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Danielle Miller Parents: Cindy Miller And Michael Miller

Get to know Cindy Miller and Michael Miller, the parents of self-proclaimed con artist Danielle Miller. After her recent sentencing people are interested to learn more about her family background.

Here is what we’ve discovered about their age, job, and more. So tag along and learn more about her folks.

Who Are Con Artist Danielle Miller Parents?

Danielle Miller, a self-described con artist, was given a five-year prison term on Thursday for using stolen identities to get $1.2 million in Covid-19-related loans. According to NBC, she infamously used the money to rent an apartment and hire a private jet, among other things.

Prosecutors claimed in a statement that she stole money from those in need to gain power in “a quest for fleeting social media stardom.” Danielle was given a jail sentence in a federal court in Boston, as well as three years of supervised release and a restitution payment that has not yet been established.

Danielle pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated identity theft and three counts of wire fraud back in March in connection with a scam she ran from the summer of 2020 through May 2021. Prosecutors claim that Danielle Miller used more than ten different people’s identities—some of which were obtained from the Massachusetts RMV website—to create phony licenses, bank accounts, and businesses. With the use of programs like the economic injury disaster loan program and pandemic unemployment aid, among others, she then used these to steal government funds.

Danielle also used the fake IDs, which had not only her own photo but also the names of her victims, to pay for extravagant shopping extravaganzas. She allegedly used a Massachusetts resident’s license, for instance, to reserve a private flight from Florida to California in August 2020. When she arrived, she booked a hotel using the same identity. She once rented a lavish home in Florida by using the identity of someone else. She continued to promote her way of life to her 34,000 Instagram followers.

Cindy, who is currently 32 years of age, is the daughter of Cindy Miller and Michael Miller.

Meet Cindy Miller, Danielle Miller Mother

Danielle Miller’s mother is called Cindy Miller.

  • Cindy Miller Age

Cindy Miller is 75 years old as of 2023. Her birth year is 1948 and her birth month is August.

  • Cindy Miller Job

According to Distractify, Cindy Miller is an artist by trade. Former Rockette, Cindy revealed on David Miranda’s show that she never had any other employment. She started dancing in the second grade and was able to try out for a prominent dance company when she was 16 or 17 years old. Cindy instantly declined and started out as a fill-in for the summer, but she eventually advanced and danced with them for more than 20 years, from 1971 to 1992.

  • Is Cindy Miller On Facebook?

No, Cindy Miller is not available on Facebook.

Meet Michael Miller, Danielle Miller Father

Danielle Miller’s father is called Michael Miller. In 2013, Danielle received a car from her dad. She thanked her old man writing, “Thanks, Dad.”

  • Michael Miller Age

As of September 2023, Michael Miller is 72. His birth year is 1951.

  • Michael Miller Job

Attorney Michael Miller has been in private practice for 35 years. He has held a number of leadership positions and has garnered numerous accolades for his public work throughout the years. Mr. Miller served as president of both the New York County Lawyers Association and the 70,000-member New York State Bar Association (NYSBA). He has served in the NYSBA House of Delegates for more than 20 years, among other leadership positions, and is currently a member of the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates. He also served as chair of the New York State Conference of Bar Leaders.

Over the years, Mr. Miller has formed strategic partnerships with knowledgeable lawyers and other professionals in a variety of fields, including complex real estate transactions, commercial disputes, personal injuries, family law, financial planning, and others. His practice is primarily focused on issues relating to estate planning and the effective transfer of personal wealth.

Michael has extensive knowledge of all facets of estate and trust work, including administration, litigation, and planning. He provides knowledgeable legal representation to heirs, spouses, next of kin, and fiduciaries, including trustees, executors, receivers, estate representatives, and other parties. He offers insightful advice on both strategic and tactical approaches to estate planning.

For his lengthy and varied dedication to pro bono and public service endeavors both locally and internationally, Michael  Miller has been honored and given many accolades. The American Bar Association’s 2002 Pro gratis Publico Award, the highest honor for pro gratis service, was given to Michael in recognition of his crucial contribution to the legal relief efforts in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Along with receiving the 2019 NYSBA Women In Law Section Outstanding Champion Award for his advocacy of gender equality, he also received the 2018 Boris Kostelanetz President’s Medal from the New York County Lawyers Association in recognition of his record of outstanding contribution to the profession.

In addition, just after the Dayton Accords, Michael worked as an election supervisor in the conflict-torn nation of Bosnia. He also questioned Kosovo refugees in search of proof of “ethnic cleansing” war crimes, which turned up in cases at the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague.

Michael attended New York University and New York Law School.

  • Is Michael Miller On Facebook?

No, Michael Miller is not Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Danielle Miller Parents Reside?

Danielle Miller’s parents appear to reside in New York City, New York.

  • How Many Kids Do Danielle Miller Parents Have?

Besides Danielle, Michael and Cindy also reportedly share one child, a son.

  • Are Danielle Miller Parents Still Married?

The marital status of Danielle Miller is unclear. They don’t maintain a public profile.

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