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Jen Hamilton Bio, Age, Net Worth, Husband, TikTok

Meet TikTok star Jen Hamilton who had a drama with OBGYN specialist Nathan Riley in 2023. Jen has been a social media celebrity though she was never expected to attain the fame she did. Nevertheless, her fans are interested to learn more about her age, husband, family, and more.

This bio attempts to cover it all.

Jen Hamilton And Nathan Riley Drama

Healthcare provider and Registered Nurse Jen Hamilton, who is also on TikTok, shared her thoughts on the controversial video of OBGYN specialist Nathan Riley.

Nathan’s words, which were intended to be private between the two social media influencers and were based on behavior that Jen did not like, are shown in the video she released on her TikTok account @_jen_haimlton_. Jen displays the OBGYN’s remark to a female coworker who had just given birth: “While you’re busy snarfing carbs in the call room, I read stuff…”

Jen declares that she tried to handle it by private messaging before confirming that Nathan made the message public via a video. He claimed in his video that she had responded to his ideas on informed consent, improved maternal health, and home births by sending him DMs. Wrong.

Jen asks him to, “take accountability, to acknowledge what he said, and to apologize to the female colleague.” She was subsequently barred by Nathan on TikTok, and all comments on his videos were shut off. He is no longer on TikTok as of the time of this publishing.

“I’ve had people come out of the woodwork to show me other things that this man has said,” Jen shared. “He has built a platform of women who mistrust the healthcare system — and instead look to him for holistic OBGYN advice.”

“I tried to handle it privately to him and said, ‘I’m speechless I can’t believe somebody who cares for women would have the audacity to say what you just said,'” in a video uploaded to TikTok on August 9, 2023, she explains.

Jen Hamilton Career

Jen Hamilton is certified in both emergency nursing and obstetrics and is an RN, BSN, CEN, RNC-OB, and keynote speaker. She has been working as a charge nurse at Cone Health since June 2012. She previously worked as a camp counselor at Victory Junction from 2009 to 2011.

On her LinkedIn, Jen writes, “I am a hardworking ER nurse with a leadership role within my department. I am a wife, a mother, and someone who is passionate about nursing. I thrive in stressful situations and have never stopped learning. I now teach other nurses within my department the art of ultrasound IV insertion and am also a lecturer for the ED academy, a year-long orientation program for new grad nurses slated to work in the emergency room. I am a part of the nurse first, triage, charge nurse, and shared governance committees with leadership roles in nurse first and shared governance.”

Jen received her BS from Liberty University and her Master’s degree from South University.

As for her thriving influencer career, Jen said, “I never really anticipated anything like this happening,” said Jen. “I had a friend who…said, ‘Are you on TikTok?’ And I was like ‘no way’ because I already knew the kind of personality that I have that I would probably get addicted to it…just scrolling all day.”

But it really took off when she started sharing amusing remarks about her life with her husband and two boys. Her family is comfortable being photographed.

“I think that I got more of that from others who had that same kind of reaction,” said Jen about whether she should share so much of her family life. “I think I’m an over-sharer by nature. I think that the more that I put out into the world, the more I can relate to more people. So with each detail that comes out, with each thing that I share…maybe something I’ve been through, I can find more people who relate to that. And I crave connection, and I create that kind of…intimacy with a person where…we can relate to things on a personal.”

Moreover, here is a link to Jen’s Amazon Store.

How Much Is Jen Hamilton Net Worth?

Jen Hamilton’s estimated net worth is above $400 thousand.

Jen Hamilton Age

Born in 1990, Jen Hamilton turned 33 in 2023.

Who Are Jen Hamilton Parents?

TikTok star Jen Hamilton’s parents are named Greg Hodgin and Louis Hodgin. Her parents were high school sweethearts. Greg and Louis went on their first date on 25 May 1978 and got married on 25 May 1985. In May 2022, Greg posted on his Facebook, “Happy 37th Anniversary to my girlfriend of 44 years! I feel like we time-traveled because you are still my high school girlfriend!

Greg is the CEO and founder of Wake the World (a nonprofit organization founded in 2008), East Coast Custom (Industrial Paint Contracting company), and ECC Rentals (lift equipment).

Greg has been a Masters Wakeboard State Champion 5 times and the US Champion in 2007.

Other than Jen, Greg and Louis share another daughter named Julie Koontz.

Jen Hamilton Husband

Jen Hamilton married the love of her life Brian Hamilton in August 2012.

On the couple’s third wedding anniversary, Brian posted on his Facebook, “So thankful for my soul mate. 3Yrs of marriage have taught me a lot. Namely, you are always there for me. Wanted you to know that I’ll always be there for you too. Here’s to 3×33 more years. Love you, Babe. Sugar Dumpling. Honey Plum Sauce. Sweet Biscuit Lady Number 1.”

Likewise, Jen posted, “HAPPY TENTH WEDDING BIRTHDAY TO US!!!!.”

Brian is reportedly working as an operating room nurse. His LinkedIn reveals that he has been working as an Emergency Nurse Tech at Cone Health since 2015. He is a graduate of Liberty University, class of 2012.

On her oldest son Ellis’s birthday in December 2022, Jen wished him, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my eldest baby 😍and yes…that is a Mayonnaise cake.”

Their younger son Luke was previously named Aspen for six months after he was born in 2016. Before the pair began trying out new names for their then six-month-old child, Jen made sure her husband Brian was on board. Finally, they decided on Luke since it means “light” and it perfectly suited their son because, in their opinion, he is constantly upbeat and smiling.

The couple had to wait a year until Luke’s name was officially changed, but Jen says she is glad she decided to switch names.

‘With our first child, we’d been very set on a name but with our second we were struggling to find the right one and just settled on Aspen after seeing it on a Pinterest list of outdoor names. I thought it would fit when he was born but after a couple of months I was struggling with it.” Jen told DailyMail.

Jen added further, “People suggested that he might be bullied if it was shortened to ‘Ass’ when he is older and I started to pretend I didn’t hear people asking his name. It was an exciting time trialing names for him. It’s hard to name a baby you’ve never met so it was easier now we knew him. Now we love Luke and think it is perfect for him.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jen Hamilton From TikTok From?

Jen Hamilton hailed from Charlotte, North Carolina. She also appears to be residing in Asheboro, North Carolina.

  • When Is Jen Hamilton Birthday?

Jen Hamilton celebrates her birthday in August.

  • Is Jen Hamilton On Instagram?

Yes, Jen Hamilton is on Instagram (@_jen_hamilton_) and Facebook (@jahodgin).

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