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Stephen Lomas Job, Age, Family, Wife, Squid Game #243

Meet Stephen Lomas, who was assigned number 243 on Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge. What does he do outside of the show? Is he married? Who are his family members that he mentioned in the show?

Read all about it here as you scroll down this article.

Meet Stephen Lomas, Player #243 From Squid Game: The Challenge

Player 243 on Squid Game: The Challenge is Stephen Lomas. Stephen joined the show with his best friend Chase, Player 242, but he is eliminated during “Red Light, Green Light.” He later forms a close bond with the oldest player in the game, Rick Mercurio, a retired doctor.

Stephen captured people’s hearts from the first time he appeared on TV by showing compassion and caring for his family as well as for his best friend, Chase Higgenz, who he actually entered the game alongside. Unfortunately, he lost the other friends he had acquired in the game—like his mullet brother Kyle—during the second challenge, Dalgona, even though the latter was eliminated in the first game itself, Red Light Green Light. So, it should come as no surprise that he was quickly encircled by five other people in comparable circumstances, including retired general Rick, before they formed the Ggangbu Gang.

Actually, Rick’s first tactic was to appear slow, but it didn’t take long for Stephen in particular to realize how wise, kind, and empathic he was. As a result, they became extremely close. Indeed, this pair was frequently seen getting to know one another, making jokes, or simply talking about surgery when they weren’t playing a game or taking an exam.

Since the 69-year-old celebrated his birthday in the dorm, it would have been very simple for the latter to ignore him, but he chose to make an attempt to become a loyal friend.

When Rick was added to the Ggangbu Gang squad by Stephen and the other members, despite everyone’s belief that the following game would be a tug of war, they could all stick together. Fortunately, though, the game ended up being Warships, and the doctor’s last recommendation—despite not being a captain or lieutenant—helped keep the majority of them from being eliminated. And there’s the game of Ddagksi, which he played with Stephen without any malice after being specifically asked to complete a task.

However, he was devastated to learn that he might have unintentionally caused Stephen’s elimination when teaching him the rules of the game.

Fortunately, Rick’s assumptions were disproved, and he was able to leave with a candy bar in his hand and Stephen by his side. Even so, the game’s aftermath did provide us with more insight into their relationship when the latter called his friend “Gramps,” indicating that he regarded the latter above all else as a close family member.

This was especially significant since, although Rick joked that his wife would murder him if he brought another child home because they already had too many, he had seemingly found himself a father figure since his real dad was no longer even an option.

With their straightforward, safe, and cunning approach to the game, it actually looked like Stephen and Rick would win out in the end, but an exam destroyed all of that. When Phalisia Boothe was given the task of eliminating three people in test 4, she picked Rick and Stephen because of their connection. She kicked out the former first, and Rick’s response made it clear how much the young father of two meant to him.

However, he was also eliminated right away, so he was brought outside to travel home with his old accomplice.

Stephen Lomas Age

Stephen Lomas was born in December 1991. Hence, his age, as of Nov 2023, is 31.

Stephen Lomas Job

Stephen Lomas is a mover turned social media star.

Moreover, Stephen co-founded Let’s Get Moving. Let’s Get Moving started in 2015, which he built with his three childhood friends Kyle Allen, Chase Higgins, and Desi Kraus. The trio also shared the same late mentor, Tony Rumley, who owned and operated My Mountain Movers. Unable to purchase My Mountain Movers, the men decided to start their own company.

As the trio were movers by trade, it took recruiting Kraus in 2017 to take the Let’s Get Moving business strategy to the next level, Stephen noted. “We weren’t necessarily neglecting the business side,” Stephen said. “We were just so concerned about getting five-star reviews and being perfect movers that we didn’t have a lot of the long-term business aspects in mind.”

Additionally, Stephen is also on OnlyFans.

Is Stephen Lomas On Instagram?

Yes, Stephen Lomas is available on Instagram (@stephengokulomas) where he has 148K followers. He has 327.1K on TikTok (@officialstephenlomas) and is also active on X (@StephenZLomas).

Stephen Lomas Family

Growing up Stephen Lomas came from a family where he didn’t get to experience much stability. He shares that he has been homeless many times along with his eight siblings, and as a result of his tough childhood, Stephen isn’t close with his parents, albeit he still talks to his mom.

His mom is named Brenda Lomas. Brenda studied Business at the University of Phoenix and now lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

Stephen’s father is likely Gregory Lomas, a 70-year-old from Blue Springs, Missouri.

As stated earlier, he grew up with eight brothers and sisters. His one sister Ashley is living in Gardner, Kansas. His other sister is named Emily Lomas. Then there is Katie who is married to Chris Nick and resides in Kansas City, Missouri.

Richard, Stephen’s brother, is residing in Kansas City, Missouri. He studied at Cannabis Training University. He studied Cannabis Cultivation at Cannabis Community College. Another brother Jon Lomas is also residing in Kansas City, Missouri.

Stephen Lomas Wife

Stephen Lomas has a partner named Alix Blahnik. Alix is a TikTok star who was born on 8 April 1996 and is 27 years old. They haven’t married yet as one post on her IG in July 2023 when she dressed in a wedding dress read, “I wanted to see what I would look like in a wedding dress…… 👰‍♀️.”

Stephen and Thomas also collaborate on content together named Alix And Stephen Show. You can find them on Instagram and YouTube.

Alix herself has gathered 31.8K followers on her IG. She studied at Champlin Park High School and Rasmussen University and is the owner of Al Photography.

The couple are parents to two kids named Aurora and Miya. Miya the younger daughter turned 1 in February 2023. Aurora turned 5 years old in May 2023.

In October 2023, the couple received backlash for content related to their kids. In a video, TikToker @whomamagonecheckme2, who we shall now refer to as Mama, called out parents for having children just for the sake of creating content with them. Mama reacts in the first scene of the video to other content providers’ videos featuring their newborns. In all honesty, she’s expressing what a lot of people have been thinking for a long time.

She featured a clip of Stephen and Alix titled Miyas 1st day out of the NICU. Even though they were well-known, they faced a lot of criticism once the video was reposted; in fact, they had to issue an apology on TikTok.

In the apology, Stephen says, “I just want to quickly hop on here and apologize to all the young moms and healthcare workers that I scared from a recent post. The way that I picked up Miya is a way to pick up a baby…arguably and in fact is the wrong way to pick up a baby and I wanted to promise to you all that I will never pick her up like that again.”

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Stephen Lomas From?

Stephen Lomas is a born and raised Missourian living in Kansas City.

  • When Is Stephen Lomas Birthday?

Posts on Twitter and Instagram suggest that Stephen Lomas is on 16 December.

  • How Tall Is Stephen Lomas?

Stephen Lomas’s height measures 6 feet.

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