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Will Young Bio, Love Island, Height, Family, Dating Status

Will Young is likely the most popular contestant to join Love Island this season. The popular ITV2 show is back with a new line-up and here are a few things that you should know about Will. This article is about his height, family, dating, and more.

So, join us and learn more in this article below.

Will Young On Love Island 2023

Will Young, who is a farmer-boy and social media star, is searching for his true love on the dating reality show. He is also a well-known figure on TikTok, where he shares videos about farming and country life.

Talking about why he joined the show, the Love Island contestant said, “Having grown up on a farm, it’s been quite difficult juggling relationships and work. Love Island will give me time away from the farm to solely go out and find love. I think I’m at the time of my life where I’m mature enough to go and find a wife.”

Will, who shares a name with a famous musician, acknowledged that he doesn’t have any musical talent. Speaking to and other publications ahead of entering the villa, he said: “I wish I could sing like him. That’s what a lot of people do when they see my name’s Will Young, they go, “Oh, give us a song.” But sadly I’m not as musically talented as he is.”

Will, who has burgeoning followers on TikTok, was asked how would he feel about a girl who has 1,100,000 followers on TikTok. “Hopefully they like my content,” Will replied. “It is a possibility but I’ll just cross that bridge when it comes.”

However, they have put a ban on social media while on villas. He said, “For me, it will be quite a nice little separation. My TikTok is all education based, I’m trying to teach as much as I can by the TikToks so it will be nice for people to see what I’m like on camera but not holding an animal or treating a sheep or anything like that.”

Will Young will make an appearance alongside nine additional islanders who will pair up to compete with other competitors to forge romantic connections and discover love. A brand-new host will also make their debut on the show. Laura Whitmore, the former Love Island anchor, will be replaced by TV and radio personality Maya Jama.

Will Young Dating Status

Before joining the show, Will Young was single and still is ahead of the show’s premiere. Will has dated before and one of his exes helped him pick up meditation skills so you can expect a calming presence from him.

He shared, “Every night I light a candle and meditate for 20-25 minutes. A girl I was seeing told me to meditate, I tried it and loved it. I stopped seeing her and carried on meditating! It’s a nice way to self-reflect, taking a minute on my day/ week. It’s really nice and sets me up for a nice sleep.”

In the show, Will stated that he is attracted to a person’s energy. And if the energy he seeks is there, his potential partner can do whatever she wants. Will added that as long as she respects what he does and his “busy times of the year.”

How Old Is Love Island Star Will Young?

Will Young, as of Jan 2023, is 23 years old.

Will Young Family

Moving on to details about the family, Love Island star Will Young is the son of Andrew and Jenny Young (@young8269). He shared in the show that in the first 20 years of his parent’s marriage, his mom never set foot on the farm. And if his potential partner desires the same, then according to him so be it.

His parents have stepped in to defend their son against the backlash that Will received for his videos. Jenny, Will’s mum called him “one of the most caring men you could ever meet,” saying that the trolls attacking his vlogs are “completely wrong.”

She spoke to, and told, “Will is a lovely, caring, young man. What people don’t realize is that he has had animals as family pets. He once kept a lamb in the house for the first three weeks of its life and it slept in the dogs’ basket. Those people making all those nasty comments are completely wrong. He is such a caring person.”

Will’s dad Andrew also talked about the incident. He told the paper, “He would never trivialize something as important as lambing. People have taken the video completely the wrong way. He is a modern-generation farmer. I may not approve of all the videos but he knows what he is doing and has built up a big following.”

Andrew concluded, “He is simply showing what life is like working on a farm. That is the reality of being a sheep farmer.”

His other family member is his brother Tom Young (@youngtom_96) who sometimes helps him out on the farm. But he is residing in London and works as a surveyor and is a biochemistry graduate.

Will Young Job

Will Young is a farmer from Buckinghamshire and a TikTok star. He posts videos of himself building pig pens, planting seeds, and shearing sheep while bare-chested and tanned from his active outdoor lifestyle on his £1 million estate.

Sir David Attenborough is admired by Will Young, who has stated that he would like to see the actor play him in a motion picture. Will added, “Imagine hearing his calming voice talking while he’s feeding the animals, his top off, some short shorts… he would rock it.”

He was known to many for his Buckinghamshire farm videos and has drawn backlash since. According to reports, animal rights organization Peta has shared the content in question writing: “This farmer is a disgusting creep. He’s dancing over her body as she gives birth.”

Will has previously addressed the death threats he had received over a video that saw him helping a sheep give birth after the head and hooves got stuck. Addressing the vivid nature of the content, he told Financial Times: “It was just two hooves and a head, pull it out, job done. I’d never have got the camera out for a situation I wasn’t in control of.”

Is Will Young On Instagram?

On Instagram, you can find Will Young at (@farmer_will_) where he has 134K followers and his infamous TikTok is (@farmerwill_) where he has 1.1 million followers.

Will Young Height

Will Young stands tall at height above 6 feet 3 inches.

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  • When Is Will Young Birthday?

Will Young’s birthday is currently unavailable.

  • Where Is Will Young From?

According to his Love Island bio, Will Young hailed from Buckinghamshire, England.

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