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Meet Nancy Oar, Mountain Men Tom Oar Wife! Age, Job

History Channel’s Mountain Men wouldn’t have been so wonderful if it wasn’t for Tom Oar and his lovely wife Nancy Oar. The two graced the show ever since 2012. And fast forward to 2022, the old couple was still preparing themselves for the harsh winter in Yaak River Valley. Scroll down to learn all about Tom Oar’s wife Nancy Oar.

Meet Mountain Men Star Tom Oar Wife, Nancy Oar

Nancy Oar was an official cast of Mountain Men featured alongside her husband Tom Oar. From the very beginning, she and her husband survived the freezing weather of the Yaak River Valley, whilst also continuously surprising the viewers with their innovative techniques.

Talking about their skills, the duo made their home from the simplest of means and the sparsest of luxuries. And for food, they figured a way to subsist on land,  gleaning a living through their knowledge of an all but forgotten craft: brain tanning. 

However, it was mostly Tom trapping and tanning — pitting against the harsh realities of the seasons and the forests. He has honed his art to a level only achieved by a few before him. And it’s all thanks to his time of over 40 years in the Yaak River Valley.

Yes! Nancy and Tom lived for over 4 decades in Montana. “There came a point in our life where we figured the majority of rodeoing was over, and we wanted to move to Montana and build a log house. So we bought a chainsaw in Illinois to build a house with when we got here,” Tom recalled.

And even more surprising is that the duo survived without electricity or running water for their first 17 years.

Then, they moved to a further-off-the-road location about nine miles away to a 1,500-square-foot log house with electricity. It was in the Kootenai National Forest, in the northwest corner of Montana and the northeast corner of Idaho on the Canadian border.

The Yaak River ran 70 feet below their property

Before all this, Tom worked as a rodeo rider and was good at his job. Infact, he was so good that by the early 1960s, he climbed the ranks of the International Rodeo Association and established himself as a champion rider.

But he knew he wasn’t going to have the same energy forever. So, retiring in 1981, he and Nancy loaded all of their possessions into an old pickup truck and moved to Montana.

Together, the couple then defied the odds — surviving in a danger lurking, isolation taunting, and the bitter chill of Montana.

So, when a film company representative got a wind of it, they reported it to History Channel, and they knew they had to film Nancy and Tom.

How Many Children Do Nancy And Tom Oar Have?

Nancy and Tom Oar shared two children named Chad and Keelie Oar.

Sadly, their daughter Keelie passed away on April 26, 2015, in St. Petersburg, Florida, at the age of 49.

As for Chad, who was a co-owner of Horse Country Carriage Company, he lived in Florida and wanted his parents to come live with him. “He’s 70 years old. Those winters are kind of tough. It’s a little dangerous with the wolves and grizzly bears. The nearest town is 50 miles away. I worry about him up there,” Chad explained.

However, Nancy and Tom claimed that they were in control of their lives. But mostly, they were happy.

Did you know: Tom was previously married to Janice Frazer with whom he shares two kids.

Nancy Oar Age

Nancy Oar was reportedly born in 1949. That made her 72 years of age in 2022.

She is 5 years younger than her husband Tom.

Nancy Oar Job

Nancy Oar has been involved in the primitive craft business for over 4 decades. 

Alongside her husband, Nancy earned money selling pelts and crafts. Also, her hand-stitched items were popular amongst the Mountain Men fans, for every piece was unique and had a story to tell.

But though her job sounds interesting, it certainly wasn’t child’s play.

Initially, converting furs to profits was a challenging endeavor. But one day, Nancy and Tom stumbled upon a Native American book that consisted of 16 pages which instantly elevated their craft.

Copying what the Natives did over 200 years ago, Nancy then began selling their product at rendezvous, making up to $4,000 per transaction.

Is Nancy Oar On Instagram?

No, we couldn’t find Nancy on Instagram.

What Is Nancy Oar Maiden Name?

Nancy Oar’s maiden name is “Clabough.”

She was born to parents Charles “Norm” N. Clabough and mother Priscilla B. Clabough (both of whom have long passed away).

Reportedly, Nancy’s parents were married on February 17, 1943.

As for her siblings, Nancy has two brothers named Chuck (married to Marcia) and Tom (married to Mary Ann Norwood).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Nancy Oar From?

Nancy Oar didn’t reveal her hometown. But over her lifetime, she’s lived in Rockford Illinois in a log cabin near the Pecatonica River, and in Yaak River Valley In  Northwestern Montana.

But in 2022, they were contemplating to moved to Florida. So, maybe they are retiring from Mountain Men soon.

  • How Tall Is Nancy Oar?

Nancy stands tall at a height under 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

  • When Is Nancy Oar Birthday?

Nancy celebrates her birthday in October.

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