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Dariany Santana Bio, Age, Height, Sister, Too Hot To Handle

Meet Dariany Santana, short-term host of Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle”. This article covers information on her sister, her height, her age, and her job. We also cover information on her parents.

So, tag along with this article Dariany Santana Bio to learn more.

Dariany Santana On Too Hot To Handle

Dariany Santana made her appearance on Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle” as a “fake host” for the show. She only appeared in two scenes in season 3 of the show. But, the short appearance grabbed viewers’ attention in no time. She disappeared near the end of Episode 1.

The host posted on her Instagram, “The biggest secret I’ve ever had to keep, grateful Netflix trusted me! You have NO IDEA how fun this was @netflix @netflixuk @toohotnetflix”. Not long after, she posted another pic that she captioned, “thinking of a master plan with Lana, IYKYK.”

She also shared the clip on her TikTok and wrote, “This was the most fun job ever, so grateful @Netflixtrusted me! #pleasureisland #toohottohandle #turksandcaicos #comedian #tvhost”.

Dariany Santana’s Relationship Status Now

Dariany Santana doesn’t appear to be dating or in a relationship with anyone. She is single and is ready definitely ready to mingle herself. It appears she had attempted on seeing people. Although she never opened up about her love life, she most certainly never fails to tweet about dating and boyfriends.

In April 2020, Dariany tweeted, “I’m so bored I might download dating apps again. Someone PLEASE stop me.” But a few months later in July, she tweeted, “Dating in LA is like looking for a place to sit but all of the chairs are porcupines.”

By 2021, she concluded that “Food delivery apps > dating apps”.

However, her tweets also suggest that Dariany gets approached by guys, a lot. In September 2018 she took to Twitter and shared, “I HATE lying, but just today I told 2 different guys I had a boyfriend. Easily, the easiest lie to say.”

Whereas, Dariany also made comments on cheating when she tweeted in November 2021, “The way y’all normalize cheating as if it’s not actively lying and betraying someone you love, will never sit right with me.”

Based on all of that, Dariany loves to maintain high standards when it comes to dating. Having parents who have been married for 35+ years, is quite a role model that she looks up to.

Is Dariany Santana On Instagram?

Yes, Dariany Santana is on several social media accounts. Her IG account is (@darianysantana). Her Twitter is (@itsdariany). Likewise, she is also on TikTok (@darianysantana) with 37.5k followers.

Dariany Santana Age

In January 2022, Dariany Santana turned 32 years old.

Dariany Santana Height

Dariany Santana stands tall to the height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Who Is Dariany Santana Sister?

Dariany Santana and her sister Dailyn Santana were born to their parents Ralph Santana and Dania Santana. Ralph and Dania were Cuban immigrants who settled in New Jersey. Their parents have been married for 35+ years and co-own a restaurant in New Jersey named ‘Cha Cha Cha’ and work there six days a week together.

Dariany shared in one of her vlogs that her father was in charge of the decoration of the restaurant. He built everything from conga stools and the original fedora lights they have in that place. In September Dariany posted on her Instagram, “My dad’s birthday is national daughter day which is perfect because he’s the perfect girl dad.”

Ralph turned 64 years old in 2021.

The TV show host has also featured her parents on a few of her YouTube vlogs.

About the sisters, Dariany is the oldest of the two. She is 14 months older than Dailyn. Furthermore, two sisters were raised by their parents up the block from the project so their parents never let them leave the house. Which is one of the reasons she never learned how to ride a bike or a cycle.

Dariany and her sister recently did “recreating photos” from their young times. She has posted a few of them on her Instagram.

Talking about Dailyn, her IG suggests that she is a motivational speaker, actress, and poet. Dailyn is currently engaged to her boyfriend John Romagosa. Their engagement video is on Dariany’s YouTube.

Fun Fact: Dariany was named after a sweater. She had a dream of their house burning down a week before it did.

Dariany Santana Job

Dariany Santana is working towards building a career in the entertainment industry. Before Netflix’s show, she also hosted programs such as “Wags to Riches” and “What’s Good In Your Hood”. She made an appearance on She’s Gotta Have It, Projecting, and The Bodega.

She also hosted and produced “Struggle Gourmet”.

Furthermore, Dariany has also hosted shows for Women Of Power for Black Enterprise Magazine from 2014 to 2016. She worked as an on-air personality for Music Choice, and on-air talent at DISH Network. Moreover, she also worked at Fuse Media Inc. as Television Host.

Since September 2019, she has been working with William Morris Endeavor. In January 2016, she is also the co-owner of Cha Cha Cha Cuban Cafe. As already stated, she also has a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs and interviews. Her interview with pro-boxer Manny Pacquiao earned her channel 1.4 million views.

Furthermore, Dariany has also done a few stand-ups and considers herself a comedian. She also took her comedic talent to TikTok and posts similar content.

Talking about her education, she served as a high school president. After high school, she attended Kean University and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies in 2012.

Fun Fact: Dariany side job was working as a dancer at Persian Barmitzvha for almost a decade when she lived in New Jersey.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Dariany Santana Birthday?

Dariany Santana celebrates her birthday on 16 January.

  • Where Is Dariany Santana From?

Dariany Santana grew up in New Jersey. However, she moved to Los Angeles in February 2018. On the day that marked a full month of her move to the West Coast, she made a YouTube video where she explained that the first and the obvious reason was her job in the entertainment industry and the second was she hadn’t left New Jersey and ever in her life so it was for the new experience.

  • How Much Is Dariany Santana Net Worth?

Dariany Santana’s net worth is under $400 thousand as of January 2022.

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