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Clifford Beaver Bio, Age, Job, Brandi Passante Boyfriend

A&E’s Storage Wars has been an addictive watch over the years. Lately (2023), the show has renewed for Season 15 with some familiar faces, including Brandi Passante.

People should know Brandi as one-half of “The Young Guns” in past seasons of the show, alongside her then-partner, Jarrod Schulz. Things have changed now and Brandi is no longer together with Jarrod.

Meet Clifford Beaver, Storage Wars Star Brandi Passante’s Boyfriend

In addition to getting a tattoo of the word “Free”, Brandi Passante has moved on from her ex and is dating someone new. He is called Clifford Beaver.

On 18 May 2023, as Brandi celebrated her birthday, Clifford took to his social media to lovingly write “Happy birthday Brandi. I love you so much and am happy we found each other.”

Brandi despite calling it quits with Jarrod in 2018, continued working together with him until 2020. “It is a little tense but we seem to get through it”, Brandi had told Distractify in 2021.

Shortly afterward, Jarrod was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence after getting into bickering with Brandi in May 2021. The two had bumped into each other at a bar in Orange County in April of that year. And the encounter had quickly snowballed into a conflict. Brandi asked Jarrod to leave the venue. But, he refused, pushed her, and yelled at her and her friends, Brandi had asked for help.

Since then, Brandi’s entrepreneur and storage unit buyer ex-partner has moved on with Rochel Beckman. These two became IG official in February 2019, which is also the date when Jarrod was first publicly pictured with Rochel. And since then, they have not shied away from documenting their relationship publicly.

How Many Kids Do Clifford Beaver Have?

Clifford Beaver has two kids.

One of them is his daughter Zoee Beaver (on IG @333beav). She is “baby Zozo” to her parents. On her Facebook, she mentioned working at The Young American, Starbucks, and 41 Olive and being a Saddleback College graduate. On 25 September 2018, when she turned 18 Clifford took to his social media to gush he is so thankful he has her in his life. “Watching you grow up has been many things. Above all though it has been one of the most meaningful parts of my life”, he also said this among other things.

Then, the next is Clifford’s son Jacob Beaver. “25y/o I cut hair and play music” is how he describes himself on his IG @primaryjake. Clifford is very proud of him. Every now and then, social media people have seen the patriarch talk about his son. For instance, one time he raved about how Jacob has given him so many reasons to be proud of the man he has become. When Jacob turned 23 on 18 November 2020, Clifford really appreciated him coming into his restaurant and helping him create “a cool chill vibe”.

These kids’ mother is Jen Beaver of Santa Ana, California. She is also most likely Clifford’s ex-wife.

Clifford’s now partner Brandi also has her own children from her ex Jarrod Schulz. And together the now estranged couple and their children (Cameron and Peyton) briefly had their own spinoff series, Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job in 2014. It ended after eight episodes.

Clifford Beaver Age

Clifford Beaver was born in 1977. So, he reached the age of 46 in 2023.

Clifford Beaver Job

On his Facebook profile, Clifford Beaver mentions being a sales agent at Ultimate New Home Sales & Marketing, Inc. from 8 April 2018 until now.

From 2009 until now, he also has continued working as a real estate agent at JM Real Estate Advisors.

How Much Is Clifford Beaver’s Net Worth?

Clifford Beaver reportedly had close to $1 million net worth as of June 2023.

For college, he went to Saddleback College and California State University in Fullerton. Also before, he studied at El Toro High School.

Clifford Beaver Family

Clifford’s mother is Lucille M Beaver. She reached the age of 74 on 31 January 2023. She is half Italian and half Sicilian.

Clifford’s mom and niece Aleena apparently have the same birthday (31st of January).

Often on his social media, one can see Clifford thanking his mother for everything she does and for everything she has to put up with. He has often talked about his mom’s natural instincts, strength, and unconditional love being truly inspiring for everyone around them.

Then, we have Clifford M Beaver, Clifford’s father who reached the age of 74 on 13 August 2023. Other family members would be Mike Beaver, Monte Beaver of Lake Forest, California, and Leandra Beaver, the owner of the small business called Nimble & Finn’s Ice Cream.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Clifford Beaver’s Birthday?

Clifford Beaver’s birthday is on May 2nd and that makes him a Taurus.

On this day in 2018, he encouraged people to donate a couple of bucks to the go fund he started to help his 3-year-old buddy Camden who lost his mom in a horrible car accident not long ago.

  • Where Is Clifford Beaver From?

Clifford Beaver originally hails from El Toro in southwest Santa Clara County, California.

  • Is Clifford Beaver On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Clifford Beaver can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 7 June 2023, his IG @waveslider77 included 322 posts and 889 followers.

He also showed now and then glimpses of his life on ‘Clifford Beaver’ Facebook.

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