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David Squibb Bio, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Port Protection

David Squibb is a minimalist. He has given up on the modern world values such as financial wealth, mundane jobs, and extravagant products with small lifespans. No wonder, he went on to become one of the main cast of National Geographic’s Life Below Zero: Port Protection in 2020.

And now that the show’s season 5 is here, let’s explore the star’s life a little more as this “David Squibb Bio” proceeds. 

What Happened To David Squibb On Port Protection?

David Squibb has been a part of the Port Protection series ever since its inaugural season — titled Port Protection Alaska — aired back in July 2015. But it wasn’t until 2020, as the series was revived with the name Life Below Zero: Port Protection, David became one of its permanent cast.

However, David wasn’t the only member who was cast from the original series. Gary Muehlberger, Mary Miller, Timothy “Curly” Leach, Matt Carlson, Stuart Andrews, and Sam Carlson, were other inaugural co-stars who joined him that season.

Sadly, Gary passed away in March 2021, reportedly from a fire in his home. He was thriving out in the wild and perfecting his self-subsistence techniques for over 39 years in Alaska then.

David and the team finished filming the fifth installment on November 19, 2021.“It has been one heck of a ride. Seven months in the making, we have made some new friends and felt the deep loss of others,” the star summed up.

Before the fifth season of Port Protection aired in 2022, David had appeared in 17 eps of the show, each time with a new adventure. His self-taught subsistence survival skills were considered “legendary” amongst the community. Especially, when it came to trapping, even the experts sought his advice.

David Squibb Age

David Squibb was reportedly born in 1972. That made him 49 years of age in early 2022.

You might be surprised to know that he was actually on the younger side of the Port Protection cast member list.

David Squibb Net Worth

David Squibb garnered a net worth of under $300 thousand by 2022. His biggest asset then was a 100-year-old fishing boat, The Margaret T. Gary.

Besides appearing on Port Protection, the survival expert, David also worked as the president of The Point Baker Community Council — which was incorporated in March 1982 — at the time.

Also, he worked as the “key principal” of Point Baker Community Association the last time we checked.

The company, Point Baker Community Association was located in Point Baker, AK, and was part of the Individual and Family Services Industry.

Don’t be surprised, but this old man used to be a metal singer back in his youth.

Living in Port Protection for 17 years, David now finds himself aloof from the modern world treasures. He wants to live his life in the wilderness and is proud of living a subsistence lifestyle. According to him, basic survival skills like hunting, harvesting, milling, and fishing are being lost by the general population. So, he intends to keep the tradition going and influence the upcoming generations as well.

The survivalist even shared that the people in Port Protection live like “kings on pennies.”

As for his education, David went on to joined Edmonds College, straight after graduating from Edmonds Woodway High School in 1990.

Is Squibb Married? Does David Squibb Have A Girlfriend?

David Squibb isn’t married. Or at least this was what his FB profile said. But over his relationship info, the Port Protection star tagged Kris Jackson to be his partner. Meaning, she must be his girlfriend or a partner.

Looking back on their timeline, Kris first ever appeared on David’s FB in March 2010. We have no info on their relationship other than that.

His girlfriend, Kris is also Point Baker, Alaska native who went to Creswell High School and later graduated from Kaplan University, Florida. She was still living in her hometown as of 2022 and labeled her job to be “self-employed” over her FB. But upon doing some research, we found out that Kris worked as a personal care assistant at Home Health Care.

Also, we were informed that Kris was 51 years of age in 2022.

Talking about David’s kids, according to his FB, he has two daughters named Tessa Benkosky and Mariah Prouty.

His kid, Tessa is already a mom to two beautiful babies. Before 2022, she lived in Mount Shasta, California with her husband, working as a veterinary assistant.

As for Mariah, she had yet to welcome a baby. She lived in Weed, California with her husband Sean Prouty then.

David Squibb Height

David Squibb stands tall at a height above 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

His district features include — long blond hair and a tattoo over his wrist.

Related FAQs

  • Is David Squibb On Instagram?

Here’s his reported IG @squibbd.

Also, find him over Facebook @david.squibb.353 and David Squibb’s Revelers Hall (a fan page).

  • Does David Squibb Still Live In Port Protection?

Yes, David still lived in Port Protection, Alaska as of 2022.

However, he is from Edmonds, Washington.

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