weird to talk about stuff like that. Imagine if a reporter came and forcibly asked who your crush is. It’s a weird thing to talk about publicly.”

Are Kevin Kim And Pokimane Really Dating?

The Kevin Kim and Pokimane dating rumors gained momentum in May 2022. All of it happened when she tweeted she has entered into a “contract” with Kevin, indicating that Kevin would be appearing on her Twitch channel more frequently. Pokimane posted a snap of the signed contract on her Twitter.

The contract read, “Party A, Kevin Kim, hereby enters a contract with Party B, Imane Anys, under the following terms: 1. Once-a-month cooking streams, and 2. Bi-monthly stream support. These terms must be fulfilled within a 30-day calendar month.”

Although there is certainly a professional collaboration between the two doesn’t necessarily mean that they are dating each other. However, fans are going to be fans, as they have been shipping them.

Fans wanting to know about her romantic life, is not a new thing for the YouTuber. Distractify reported that controversial creators LeafyIsHere and Keemstar both attempted to attack Pokimane online, claiming she had to have a secret boyfriend. In the wake of that incident, #PokimaneBoyfriend went viral, but she had a simple response to the harassment.

Pokimane decided to resolve it with humor by tweeting pictures of herself with a Barack Obama cardboard cut-out saying “It’s time to reveal the truth. #pokimaneboyfriend.” Then, on a serious note, she made it clear that she wouldn’t entertain sharing details about her personal life online.

But rest assured, because Pokimane has promised if something happened in her romantic life that is of serious nature, she will share it with her beloved fans.

Kevin Kim Age

At the time of this article in 2022, Kevin Kim is 26 years old. He was reportedly born in the year 1996.

Kevin Kim Job

Kevin Kim is currently working as an Associate Designer at Fisker Inc., per his LinkedIn. He started the job in April 2022.

However, Kevin started his career first as an Undergraduate Research Assistant at UCLA School of Nursing in 2014. During the two years period of his work there, his research was focused on HIV/AIDS treatment via new Gene Therapy methods.

He also conducted dry/wet lab work focused on in vitro experimentation of alternative CRISPR/Cas-9 delivery systems in eliminating HIV receptor CCR5. Moreover, he also assisted in studying Hematopoietic Stem cell reprogramming methods (RNAi, CRISPR) specific to growing resistance to HIV infection.

From September 2016 to December 2018, Kevin worked as an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the UCLA Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics. He worked under Donald Kohn, MD, and Richard Morgan Ph.D.

In 2019, Kevin landed a job at Warm Water Corporation working as a commerce specialist. He kept that job until February 2020. Furthermore, he has also worked as an art director with THE CO/LABS. He was in charge of curating and coordinating all photoshoots, promotional photo content, as well as, branding and graphics.

Additionally, Kevin shared that he has worked as a Digital Media Specialist at Kai, Inc, worked as a freelance photographer for two years, and served as UX/UI Engineer at Glia Health leading up to his current job.

Talking about his education, Kevin is a 2014 graduate of

On his website, Kevin writes, “I was first introduced to design through my passion for photography and art. I love to read, play racing sim games, make coffee, and take photos in my spare time.” He is also affiliated with Shiro. studio, a man fashion jeweler.

How Tall Is Kevin Kim?

Kevin Kim stands tall at a moderate height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kevin Kim From?

Kevin Kim hailed from Los Angeles, California.

  • Is Kevin Kim On Instagram And Twitch?

No, Keving Kim doesn’t seem to be on Twitch but has an Instagram (@kamjakevin) with 22.7K followers.

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