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Mary Miller Bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Port Protection

“The ocean is a force to be reckoned with. It provides for me, but also could be the death of me.” You will really get your cold shivers when you hear Mary Miller say this as she tries her luck with shrimping in the middle of a deep, wild ocean.

Mary, here, is among the Life Below Zero: Port Protection cast living in the wilderness of Alaska and trying to survive through hunting and fishing.

Now, get to know her better in this ‘Mary Miller Bio’.

Mary Miller On Port Protection

Mary Miller is a fan-favorite among National Geographic viewers.

As per IMDB, she has appeared in a total of 24 episodes of Port Protection from 2015 to 2021.

Life Below Zero is a spin-off or technically a continuation of Port Protection Alaska, a NatGeo series that first premiered in 2015 and has aired ever since in several installments.

The way Mary’s BIO for the show points out, that her desire to get away from the real world brought her to Port Protection. She learned shooting at a very early age and that helped too. She now aces at her shooting skills and life inside the woods and some time waters.

Mary has neighbors like Sam Carlson and Tim “Curly” Leach. Just like Mary her neighbors in Alaska have really great work ethics and are “strong as hell”. And as a result, they are of great help at times.

Mary Miller Age

Reportedly born around 1962, Mary Miller should have at least turned 59 years by 2021. There are fans who believe her to be in her late to early 50s and 60s.

Is Mary Miller Married?

Mary Miller is indeed loved by so many. When it comes to her the fans have never been divided. They just love watching her on TV and wish her well. However, they certainly prying (in a good way). A couple of these people participated in a discussion “if or not Marry Miller is married/if she has any kids?’. “On one of the shows she said she and been and had children”, “I thought I heard she had kids, but never heard she had been married”, some of them presumed when out of nowhere Mary’s own best friend of 35 years dropped an answer to this fan query on behalf of Mary.

“Mary has been my best friend for 35 years. She is a great person! Yes, she was married and has 3 great sons”, wrote this person with the name, Donna Kika. Donna, as per her BIO on Facebook, has been a member of Port Protection, Alaska since 25 May 2019.

Also, one more acquaintance shared, “Mary has children whom she talks about – I’ve not heard her mention anything about being married. She talks about 880 Freeway which runs from Oakland to San Jose, CA. She also talks about being a truck mechanic.”

How Much Is Port Protection Mary Miller Net Worth?

Port Protection Mary Miller held above $300K as net worth as of February 2022.

Mary Miller Measurements

Loud, direct, and always laughing, Mary stands blow 5’7” tall in height. (Measurements were unavailable as of now.)

Related FAQs

  • Is Mary Miller From Port Protection On Facebook And Instagram?

This personal blog on Facebook with the name ‘A Vida No Alasca’ posts her photos among other things. It is likely a fan-made account of Mary.

Other than this Mary did not appear to be on Facebook or Instagram by herself, as of the time of this writing.

  • Does Mary Miller Still Reside In Port Protection?

Though Mary Miller grew up in a city she has long been living in Port Protection.

Port Protection, if you already don’t know, is a census-designated place (CDP) in the Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area, Alaska in the United States. The population, as per Wikipedia, was 36 at the 2020 census, down from 48 in 2010.

  • What Did Mary Miller Do Before Moving To Port Protection?

At this point in life, “The City Girl” Mary Miller finds her own sense of independence in the Port Protection environment.

But before coming to this side of the world. she grew up in Oakland where her father owned a gun range. Now, that is where she learned to shoot. That is also who she learned fishing. She grew up taking family fishing trips.

Jeff Black of San Leandro, California who claimed to have known Mary since she was a child I’ve known Mary since she was a child also shared that she was a smart kid and independent. Also that she mostly hung out with boys as she had four brothers.

Then, Lori Cooley, another participant in Port Protection, Alaska claimed that she went to Andrew Carnegie Junior High and Bella Vista High School with a Mary. Over a Facebook comment, Lori shared that she herself had been looking for her friend Mary Miller for years. “I believe this is her but I’ve found no way to confirm it”, Lori said having realized this Mary Miller she had been looking for is not anywhere on Facebook, IG, or Twitter. Lastly, she wrote she would love to be in touch with her again.

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