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Dash Katz Bio, Age, Job, Partner, Squid Game Player 141

Squid Game: The Challenge is a series on Netflix that is inspired by the TV series Squid Game, where real-life contestants compete in high-stakes children’s games in pursuit of a $4.56 million cash prize. Dash Katz, AKA Player 141, is one of the 456 contestants taking part in the show. So, in the writing, we shall explore all that their new-made fans have been wanting to know about them. Also, before we proceed, let us make it clear that Dash goes by the they/them pronoun and not the he/him one.

Meet Dash Katz, Player 141 On Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge

Dash Katz clearly did not make it through Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge. Even so, he has been talking about it very happily and with great pride on social media. When they were finally allowed to talk about it, they gushed, “I’m proud to announce that I’m Player 141 on Squid Game: The Challenge!“.

Later, after making it through the show’s first game Red Light, Green Light, they exposed some of his gameplay in episode 4, just around the time when their friendship with an alliance started to get messy.

Eventually, when it was time, Dash got eliminated from the game clearly for lying and spreading rumors. They were banished by a player for doing such things within the game. Yet, when they left, they shouted saying they had never lied in the game.  Also, as they exited with their head held high, they gave a thumbs-up and smiled.

Dash Katz Age

Because Dash Katz was born in 1993, they turned 30 years old in 2023.

Dash Katz Job

On their website, Dash Katz is described as a multi-faceted actor, singer, model, host, and reality TV star.

Dash is known to have hosted professionally for The Tylt. On their Bio on the website, it is also explained that their dream is to host a talk show or reality television show.

Since graduating, Dash continued acting and singing and only then started their modeling career. They shot major campaigns and commercials for brands including Morphe Brushes, Away, SamsungSpencers, and Somebody. Not long ago, he also walked in New York Fashion Week for the brand Tilted Lotus.

Over the years, Dash has also been featured in viral music videos, played a witchy cult leader named Zero in the sci-fi thriller Reflect, and also starred in the short film The Coronation. Not to miss, people also heard them as an Audible narrator.

As of 2023, The New York University alum continued to be represented by Don Buchwald & Associates, MMG, True Model Management, and Multi-Ethnic Talent.

Who Is Dash Katz’s Partner?

Dash Katz did not seem to be dating anyone as of the time of this writing. What is known though is the fact that he is openly queer. Not to miss, people have been also aware of Dash also existing as the drag queen “Kitty Katz”.

Once on social media, Dash vulnerably confessed that on a certain day when he was 18, he was “outed under dehumanizing circumstances.” He also assured his fans that he was able to claim his identity and pride through years of therapy, and “incredible” support from loved ones.

Dash Katz Height

Dash Katz stands 5′ 10″ in height. Also, it is known that their chest waist measurements are 36 and 30 inches respectively. Their hair is red and their eyes are hazel colored.

Dash Katz Family

Often on social media, Dash Katz has talked about being so lucky and grateful to have such lovely and supportive parents in his life. Their mother is Leslie Larson and she turned 67 on 13 April 2023. Once on her birthday, Dash took to their social media to praise her for being the most strong, hilarious, genuine, loving, and beautiful Queen and also thanked her for being their rock.

Then, there is Donald R. Katz, Dash’s super famous dad. He is none other than the founder of Audible, Inc. In 2004, the patriarch was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for New Jersey. Among other things, he also was recognized as one of America’s Top 25 Disruptive Leaders by Living Cities for his work on behalf of urban transformation in Newark.

As for siblings, Dash has a sister named Chloe Katz, who on her Facebook mentioned working at Listening to Learn: A Respectful Approach to Family Support. The Montclair, NJ-dweller and wife of Matt Kay turned 37 in June 2023.

Dash is also very fond of their nephew, AKA Iconic Goddess Baby June, Chloe and Matt’s child.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Dash Katz’s Real Name?

Dash is actually the shortened form of Dashiell. So, Dash’s real name or full name is Dashiell J Katz.

  • When Is Dash Katz’s Birthday?

Dash Katz’s birthday is on May 12th and that makes them a Taurus.

  • Where Is Dash Katz From?

Dash Katz had been residing in New York City as of November 2023. Originally though, he must have been born and brought up in Montclair, New Jersey.

  • Is Dash Katz on Instagram?

Indeed, Dash Katz could be found on Instagram as of November 2023. As of November 23rd, the IG account @dashkatz included 51 posts and 8,905 followers.

Dash also entertained a few subscribers on his YouTube channel by comedically talking about various Reality TV shows, making sketches, and spilling ICONIC tea and advice about life. They can be found on Twitter as well.

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