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Danisha Wrighster Family: Father, Mother, Partner, Kids

Meet the family members of Danisha Wrighster, the star of Netflix’s Buy My House. This article is about her father, mother, her partner, and her children here.

So, keep on reading this article to learn more about her family members here.

Meet Danisha Wrighster Family Members

Danisha Wrighster has shared titbits about her family members on her socials and in interviews. She was born in Los Angeles. After graduating high school at 16, she matriculated at UCLA, earning a BA degree in Mass Communications with a specialization in Business Administration.

She was a struggling single mom but still managed to become a self-made millionaire by building her own commercial real estate business. She now prioritizes raising her daughter and creating a loving home with her new family, which includes her husband, former NFL tight end George Wrighster, and her stepchildren.

Danisha Wrighster Father

Danisha Wrighster is the daughter of William Houston Jr.

William is the son of William James Hoston Sr., who was once an acquaintance of Dr. Martin Luther King.

William Sr. was born on 15 December 1930 in Beckley, West Virginia to Nannie Simona Hughes and Nathaniel James Hoston. He went to Stratton High School for education. During the Korean War, he served in the Air Force. He came to California after receiving his degree from the University of Michigan, where he met and fell in love with Joyce Washington. On November 26, 1953, they got hitched in Los Angeles.

Bill’s excellent communication abilities helped him succeed as a salesman for Equitable Life Insurance and as an entertainment representative for Frank Sinatra Enterprises. His abilities also helped him land jobs as the Publisher of the California Eagle, the oldest African American newspaper in the country, and Executive Producer and Host of the syndicated cable talk show “Trust Me.”

On a brand-new endeavor of his called the “City of Los Angeles Marathon,” which would become historic, he collaborated with his longtime buddy William A. Burke. Because of his commitment to his friends, Bill was able to forge solid connections in the political sphere.

He participated in a number of election campaigns, including the one that saw Yvonne Brathwaite Burke elected to the Los Angeles County Supervisorial District 2 seat. When he became Chairman, President, and CEO of the Transportation Foundation of Los Angeles in 1993, he then discovered his calling (TFLA).

On Father’s Day 2018, Danisha wrote on her Facebook, “Some women get it from their mama… I definitely get it from my daddy! Happy Father’s Day William Hoston!!!”.

More about her father, He is working as PRESIDENT/CEO at TRANSPORTATION FOUNDATION OF LOS ANGELES. He is currently married to his wife Christina.

Danisha Wrighster Mother

On International Women’s Day in 2019, Danisha Wrighster posted on her Instagram and said, “I wasn’t raised by my biological mother. When I became a mother almost 19 years ago (😳), I was obviously unsure as to what type of mother I would be.
I asked my mentor what he thought it took to raise a daughter. His response: “Just raise her to be fearless. The rest will take care of itself.” If you know Devan, you already know that she’s fearless. Payton is only 8 years old and she’s well on her way! I feel blessed to play a small part in raising the next generation of fearless women.”

Speaking with Philadelphia Sun, Danisha shared that she was raised by her single dad. Meanwhile, her mother was in and out of her life. Besides that, there isn’t much about her mother.

Who Is Danisha Wrighster Partner?

Danisha Wrighster had almost a perfect life. She was with her college sweetheart and they were expecting a baby together. Things quickly changed when her boyfriend was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. He died as their newborn turned just 10 weeks old.

On May 2019, Danisha shared on her Facebook, “On this day, nineteen years ago, my daughter lost her father and I lost one of my best friends. She was only 10 weeks old and I was a baby in many ways as well. They say that time heals all wounds but I can tell you firsthand that this wound still hurts.”

Soon after she joined work, they laid her off. She was struggling to survive. “Being such a young mom, I was already overwhelmed with the responsibility of parenting and grieving over her father’s death; the financial strain from being laid off just felt like it was too much, “Danisha, who was 24 at the time, told Yahoo Parenting. But accepting government benefits made her feel “humiliated and irresponsible. My daughter was only a few months old and I was already failing as a mother.”

Still, “as horrible as I felt, I became determined to not become a sad, broke, single mom statistic. I didn’t have anything left to lose so I decided [to put forth] everything I had left,” she says. “I know now that a huge part of my determination and ambition came from going through such a dark time.”

Danisha’s current husband is George Wrighster III. They began dating in 2009 and Tied the knots on 5 January 2015. On their 5th anniversary, Danisha took to her Instagram and wrote, “I can’t believe that it’s been 5️⃣ whole years since we blended our lives and our families. I know that we both had no clue what we were doing but we knew what we wanted for our kids and that’s all that mattered.”

She concluded, “It hasn’t always been easy but I’m so proud of how far we’ve come. Just think… one day, we’ll get to look back (with about 15-20 grandchildren) and see what we’ve built together. We’re just getting started @georgewrighster! The very best is yet to come. I love you forever.”

Talking in detail about Danisha’s husband, George was born in April 1981. He attended Sylmar Senior High, Buckley School, and studied Economics at the University of Oregon. As for his career, he played Tight end in NFL and after retaining founded where he talked about Faith, Family, Fatherhood, Food, and Sport.

Also, George hosted an Apple podcast with Ralph Amsden called Wrighster or Wrong.

Danisha Wrighster Kids

Danisha Wrightster’s first born is Devan who turned 22 years old in March 2022. Devan is a Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich 2022 graduate. Meanwhile, she shares a son named Roman George Wrighster IV was born in May 2019. So, in May 2022, he is 3 years old.

Her husband has three children from a previous relationship; Damon Wrighster (a three-star athlete at Sierra Canyon), Caden Wrighster, and Payton Wrighster.

Related FAQs

  • Is Danisha Wrighster Family Filipino?

Danisha Wrighster flaunts her bi-racial ethnicity. Danisha always assumed she was simply black as a child and had trouble understanding the question, “What are you? But now that she does, she identifies as “Black & Latino” while speaking to Black people, “Filipino” when speaking to Filipinos, and “Hawaiian” when speaking to White people.

She has three siblings; two brothers Nathaniel Hoston and Ryan Hoston, and a sister Alexandria Pigford.

  • Where Does Danisha Wrighster Family Reside?

Danisha Wrighster’s family resides in Los Angeles, California.

  • Does Danisha Wrighster Family Appear On Her IG?

Yes, Danisha Wrighster has featured her family members on her Instagram.

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