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David Salako Bio, Height, Family, Dating Status, Love Island

David Salako is none other than one of the new bombshells promising to “spice up” things entered the Love Island villa on the 18 January 2023 episode.

Like everyone, David joined the villa looking for love. Yet, it seems, he also promised the makers that he will be bringing good vibes and energy to the villa. Let’s get to know him better in this tell-all called ‘David Salako Bio’.

David Salako On Love Island

Upon entering the villa alongside fellow bombshell Zara Lackenby-Brown, David Salako said there is only one him and if one is in a relationship with him, he promised, it will be nothing but good fun, vibes.

Their entrance came happened on the show just after islander Will Young was left single after bombshell Tom Cane chose to couple up with Olivia Hawkins.

Anyway, David seemed confident about his abilities to find a girl in the game, despite joining in a bit late. Most importantly, he did not seem interested in causing drama. Also, he did not commit to focusing on anyone specific in the villa so far.

When introducing himself, he also revealed that despite being able to sing he will never do it because he has not got the confidence to do this one particular thing.

Just in case, he also spilled that girls who sing along to songs messily, especially if it’s “Wonderwall” gives him “ick”.

To put it simply, David was planning to not only meet a potential new partner but also strike up new friendships during his time on the show. He said himself that he is “actually excited” to meet new people, aside from a partner, and friends as well.

David Salako Dating Status

David Salako’s dating status was unclear at the time of this writing. While on Love Island he admitted being single though. As to why he had said about being “very picky” and not meeting the right one yet. “The person you’re going to meet is never going to be perfect, but I’ve got my standards, yeah,” he also added.

Then, when David was asked if he falls in love quickly, he replied its in between for him. That is, he said, if he likes someone he will put his whole 100% into that person and that could lead him into liking that person quickly.

How Old Is David Salako?

Because David Salako was born in 1998, he turned 24 years old in 2022.

David Salako Family

David Salako says his friends and family would describe him as a joker, very ambitious, and just a good person to be around. And that is all he said about his family.

Is David Salako On Instagram?

Yes. David Salako could be found on Instagram @davidsxalako. There were 13 posts and 4,325 followers here as of 20 January 2023. Also, at the time, his BIO here read “I’m off to find love in the @loveisland villa. See you soon!”. Also here, David regularly puts into display his clean, laid-back style, often posing at beautiful spots in London like The Alchemist, Jin Bo Law, and Knightsbridge’s Buddha Bar.

About social media, he does not take it too seriously and says he would catch the “ick” if people read too far into who he follows. He even shared one such instance when met someone through an app. She recalled him saying that he follows a lot of girls. He thought it was a “bit too much” for him.

So far, David did not seem to be on TikTok or other platforms.

David Salako Height

Handsome and even barrel-chested David believes he is “alright looking”. As for his height, he stands below 5’11”.

David Salako Job

David Salako is a money/financial adviser at Debt Free Advice. There is a requirement for this kind of professional to complete specific training and be registered with a regulatory body in order to provide advice. If David also meets these requirements, he had not yet opened up.

Anyway, the company that he works at is a charity partnership offering free expert advice to help out people who are in debt.

David also told the cameras on Love Island that he is an incredibly ambitious person and an excellent judge of character. He even concluded that he can read someone.

Also, his professional BIO on the internet describes him as an “enthusiastic” individual with a passion for helping members of the community from different backgrounds. It goes on to write that he is aware of the financial challenges that people face and is therefore eager to provide high-quality support to help others achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

If you also need to know about his salary, on average, a financial advisor in Essex is expected to make £43,782.

Speaking of the past, he played semi-pro football as a member of Little Oakley Football Club.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is David Salako From?

David Salako hails from Essex, which is a county in southeast England, between London and the North Sea.

  • When Is David Salako Birthday?

David is the luckiest for one more reason. And that is, he gets to celebrate his birthday on February 14th, on Valentine’s Day.

  • What Is David Salako Ethnicity?

David Salako is of British-Nigerian descent.

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