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Danna Richards Bio, Parents, Height, Love Without Borders

Bravo’s new dating show Love Without Borders follows five Americans as they travel the world in the hopes of meeting their perfect match. One of them is Danna Richards. She was introduced on the show as someone who is giving up the life she knows to see if the love she has been longing for is on the other side of the world. So did Danna really find what she was looking for once outside the border?

Let us tell you this and more (her height, parents, age, and net worth) in this writing called ‘Danna Richards Bio’.

Danna Richards On Love Without Borders

Love Without Borders is Danna Richards’s first time appearing on a reality TV show, much less a dating show. So, she was initially wondering how legitimate the show was going to be. But, once the casting process happened and after she got to know the show’s host Arica Angelo and the matchmakers, she felt like she was in good hands.

She also originally doubted that it could be spam when a show’s producer slid into her DMs. But eventually, she decided to fill out an application, one interview led to the other and before she knew it, she was meeting with Arica.

In the preview clip from the show, Danna is seen on the flight over to her mystery destination when she faces some doubts about whether following her heart is the right call. She is then seen taking a few minutes to collect her thoughts in the airplane restroom. She admitted that she was having mixed feelings, that she was feeling so excited but also freaking out a little bit.

In another twist, Love Without Borders does not allow the cast to speak to—or even see a photo of—their match before leaving the U.S.

Is Danna Richards Dating Anyone?

Danna Richards is introduced on the show as someone very free-spirited and ready to start a family. She is then shown heading to Ireland with the hope that Galway native Brian is the one.

Yes, she is paired up with Brian. But, if or not they ended up together even after the experiment, was something that was not understood at the time of this writing. But there are a still few things we can tell you about Danna and Richards.

In E! News’ exclusive sneak peek at the premiere episode of the series, the twosome is seen nervously getting into bed after just meeting for the first time. But, once in bed, things take a sweet turn even though Brian decides to sleep almost commando. He asks Danna if she is happy, to which she responds, she is happy.

The clip ends on a sweet note as the two share kisses and cuddle together. “I could get used to this,” Danna states in a confessional before Brian wishes her “sweet dreams” and they drift off to sleep.

She tells him that though she was very scared coming into this it is so worth it.

Brian is a salesman turned chicken and vegetable farmer and he is of as much age as Danna.

Danna Richards Age

Danna Richards was born in 1985. So, she reached the age of 37 in 2022. Yet, Bravo presented her as a 38-year-old.

Who Are Danna Richards’s Parents?

Danna Richards’s parents are Dan Richards and Stacey Wright Richards. And it turns out, Danna is not their only child. There are also Nick, Andrew, Alex, and Isaac Richards.

Isaac Richards appears to be the youngest of all. He went to Park High School and was living in Livingston, Montana as of 2022. At this time around, he was also seeing Brianna Blocker.

Alex was also living in his hometown only.

As for Andrew, a Park Senior High School alum, he was inhabiting Cape Coral, Florida, and was engaged to Matthew Shane Engle. Lately, he also wrote on Facebook that he is so excited to watch his sister Danna’s journey to Ireland.

Danna Richards Height

Danna Richards stands above 5’2” in height. Yet she appears much tallet in height and much younger in her years.

Danna Richards Job

Danna Richards is a singer, songwriter, and “perpetual” traveler.

Music has been her real passion ever since she graduated from Berklee College of Music. She implied that she has since been seriously pursuing a career in the field. She also opened up that she has written thousands of songs, including 365 for a song-a-day project she posted on YouTube. Danna told Distractify and this in turn brought some awesome exposure and songwriting opportunities. “Music is my passion and songwriting is my heart”, were her exact words.

Not to miss, Danna is a YouTuber/vlogger as well. By December 2022, she had some 59K subscribers on her YouTube channel where she mostly documented her van life adventures across the United States. Her van conversion, before she sold it, included a music studio and fitness studio, among other areas.

There also was a separate channel for her music and in this one called ‘DANNA RICHARDS MUSIC’ she had some 34.8K subscribers. On Spotify too the “Forever Love” singer entertained 1,677 monthly listeners.

Cinnaholic also wrote a different thing about her career: she has been working as a Front Desk Supervisor at Berklee College of Music, for over a decade since September 2010.

Is Danna Richards On Instagram?

Yes. Danna Richards could be found on Instagram @montanadanna with 441 posts and 11.3K followers as of 2 December 2022. She also ran an account on Twitter @montanadanna.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Danna Richards’s Birthday?

Danna Richards’s birthday is on August 8th and that makes her a Leo.

  • Where Is Danna Richards From?

Dana Richards was staying in Los Angeles, California before she made this big move to meet Brian in Ireland. On her Facebook, she also mentioned relocating to St. George, Utah in 2021. But, both of these places are not where she was born and raised. Because, this happened in Livingston, Montana.

  • How Much Is Danna Richards’s Net Worth?

Danna Richards reportedly had less than $450K net worth as of 2022.

From what she told on the show, Danna had been living in a “retrofitted Sprinter” having given up her traditional home. So, Danna is used to risking her ventures and she even sold this very van, her home, to go abroad as Love Without Borders told her to do.

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