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David Minchin Bio, Louise Minchin Husband, Age, Job

So lately, i.e., November 2021, Louise Minchin was announced as a contestant on the twenty-first series of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!.

The former BBC Breakfast presenter had left the show in September 2021 after two decades of working on the news program. And now before you get to see her living in extreme conditions with few comforts in the British survival reality television, here is a David Minchin Bio covering all about her husband David Minchin.

So you know, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! begins on 21 November 2021 at 9 pm on ITV.

Meet David Minchin, Louise Minchin’s Husband

Louise Minchin going on I’m a Celebrity meant she said goodbye to her husband David Minchin and their kids.

Louise got married to David Minchin on 6 June 1998 in a tiny Hampshire church. Back in 2013, Louise described: “We only squeezed in about 50 people. Other guests sat outside with a picnic during the service and cheered when we came out.”

The couple has two adult daughters, Mia and Scarlett.

You may remember the time back in June 2020, when a stalker admitted to causing alarm or distress, i.e, by sending intimidating comments, to Louise and her daughter Mia.

Talking to the Sunday Post in 2018, Louise revealed that her girls are not at all affected by her fame. Instead, to them, she is just a mum who happens to be working.

“I have always worked since they were tiny. The fact I’m on telly is no biggie.”

During her first pregnancy, Louise’s undiagnosed appendicitis left her in agony and fighting for her life. Her waters broke two weeks early and she had to have an emergency cesarean. Four days later she started suffering from excruciating pain and had a temperature shot up to 41C.

Louise, who also competed as a finalist on BBC’s Celebrity MasterChef in 2016, shared that her family is excited but also worried about her upcoming television stint.

“My family are very worried I will scream a lot and make a terrible fuss. But they are also really excited because they know how much I love challenging myself.”

Louise, who otherwise never speaks about her husband and personal life, also spoke about the “turning point” in their relationship lately in 2021. During the BBC Breakfast show, Louise exchanged how a certain ski trip changed her relationship with her husband David for good.

So this had happened. Louis and David, who are used to frequently going skiing together, set out for one more when Louis who otherwise was had a hard time keeping up with him went ahead and left him on the mountain.

Louis came down a glacier and was panicked, ‘Oh, my gosh, where is he? And I was standing there for ages going” when David coming behind her said, “No, you’re just really fast.” So, Louis said that was the day everything changed for them.

Then, in November 2016, Loius, in a tweet, also revealed that David is a cancer survivor.

David Minchin Age

Reportedly born before 1965, David Minchin should have in the least turned 56 years old. While we know precisely that his wife was born on 8 September 1968 and turned 53 in 2021.

David Minchin Job

David Minchin, a restauranteur/investor, had been investing in Chestnut Inns, a collection of pubs, inns, and restaurants in East Anglia since January 2014. He served as the group’s finance director.

Meanwhile, as per LinkedIn, he graduated with honors in Biology from Exeter University.

How Much Is David Minchin Net Worth?

David had been reported with a more than $2 million net worth in 2021. While the same year in June, his wife, who was educated in Ascot before gaining a degree in Spanish from the University of St Andrews, had on approx a £2.1million fortune.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is David Minchin From?

While mostly everyone knew that David’s British journalist and news presenter wife was born in British Hong Kong to a Major in the Irish Guards of the British Army, it was still not understood where is David Minchin from.

  • How Tall Is David Minchin?

David Minchin stands to a height of 5′ 10″ and Louise in hers 5′ 8″. Together, they do not just make a good-looking pair but also an active couple; with Louise being a professional triathlete, and David a keen skier.

Them being sports fanatics, is one of the few crucial reasons that brought such stability to their relationship.

  • Is David Minchin On Instagram?

David Minchin did not seem to be on Instagram or Facebook.

Also, for some reason, he never appeared on his wife’s Instagram account.

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