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Daniella Grace Dating History, Parents, Net Worth, FBoy Island

Meet Daniella Grace from FBoy Island, who has had high-profile relationships in the past. So, who has she dated in the past (dating history)? Who are her parents? How much is her net worth?

Scroll down this article as it answers all the questions.

Daniella Grace On FBoy Island

The reality series FBoy Island is finally coming back to our television screens. The women, FBoys, and Nice Guys who will be sizing them other up while we size them up from home are revealed exclusively by EW. The ladies will work together to find personal connections while figuring out if the 21 guys they’re joined by are FBoys or Nice Guys, starting with former Bachelorette star Katie Thurston, model Hali Okeowo, and influencer Daniella Grace.

The guys who the women go on dates with are either self-described Nice Guys (i.e., those seeking a committed relationship) or FBoys (seeking a large payday with the prize money at the end). In earlier seasons, if an FBoy made it to the final round, he got to determine how to spend the winnings. However, as we discovered in season 2, it’s really impossible to predict what might occur in that finale.

Daniella told EW she joined the show because she “may or may not have lost a bet” — warns that viewers should “buckle up”: “This season is going to be one you won’t forget!”

“There will definitely be some blasts from the past (seasons) this season that come in and shake things up!” Hali teased. “Using only one word, I’d say this season is shocking!”

“The show is full of so many surprises and shocks and twists and turns and you’re just like, ‘What did I just sign up for?'” Katie told EW.

Both Jared and CJ, a Dallas basketball star, as well as Vince and Katie, ended up having sexual relations with Daniella. Shaun, a Los Angeles personal trainer who appeared bored, and Pierce, a Los Angeles yoga instructor, both made the decision to play it cool and refrain from approaching any of the women.

The women find that this is their hardest issue because they are obviously deceived by attractiveness and graceful movements. By the end of the two-episode debut, Bryce, Dio, a Chippendales dancer from Las Vegas, and Tanner, a manual therapist from Anaheim (who completely began crying), three wonderful people had been eliminated.

The actual Fboys that the women were able to get rid of were Shaun, Ian, a Nashville branding guy, and Kris, a salesperson from San Diego.

Daniella claims in the teaser for FBoy Island that she has consistently chosen the same kind of man. In a confessional, she said: “In all my years of dating, I have just chosen FBoys the entire time.”

Daniella captioned the show snippet: “So place your bets.. did I choose an FBoy or a Nice Guy?” One of Daniella’s relatives wrote in response to her caption: “If history is a good I indicator….hmmmm.”

Daniella Grace Dating History

According to reports online, Daniella Grace had been romantically associated with a few celebs prior to her appearance on FBoy Island.

  • Loris Karius

Back in 2018, Daniella made headlines after being romantically linked to Loris Karius. The German stopper was photographed this afternoon leaving the Garden Vegan cafe in Hale with a stunning blonde woman, maybe model Daniella Grace.

Karius liked a few of the fashion and lifestyle blogger’s Instagram posts, following her, and allowed her to walk his pet husky as they returned to his Mercedes. The relationship was not confirmed at the time.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

At the time, it was also reported that Daniella was linked to soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and NBA star Blake Griffin.

Regarding Cristiano, the Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha broke the big news more than a week ago. The relationship between the American fashion model and the Portuguese super footballer had remained completely secret until then. The two would keep seeing each other in secret. In several countries even.

But a loose-lipped employee of Hotel Ritz in Lisbon as well as an Instagram photo of Grace in Estadio Santiago Bernabeu betray the relationship. A public photo of the two lovebirds together is still missing. This makes Cristiano Ronaldo the third top athlete to go through life as Grace’s sweetheart.

  • Blake Griffin

In 2012, she made headlines when she turned out to be the girlfriend of NBA star Blake Griffin. After six months, the relationship with the Los Angeles Clippers player ended.

  • Taylor Phinney

Then she also dated professional cyclist Taylor Phinney. That relationship ended a year and a half ago. Since then she has been busy with her modeling career and there appeared to be no time for boyfriends or relationships.

  • Brody Jenner

Furthermore, Brody Jenner, who appeared on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, was also rumored to be romantically linked to Daniella. According to Us Weekly, the two fueled dating speculations in 2019 and 2020 after they were seen leaving for dinner dates in Malibu. Brody and Tia Blanco had their first child together this year, and they are now engaged.

How Old Is Daniella Grace?

Born in 1990, Daniella Grace reached the age of 33 in 2023.

Who Are Daniella Grace Parents?

Daniella Grace is the daughter of Rebecca and George Almeida. Rebecca reportedly struggled with alcohol addiction and suffers from Stockholm syndrome. They appear to be residing in Cool, California.

George, born in 1957, is 66 years old. Rebecca turned 61 in October 1961.

Daniella’s twin sister Taylor Faith died as a newborn. As a tribute, she therefore uses her middle name Grace as her surname and not her actual surname Almeida.

Her other sister, Ashley Hope went to Sierra Nevada College. Ashley is 35 years old. She was engaged to Max.

Daniella is reportedly of Brazilian, Italian, and Portuguese descent.

Daniella Grace Net Worth

By 2023, Daniella Grace’s net worth is above $1 million.

Daniella studied at the Sanford Meisner Center in North Hollywood; before moving to New York where she attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She is the CEO of Catcher in Styler, which she co-founded with her friend Thania Peck; she also shares her fashion sense on her blog

Daniella gained acting experience in 2014’s Sand Castles: A Story of Family and Tragedy as Allison Paige, a social worker. Allison was a social worker from Indiana who saw her five-year-old daughter Lauren kidnapped.

In an interview, Daniella said that she normally starts her day with a cup of coffee. Outside of her busy modeling and acting work, she tries to relax in her spare time. Her life consists of surfing, running, and yoga.

Daniella Grace Height

Daniella Grace’s reported height measures above 5’8”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Daniella Grace From?

Daniella Grace was born in Lake Tahoe, California. At the age of twenty, she moved to Los Angeles.

  • Is Daniella Grace On Instagram?

Yes, Daniella Grace is available on IG.

  • When Is Daniella Grace Birthday?

Daniella Grace’s birthday falls on 21 May.

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