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Brian Dilleen Bio, Love Without Borders, Age, Job

Brian Dilleen isn’t called “Mad Yolk Farmer” for no reason! Besides chicken and vegetables, this farmer was also cultivating love on Love Without Borders.

Keep reading this Brian Dilleen Bio to learn everything about this farm boy. 

Brian Dilleen On Love Without Borders

After making a drastic career change, the only love that remained in Brian Dilleen’s life was that of chickens. So, to reignite that long-lost feeling of being loved, the farmer entrusted his love life to the matchmaker Arica Angelo. And luckily, she found a perfect match for him — Danna Richards.

Their love story is all featured on Love Without Borders.

Also, joining Brian and Danna for the inaugural season the sho were their co-stars — Gurleen Virk and Shreyas Mehta, Philip Michael Thomas Jr. and Carmen Holzer-Nkrumah, and Aaron Motacek and Mael Luca.

Brian Dilleen Relationship Status Today

Since Love Without Borders was still going on, Brian Dilleen didn’t share if he was still together with Danna Richards or not. However, if the two were to go their separate ways, it would mean Danna returned to the US, and her biggest nightmare has come to pass.

In the preview clip, Danna took a few minutes to collect her thoughts (before meeting Brian)  in the airplane restroom and said, “I’m on the plane, and I’m actually having a really hard time with this. I thought I would feel so excited, and I am excited, but I’m also freaking out a little bit.”

She was concerned, what if she had to return to the United States? Will it all fall apart? Being “left stranded and having nothing to come home to,” was her biggest fear.

However, though she was struggling, Danna was trying hard to just surrender to this process and acknowledge that things were happening for her and not to her. “I want to get off this plane and go home, and I don’t have a home to go back to,” she added.

Thankfully, she didn’t book a return fight ticket as soon as she landed. Instead, she went on to meet the farmer and have an awkward conversation about how’d they spend their first night in bed together as a couple.

In case you missed it, Danna asks Brian which side he sleeps on. The farmer then jokingly warns Danna of his “really bad” snoring, even letting her know that she’ll have to tell him in the morning if it’s as bad as he thinks. Danna then replies, “If you wake up with a pillow over your face, you’ll know.”

This nervous tension then returns later on as Brian begins to strip down, telling Danna he usually sleeps commando! “Oh, so we’re getting completely naked. Night one, we’re doing it,” Danna says in a confession.

But much to her relief, Brian keeps his boxers on. The farmer even makes a sweet gesture asking if Danna was happy. To which, she replies, “I’m happy,” whilst also confessing that she was “very scared coming into this.”

The two then share kisses and cuddle together after Danna adds “but it’s so worth it.”

Is Brian Dilleen On Instagram?

Find Brian on Instagram @madyolkfarm.

Also, here’s his Facebook @brian.dilleen.3.

Brian Dilleen Age

Brian Dilleen was reportedly born in 1986. That made him 36 years of age in 2022.

He is a year younger than Dana who celebrates her birthday on August 8.

Who Are Brian Dilleen Parents?

Brian Dilleen was close to his parents; especially his mother Mary Dilleen.

On mother’s day 2022, he took to his IG to write, “I’m grateful on this day to reflect upon the wonderful being who gave me life. Who continues to trust in me and support me in whatever “mad” road life brings me down. Love you, Mum, you’re a good egg, Brian.”

Talking a little about her, Mary is a Galway, Ireland native who passed Brian the Green Finger genes. She was gentle and a kind soul. On her birthday in 2021 (i.e. June 8), she asked for donations to LauraLynn – Ireland’s Children’s Hospice.

Other known members of Brian’s family include Olive Dilleen, Conor Dilleen, Lisa Dilleen, and Orlaith Dilleen.

As for Brian’s possible future parents-in-law, they were Dan Richards and Stacey Wright Richards. Also, his possible singling-in-law were Nick, Andrew, Alex, and Isaac Richards.

Brian Dilleen Job

Brian Dilleen is a father with expertise in regenerative farming and pasture-raised eggs. He is the owner of Mad Yolk Farms, an ethical farm that didn’t use any dig techniques so that they do not harm the environment or soil.

It seems Brian sold eggs from his own flock of hens. He also grew vegetables, salads, and herbs in Rosshil Road, Roscam. Oranmore’s Vendors and Stalls website mentioned that “Brian is the Mad Yolk Egg Man, he collects the eggs and dances with the chickens every single day.”

Sadly, his dream to use subsurface piping to be used for agricultural irrigation was turned down by Galway City Council in July 2021.

Prior to starting a career in farming, Brain was involved in sales — selling everything that has got to do with home furnishings and accessories. It was only in 2019, that he quit his job and gave up everything to pursue a career in farming.

Fun Fact: After Brian’s birthday, October 15 (World Egg Day) is his favorite day of the year.

Brian Dilleen Height

Brian Dilleen stands tall at a height above 6 feet (183 cm).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Brian Dilleen From?

Brian hails from Galway, Ireland. And he lived there at the time of writing this article as well.

  • When Is Brian Dilleen Birthday?

 Brian didn’t reveal his birthday.

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