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Daveed Dacho Girlfriend: Who Is Alyssa Devin? Her Age, Job

A week ago, the name “Daveed Dacho” suddenly got popular among TV fans after Jibri and his fiance Miona from 90 Day Fiance headed across the country to visit Daveed Dacho, Jibri’s bandmate in The Black Serbs and also a friend to put him in a three-day coma.

This article will be less about Daveed himself and more about his girlfriend Alyssa Devin. Read until the end to know about Alyssa Devin’s age, job, baby father, and more.

Note: Click here if you’re interested to know why Daveed put his friend Jibri in a three-day coma.

Meet Daveed Dacho Girlfriend, Alyssa Devin

Alyssa Devin’s boyfriend Daveed Dacho is a musician by profession. As a kid, Daveed went to a lot of concerts and music festivals and aspired to be on the stage one day.

As Daveed grew up, he formed a band with his best friend and now 90 Day Fiance star Jibri Bell called The Black Serbs. Leaving his great job, friends, and family behind, Daveed moved to Chicago in September 2018 to pursue his dream as an artist. In 2019, the duo released their debut album, Space Punk, and released the music videos on YouTube. Some of their popular YouTube videos include Elevate Your Love, Billion Dollar Baby, and Keep That Temp.

From what it looks like, Alyssa and Daveed have only been dating each other since 2021. On Daveed’s birthday (July 4, 2021), Alyssa took to Instagram to share their pictures clicked on different occasions and captioned it: “You are my favorite  My favorite way to spend my afternoons, my favorite name to see pop up on my phone, my favorite travel buddy, my favorite gym partner. I will do anything to see you happy today & every other day…”

On Alyssa’s birthday (September 28, 2021), Daveed also did not hesitate to reciprocate his love for her. On his IG, he wrote, “You make me a better man and fill my life with energy and love.”

Alyssa and her boyfriend Daveed traveled around Hawaii in 2021 during Alyssa’s birthday.

On October 17, 2021, Alyssa shared her picture with her boyfriend and expressed her love for her boyfriend. She wrote, “my sweet thang💛I🤍u @daveeddacho.”

Daveed Dacho was linked to his ex-girlfriend Desiree Hunter prior to dating Alyssa.

Who Is Alyssa Devin Baby Father?

Alyssa Devin’s followers are well aware that she has a child named Jordan. A boy at the time of the birth, Jordan seems to be a transwoman now.

Taking to Instagram on August 29, 2016, Alyssa shared a picture of her child and captioned it: “My 6th Grader 😩😢.” Apparently, Jordan also won Pre-Teen Model Of The Year. Alyssa shared a picture of her kid receiving the winning medal and congratulated him on his amazing achievement.

Jordan was 17 years old as of June 2022. On her 16th birthday, Alyssa shared a couple of her daughter’s pictures on Facebook and wished her a happy birthday. Her words were “I thank God every day for you Continue to shine bright  Happy Sweet 16 my daughter Damn, I created magic w/ you.”

That being said, we still have no information about Alyssa Devin’s baby father. However, we are pretty sure Jordan is not Daveed’s kid.

Alyssa Devin Age

Alyssa Devin’s age was 34 as of this writing. On her 34th birthday, she wrote, ” Cheers to 34,” sharing some of her pictures from her trip to Hawaii.

Alyssa Devin Job

About Alyssa Devin’s job and career, her Facebook tells us that she has been working at Niketown Chicago as a Marketing and Service Coach since November 25, 2018.

Besides being a Marketing and Service Coach, Alyssa Devin is also a Women’s Product Specialist at Niketown Chicago. Furthermore, Alyssa is a Footwear Coach at Nike Factory Store – South Chicago as well.

Is Alyssa Devin On Instagram?

You can find Alyssa Devin on Instagram @lyssataughtyou, where she has almost 3.5 thousand followers. Alyssa Devin is also available on Facebook.

Alyssa Devin Height

Daveed Dacho’s girlfriend Alyssa stands rather short at a height of 5 feet 3 inches. Talking about her physical features, she also has a tattoo that runs from the neck to the middle of her back.

Alyssa Devin Family

Talking about Alyssa’s family, her mother’s name is Nydia. On November 6, 2020, she shared a picture of herself with her mom and revealed she was introducing her mom to yoga.

Alyssa shares a warm relationship with her sister, Monica Elyse. Monica works at Emmees Boutique. Alyssa’s sister is married to a man, Neil. The married couple welcomed a baby boy Nemo on August 27, 2018. Alyssa shared a picture of her baby nephew on IG and congratulated her sister and brother-in-law for bringing a new life to the world.

Alyssa also has a cousin named Nikolas Drake.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Alyssa Devin From?

According to Alyssa’s Facebook, she is originally from Chicago, Illinois.

  • When Is Alyssa Devin Birthday?

Daveed wished Alyssa Devin a happy 34th birthday on September 28, 2021, by making a sweet Instagram post.

  • Does Alyssa Devin Appear On 90 Day Fiance Alongside Daveed Dacho?

The answer is no. As it stands today, Alyssa Devin has never made any appearances on 90 Day Fiance.

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