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Romain Molina Wiki, Gay, Partner, Nationality, Net Worth

French investigative journalist Romain Molina is known for thorough research and putting out works that shocked football fans. His work earned him praise and also threats. So, let’s learn more about him through this article.

Scroll down this Romain Molina Wiki to learn more about him.

Who Is Romain Molina?

In the words of Romain Molina, he is a freelance writer and lecturer having published six books. He surveys for corporate journalism like New York Times, CNN, the BBC, Le Temps. He is also known as the investigative journalist of sports and has written articles for different publications. As a semi-professional football player, he also played for Gibraltar.

In November 2021, Romain made the headline with strong accusations. He accused Real Madrid player Ferland Mendy of sexually assaulting two women in 2018. The news doesn’t have confirmation but has stirred conversation on the internet. Ferland as well as Real Madrid, neither have given any official statement regarding the accusations.

Romain accused Ferland of hitting a woman before knocking her to the ground. He also kicked her in the head and flashed his genitals at her.

Is Romain Molina Gay?

Romain Molina is very private about his personal life. He hasn’t addressed his sexual orientation. Hence, whether he is gay is not clear. However, during his work, he reported once about Josh Cavallo getting paid to announce that he was gay. Moreover, he also claimed that many football players and clubs received payments to support him on social media.

Romain Molina Partner

As already stated, Romain Molina is a private person who doesn’t entertain discussing his romantic life publicly. Even in his social media, he tends to remain strictly professional so there exists not a single hint on him being in a relationship. Maybe because his work also comes with a risk to lives, he hasn’t revealed any information on people close to him or even his lover or partner.

Romain Molina Nationality

Born in France, Rain Molina is of French nationality. But, he also lived in Scotland and England before he came to Andalusia.

How Much Is Romain Molina Net Worth?

Romain Molina’s career helps him build a total net worth of under $250 thousand.

Romain Molina’s has authored six books titled Unai Emery – El Maestro, La mano negra, Cavani. El Matador, Galère Football Club, Romain Molina, sur les hommes de l’ombre du foot: Banquette 54, The beautiful game – foot, guerres et politique, and Génération Parker.

Speaking about the procession of topic selection of his books, Romain revealed that his book “Galère Football Club” was taken from the interviews that he did in Great Britain with players for a blog on, which dealt with the affairs of the lower divisions. Bertrand Pirel submitted the idea for his other two books “Unai Emery” and “Edison Cavani.” 

His book, “Generation Parker, goodbye and thank you,” was the idea of Benjamin Henry, his co-writer.

Besides writing books, Romain also runs a YouTube channel. In his words, his channel is about football and his sensitivity to everything. He writes about what he saw, he observed, and his investigation in the course of his work. Over the years of working in investigative journalism, he has built quite a network and reputation that it drew for him.

One of the works that caught everyone’s attention is a series of work that he put out related to Pini Zahavi, also known as “The first and the only Super Agent.” He dubbed Pini as the most powerful man in football because he doesn’t interfere in the market, he creates it and not only at the sporting level, since he has interests that go beyond football: political, industrial, diplomatic, television, marketing, commercial.

It interested Romain to learn more about him and the empire that he built 40 years from the scratch.

Other than the individual he writes about, Romain also discovered other subject matter in the world of football that surprised him. Some of them were wanting to confiscate passports from players, a minister who finances a large network of rigged bets, the links between football and arms trafficking, and but also between secret agents and football among others.

In addition to the honor and reputation Romain’s brought him, he also found himself getting death threats at times for his work. He also revealed that he received pressure blows from the press in France. People would negotiate with him for keeping quiet on a certain matter or apologizing to certain individuals.

One of the most astounding investigative works that Romain has done to date is the sexual abuse of the president of the Haitian Football Federation (FHF), Yves Jean-Bart at the national football center. He and his three co-writer published the piece in The Guardian. He also claimed in an interview he can’t even set foot in Haiti without getting shot for revealing stuff.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Romain Molina?

Romain Molina was born on 3 May 1991. He turned 30 years old in May 2021.

  • How Tall Is Romain Molina?

Romain stands tall to the height of 5 feet 11 inches.

  • Is Romain Molina On Twitter, Instagram?

Yes, Romain is discoverable on Twitter and Instagram. His Twitter handle is @Romain_Molina and his Instagram handle is (@romain.molina).

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