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Obi Nnadi Bio, Height, Family, Job, Too Hot To Handle

Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle season 3 initially started with 10 contestants. However, the show had a few more in reserve to fill in for the eliminated ones. Obi Nnadi was one of them who joined the show in ep 3.

This Obi Nnadi Bio explores his life.

Obi Nnadi On Too Hot To Handle

Obi Nnadi’s time on Too Hot to Handle wasn’t going too well at first. And this wasn’t just because he didn’t know what he signed up for, the guy was also shut down by the girl he initially liked due to his age and height.

However, things changed after a newcomer Brianna came into the picture in ep 6. She acknowledged Obi’s unique personality and agreed to go with Obi on a one-on-one conversation during her first day itself.

From Obi’s perspective, he was chasing the opportunities that came his way. Especially, he wanted to “vibe” with someone and believed Brianna could be the one.

Likewise, Brianna reciprocated the feeling and was genuinely excited to get to know him better. She labeled themselves as  “sexy people” who can share anything.

But while Brianna liked Obi, she also had her eyes on Nathan. No wonder, she chose Nathan as her date, which made Obi a little anxious.

For those who are new to the show, THTH is all about practicing abstinence (or at least trying to). And as always the rules remained the same. For every kiss and every sexual act, a few sums would be deducted from the winning jackpot. However, the stakes were higher this season as the prize money was doubled i.e. $200 thousand.

All excited to appear on the show, Obi took it to his IG on the premiere date ((i.e. on Jan 19, 2022) to write, “Lana if you’re reading this, please call me back…” 

Are Obi Nnadi And Brianna Giscombe Still Together?

Obi Nnadi and Brianna Giscombe didn’t open up about their relationship. So, let alone if they’re still together, we don’t even know if they ever coupled up on the show.

However, what we do know is that their feelings were true. They genuinely cared for each other. From sticking together at the parties to sharing a bed to joking around, their connection proved that all someone needs is a good company to feel more empowered.

If you ask us, they probably didn’t make it.

Even Obi’s FB profile as of 2022 mentioned him to be “single.”

Guess he’s probably still enjoying the dating game.

This self-labeled “leader of the pack” is super outgoing, charismatic, and doesn’t like to compete with others. “I don’t care what the guy looks like. He doesn’t have a banter like me, he doesn’t have chat like me, he doesn’t look like me,” he explained.

Personality 10 times better than his body

How Old Is Obi Nnadi?

Obi Nnadi was 22 years of age when he first appeared on Too Hot to Handle in 2022.

His co-star, Izzy (Manchester, UK0 was also 22 then.

Obi Nnadi Family

Obi Nnadi comes from an African family of at least four. His one-and-only dream in life was to make his parents proud and “look good while doing it.”

“Our parents did the hard work by bringing us here, now we gotta finish the job by becoming young millionaires and breaking generational curses,” he once tweeted.

Also, his love for them reflected over FB, as Obi changed his profile picture including his mom in 2015.

Besides them, Obi also dreams of making his little sister proud. He often talked about his sister on tweets like how she was searching up lies on Google to get out of ball practice, or how she’s calling everyone “bi*ch and bi*ches” after listing to Cardi B.

Obi Nnadi Job

Obi Nnadi is all about that physique. No wonder, he works as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Also, he someday wants to make it big in the modeling industry.

In case you want to know, a fitness trainer job paid around $30 per hour in Canada.

As for his education, Obi graduated from Glenlawn Collegiate School and joined St Georges College.

Back during his high school days, Obi was obsessed with playing basketball. He even was on the school basketball team and won a few games for them.

How Tall Is Obi Nnadi?

Obi Nnadi stands tall at a height under 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Obi has a ripped body and he rocked that goatee on his oblong face.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Obi Nnadi Birthday?

 Obi celebrates his birthday on December 11.

  • Where Is Obi Nnadi From?

He was born in Lagos, Nigeria but raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

  • Is Obi Nnadi On Instagram?

Yes, find him over Instagram @obi_blvd.

Also, here’s his Facebook @obinna.nnadi.5, Twitter @obi_nnadi, and TikTok @obi_blvd.

Most of his posts then flaunted his chiseled body alongside some weights.

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