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Darnell Appling Partner, Net Worth, Related To Zendaya?

Darnell Appling certainly knows how to celebrate his birthday. Turning 38 on June 5, 2023, he threw a grand Freaknik-themed birthday party, even A-list celebrities like Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet couldn’t resist attending. But this wasn’t the first time Zendaya and Darnell were spotted together. The duo shared a close-knit for as long as fans can remember.

So, how are they related? As this article proceeds, learn more about it and Darnell; especially his partner and net worth.

Is Darnell Appling Related To Zendaya? Are They Siblings?

Not biologically, but Zendaya considered Darnell Appling to be her big brother.

Darnell and Zendaya first meet as roommates. But as Zendaya went to hit the big spotlight, she then asked Darnell to be her personal assistant. The two have been inseparable ever since — both privately and professionally.

In the PA industry, their bond is called “lightning in a bottle” because it’s very rare for assistants to become so close to the celebrities that they serve. 

Not only is Darnell Zendaya’s PA but also her “partner in crime,” and her “best friend.” He has traveled the world extensively with her and was even her date at the 2021 Academy Awards. Also, in 2020, when Zendaya won an Emmy, he was the one who handed her the award.

According to Darnell, a lot of celebrities don’t treat their assistants well the Euphoria actor treated him “very nice.”

“She’s such a great human being, she’s such a great person,” he added.

But though a “great human being,” Darnell shared that the actor was “clumsy.”

Back when Zendaya needed stitches after the first time kitchen accident, Darnell posted an IG story, “Never a dull moment with @zendaya no pun intended. Dear God, help me keep this little heffa safe ’cause she clumsy as hell.”

Besides Zendaya, Darnell was also close to her boyfriend Tom Holland. As a trio, they even attended a friend’s wedding in August 2021.

Now, talking about Zendaya’s real siblings, they are Austin, Katianna, Annabella, Julien, and Kaylee Stoermer Coleman.

How Much Is Darnell Appling Net Worth?

Darnell Appling garnered a net worth of above $500 thousand by 2023.

For those of you curious, he reportedly made around $150,000 per annum as a celebrity assistant.

Besides working for Zendaya, Darnell also has dabbled in acting in movies and TV shows such as Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021), Long Island South Shore (2016), K.C. Undercover (2016), and How to Rock (2012).

Darnell Appling Partner

Darnell Appling didn’t reveal his current partner. But he was open about his “first and only love” Tiara. O.

Even though they are not together, Darnell still has feelings for her.

Posting a picture of them from prom, he wrote on FB, “I just found this picture, and the feelings I had and still have for this girl is insane. My first and only love!”

How Old Is Darnell Appling?

Darnell Appling was 38 years of age in 2023.

He is 12 years older than Zendaya.

Darnell Appling Parents

Darnell Appling is the son of late Darlene Joy Appling.

Darlene left this world on December 9, 2016, at the age of 66. Her service was held at Calhoun Funeral Home 13 days later.

“The level of anxiety I just got seeing my mother’s face and name in the obituary section of the newspaper is indescribable… I gotta say bye to my mother for the last time on Thursday?! This is all becoming too real… My Momma tho?” Darnell wrote on IG after his mama’s death.

Also, three years after she passed away, he paid a tribute to her on his FB, “ Thinking about all the memories of you driving me and my friends around in that big ass red Astro Van 😩 I learned a lot of what to do and what NOT to do from you! A lot has happened in 3 years but one thing I still haven’t dealt with is losing my favorite redbone. I love you Ma!”

It seems Darnell was the stubborn child in the family. However, his mother loved him unconditionally. He remembers her being proud of him the day he won an award for building a sculpture of a man holding up a sign that said “HOPE” out of clothes hangers in grade 4. “This was one of our good moments so I’m ok with this being the only picture to reminisce on,” he added.

Talking about his siblings, Darnell has two brothers named Dwayne Appling and Tehirah Appling. They were born in Sep 1970 and Jan 1974, respectively.

Amongst his parents, Darnell said all of the siblings looked like his mother.

Also, Darnell was close to his niece (his goddaughter) and nephew.

Trivia: Darnell has an uncle named William Appling, who attended Lincoln West High School and East High High School.

Darnell Appling Height

Darnell Appling stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

His distinct features include — green eyes, a sharp jawline, and brown dreadlocks.

Fun Fact: Darnell once made an FB post where an app found him to be a DeRay Davis lookalike. But they share no resemblance at all — except their green eyes.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Darnell Appling Birthday?

Darnell celebrates their birthday on June 5 and is of the Gemini zodiac.

  • Where Is Darnell Appling From?

Darnell hails from East Cleveland, Ohio.

But in 2023, he resided in Los Angeles, California.

  • Is Darnell Appling On Instagram And Facebook?

Find Darnell on Instagram @darnellappling and Facebook @darnell.appling.

Also, here’s his Twitter @darnellappling.

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