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Dave Amerman Wife: Who Is Amanda Amerman?

Dave Amerman is one of the stars of Netflix’s newest show King of Collectibles, and Amanda Amerman whom we shall discuss in this writing is his wife.

King of Collectibles offers its viewers an insight into the auction house of Ken Goldin as everyone on it hunts for all kinds of rare items and memorabilia. Dave particularly goes around as “Goldins Rock”, as he manages the teams and runs all the auctions.

Anyway, Collectibles is not Dave’s first rodeo on TV. He first introduced himself on a few VH1 reality shows. I Love Money and I Love New York, for instance. So, naturally, Dave’s fans have been wanting to also know about his personal life for quite some time. And hence this writing is our attempt to tell you all about his wife Amanda.

Meet Amanda Amerman, Wife of King of the Collectibles Star Dave Amerman

Yes. King of the Collectibles star Dave Amerman continues being married to Amanda Amerman. He cited so on his social media profile as of May 2023.

While we don’t know when the two got married, they seem to be celebrating their anniversary on December 8th every year. For instance, on that day in 2015, Amanda took to her social media to gush that there is no place in the universe she would rather be than in her hubby’s snuggles. Then, down in the comment box, she also explained about her never being much for the mushy talk. But, she said, because she is so in love with Dave that sometimes she has to remind everyone. At last, she signed off the whole talk with “He is so good to me and I don’t know how I got so lucky”.

Most recently, on 22 September 2022, Amanda and Dave were seen passionately sharing a kiss and next to that picture, Amanda wrote: “We still got it boo @dave12pack”.

Together, the couple also share two sons and a daughter.

Davey P Amerman, their eldest, turned 13 years old in December 2022. And that same year on July 29th their youngest boy Kopen Keane Amerman turned 7 years old.

Belle, their daughter, meanwhile was still a toddler at the time of this writing. Dedicating to her, Dave once wrote on social media “I always thought I wanted three boys until I met you ❤”.

Amanda’s husband back in the day was also seen competing for the affections of Tiffany Pollard on I Love New York. Even before, there was a time, when he worked as a stripper at a club called Feather’s.

Amanda Amerman Age

Amanda Amerman was born in 1983. So, she turned 40 years old in 2023.

What Is Amanda Amerman Maiden Name?

Amanda’s maiden name is Wyatt. Before replacing it with her married name she went around as Amanda R Wyatt.

Amanda Amerman Job

Amanda has been working as the “boss lady” and booking agent at Buck50 Movement Promotions in Nashville, Tennessee since 2012. She describes her job as bringing local talent to the forefront of Nashville.

So, Buck50 Movement Promotions is a talent management company. And here, its boss lady claims that her mission is to throw the most talked about, biggest, and ‘out of the box’ events in Nashville. Also, she gushes about wanting to bring the local talent out to the forefront of the city and give all the struggling artists a chance to show off what they are made of.

Amanda Amerman Family

Every now and then Amanda Amerman feels sad about never having parents on her side to share in many joys of life. Her parents are no more and her younger brother too passed away because of a long addiction to drugs in likely 2020. He was only 34 and overdosed and died, Amanda said on a Facebook post while trying to aware other people about the drug epidemic.

Now, one of the surviving members of her family is her brother Timothy Duane Wyatt (AKA Timbo mahaffey). Apparently, Timothy joined his sister Amanda in her business as a manager. But, before taking on this job, he studied at Whites Creek Comprehensive High and maybe later also married Cary Toothman Wyatt.

Other family members of Amanda would be her in-laws: Linda Amerman (on IG @linda.amerman), who turned 65 in March 2023, and Art Amerman, Custom signs, Truck, and Boat lettering specialist in Bergen County, New Jersey. The latter turned 66 in August 2023.

Amanda also seemingly has a likable bond with her brothers-in-law Bert, Arthur, and Chip Amerman.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Amanda Amerman’s Birthday?

Amanda Amerman’s birthday is on March 12th. On this day this year, both Amanda and her husband were seen celebrating their birthday.

Yes, Dave too reached 40 in 2023. But, on 19th of February.

  • Where Is Amanda Amerman From?

Amanda Amerman is a Sewell, New Jersey, it seems. However, as of 2023, she had been residing in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

On her Facebook, she also mentioned moving to Gatlinburg, Tennessee in 2013.

  • Is Amanda Amerman On Instagram?

Yes. Amanda Amerman can be found on Instagram. As of 2 May 2023, her IG @amandabuck50 included 355 posts and 1,770 followers. Here, she also quoted “Even though I am a mom of 3, I still love to have a laugh and a hangover on Sundays” for everyone to see.

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