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Danielle Zaslavsky Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Family

Danielle Zaslavsky is TikTok’s newest obsession and “Caviar Queen”. She is known for filming herself pairing and eating luxurious caviar with bread and crackers and whatnot! Unanticipatedly, she has drawn quite the following in recent months. Now, let’s look at who the TikTok star is outside of the TikTok world in this writing called ‘Danielle Zaslavsky BIO’.

Meet Danielle Zaslavsky, TikTok’s Caviar Queen

On her TikTok @dzaslavsky, Danielle Zaslavsky entertained around 415.2K followers as of 31 December 2022. Also, on the platform, she entertained over 7.1 M likes.

In November, she posted a video of herself preparing Siberian sturgeon caviar atop fitness bread, and it received a maximum of 7.7 million views. Two weeks later, when she posted another video of her and her husband trying white sturgeon caviar and caviar butter, it again hoarded nearly three million views.

While it is not all caviar-related unconventional snacking videos that she posts on the platform, they are certainly her biggest draw. In addition, we have seen her create GRWMs, day-in-the-life vlogs, and fashion videos.

Yet, all aside, Danielle is mostly promoting her family’s caviar as they own and operate a caviar business. It is the first “farm-to-spoon” caviar company, Marky’s Caviar, founded some 39 years ago. In 1983, Mark Zaslavsky, a Russian immigrant, and Mark Gelman launched one of the United State’s only commercial caviar operations near the Florida panhandle.

Danielle’s grandfather, Mark Zaslavsky, a Russian immigrant, and Mark Gelman launched one of the United State’s only commercial caviar operations near the Florida panhandle, back in 1983.

Danielle Zaslavsky’s Net Worth

Danielle Zaslavsky reportedly had more than $800K net worth as of December 2022.

Until July 2019, she was positioned as a general manager at Marky’s and eatery HUSO.

Marky’s Caviar is not the only operation Daniell’s senior started. In 2001, he opened Sturgeon Aquafarms in Bascom, Florida, the only legal farm in America that allows raising sturgeon species and beluga.

In 2019, Marky’s On Madison came to fruition. Located in New York City’s swanky Upper East Side, the facility is a retail store/restaurant selling gourmet caviar from their aqua farm. The cafe in the back of the store is called HŪSO we talked about earlier. It is America’s only caviar-tasting menu restaurant and is run by none other than Top Chef Season 19 winner Buddha Lo.

Is Danielle Zaslavsky Married?

Indeed. Danielle Zaslavsky is married. In fact, she just got on 30 August 2022 to her beloved Aloni Matzon. Their civil union was officiated at Gracie Mansion Conservancy by mayor Eric Adams.

Before this, they got engaged on Valentine’s Day and Aloni took to his Instagram a couple of glimpses from the day and wrote next to it how words can not describe what he just experienced in life.

Danielle Zaslavsky and Aloni as seen on their wedding day (PIC: Instagram)

One could give Aloni a follow on Instagram @instaloni. Plus, according to his LinkedIn, he has been the owner/president at Tela Tactical in Orange County Area, California, overseeing the production of gun parts, ammunition, optics, and military surplus, since August 2013. Prior to this, he owned Matco Components, Inc. from December 2005 until October 2012. Even before that, he got his B.S. in Entrepreneurship, Economics at the University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business.

Speaking of his age, he turned 40 years old in June 2022.

Is Danielle Zaslavsky On Instagram?

Yes. Danielle Zaslavsky could be found on Instagram @dzaslavsky with 238 posts and 63K followers as of 31 December 2022.

One could also give Danielle a follow on Facebook for regular updates from her life.

Danielle Zaslavsky Age

Danielle Zaslavsky was reportedly born in 1983. If there is any truth to it, she should have turned 39 years old in 2022. (Of course) she does not look anything like it.

Danielle Zaslavsky Family

Danielle Zaslavsky’s mother is Marina Zaslavskaya. Yet she appears nothing like Danielle’s mother but as her sister or even her twin. Maybe Marina had Danielle when she was very young.

On Mother’s Day once we saw Danielle gushing about how she aspires to be her all days of her life.

Marina could be found on Instagram @mzaslavskaya and here, we can even see that she has a husband named Michael Yampolsky. Of course, Michael, who is the president at East Coast Jewelry, is not Danielle’s father.

Danielle’s grandfather, whom we talked about earlier was residing in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida at the time of this writing. And his granddaughter and the rest of the family have always been very proud of him and his accomplishments in making Sturgeon AquaFarms the pioneer of true Beluga Caspian in the United States.

Last but not the least, Danielle’s family also includes her brother David Bashkov, who like others in the family was also working with his grandfather’s Marky’s.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Danielle Zaslavsky?

Beautiful and fashionable Danielle Zaslavsky stands at 5′ 7″ in height. She wears shoes sized and wears most;y ‘medium-sized’ outfits. Her jeans, as she claims are mostly ’27’.

One can see her sell her preowned designer wears and miscellaneous on her storefronts on Amazon, Poshmark, and other platforms.

  • When Is Danielle Zaslavsky’s Birthday?

Danielle Zaslavsky’s birthday is likely on February 19th, making her Pisces. And as one she supposedly has an impetuous character. Her birth sign demands her also to become an excellent partner, quite romantic, affectionate, and kind.

  • Where Is Danielle Zaslavsky From?

New York, New York is where Danielle Zaslavsky had based herself, at the time of this writing. She was likely also born and bred here.

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