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Daveed Dacho Bio, Age, Sister, Job, 90 Day Fiance, Jibri Bell

Daveed Dacho is 90 Day Fiance star Jibri Bell’s bandmate who wants his friend to focus more on his career as a musician. Furthermore, he also blames Jibri’s wife Miona Bell for interfering with the band and doesn’t like her very much.

Get to know him better as this Daveed Dacho Bio proceeds.

90 Day Fiance: Meet Daveed Dacho, Jibri Bell Bandmate

Daveed Dacho and Jibri Bell have been long-time friends. They went to school together, had some up and downs together, and ultimately formed a band together named The Black Serbs.

However, after Jibri met Miona, things changed.

According to Daveed, the 90 Day Fiance star started putting less effort into their band and their friendship as well. No wonder, he didn’t like Miona and has even butted heads with her in the past.

But as per Miona, she wasn’t to blame for her husband’s lack of attention to the band.

The last we checked, Daveed and Jibri were still listed as part of The Black Serbs. Meaning that they might have worked things out.

On the other hand, Daveed still didn’t like Miona.

Likewise, during the ep where Jibri and Miona were on their way to see Daveed, Miona revealed she “doesn’t trust” him while Jibri insisted Daveed was a “good dude.”

So, the dislike was mutual.

Did Daveed Dacho Put Jibri Bell In The Coma?

Yes, Daveed Dacho did put his bandmate Jibri Bell in the coma.

The incident took place back during their high school days. As per Jibri, he was making fun of Daveed’s Serbian accent, while Daveed kicked him in the head. This put 90 Day Fiance star into a three-day coma!

However, this didn’t impact their friendship at all. Rather, if anything, the two got closer than ever after and even went on to form a band.

Daveed Dacho Age

Daveed Dacho was over 25 years of age when he got featured on 90 Day Fiance in 2022.

Reportedly, he was around the same age as his friend Jibri.

Daveed Dacho Job

Daveed Dacho is a musician.

Even since Daveed was a kid, he attended concerts and festivals and always wanted to be on that stage. So, as he grew up, he formed a band with his best friend/90 Day Fiance star Jibri Bell, and he moved to Chicago in September 2018 to further pursue his dream as an artist. “I left my great job, friends, and family behind and took a huge risk to make this happen,” Daveed shared.

In 2019, Daveed’s band The Black Serbs released their debut album, Space Punk. Their most popular YouTube videos included Billion Dollar Baby, Elevate Your Love, and Keep That Tempo.

Also, after Jibri’s appearance on 90 Day Fiance, their band gained a lot of followers.

Besides being into music, Daveed also owned a trucking company. And he wants Jibri to be a part of it! He argued that Jibri still needed to pay the bills when the sun sets.

Did you know: Daveed started a gofundme page for his European tour with a goal to raise $20 thousand. And as of June 2022, it had already raised over $15 thousand.

Is Daveed Dacho On Instagram?

Yes, find him on Instagram @daveeddacho.

Also, here’s his Facebook @david.brkljac.9.

Daveed Dacho Girlfriend

Daveed Dacho’s girlfriend is the fitness model Alyssa Devin.

Talking more about her, she was also a “Marketing and Service Coach” at Niketown Chicago. Her IG @lyssataughtyou mentioned she is the mother of Jordan, but we do not know if Jordan’s Daveed kid.

On Alyssa’s birthday (September 28, 2021), Daveed took it to his IG to write, “You make me a better man and fill my life with energy and love.”

Likewise, Alyssa reciprocated her feeling on Daveed’s birthday sharing “You are my favorite. My favorite way to spend my afternoons, my favorite name to see pop up on my phone, my favorite travel buddy, my favorite gym partner. I will do anything to see you happy today & every other day.”

Prior to dating Alyssa, Daveed was romantically involved with Desirée Hunter.

Daveed Dacho Sister

Daveed Dacho has a sister named Luna Brkljac. Infact, she’s his twin sister.

Luna is a Syracuse University MBA graduate who moved to Denver, Colorado to build her career. The last we checked, she was dating Boris Jugovic.

Also, Luna’s the same sister Jibri dated in the past. However, it was only after three months into the relationship, Jibri realized Luna was Daveed’s twin sister.

Here’s her IG @brkljacluna and FB @luna.brkljac.9.

Besides Luna, Daveed also has another sister named Ivana Hemun Brkljač who studied at Viša poslovna škola Novi Sad.

And giving birth to these three wonderful kids is their mother Mili Rosenthaĺ. She is a Novi Sad, Serbia native who went to Karlovacka Gimnazija.

Also, Daveed has another sister named Mirjana Brkljac Hemun.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Daveed Dacho From?

Daveed Dacho hails from Novi Sad, Serbia.

As a young child, Daveed spent a lot of time unsupervised and did whatever he wanted. There he learned how to earn respect, fight, be clever, smooth, and think fast on his feet. But having committed enough against the government, he was put up on the top 10 most wanted list. Thus, he escaped Serbia and came to the US.

Now, he resided in Chicago, Illinois.

  • How Tall Is Daveed Dacho?

He stands tall at a height above 6 feet (183 cm).

  • What Is Daveed Dacho Real Name?

Daveed’s real name is “David Brkljac.”

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