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Deadliest Catch Shyanne Smith Bio, Age, Parents, Dating

Season 18 of Discovery’s Deadliest Catch since its premiere on 18 April 2022 has seen its challenges for sure. But, there are also good things happening. For instance, Shyanne Smith. Shyanne is one of the new faces who joined the show this season for the world’s deadliest job of crab fishing off the Alaskan coast on the icy Bering Sea.

Let’s look at who she is in this writing called ‘Deadliest Catch Shyanne Smith Bio’.

Meet Shyanne Smith, One Of The Newest Cast Members Of Deadliest Catch

Season 18 was the first time Shyanne Smith appeared on Deadliest Catch. She took her position as one of the crews of the F/V Saga as a greenhorn. ‘Greenhorn’ if you do not already know is just a fun way of saying she is new to the crab fishing scene. Months after her joining, in October 2021, she took to her IG to describe that life “is” good on the Saga. So clearly, at the time, she was there only.

Apparently, crab fishing in Alaska lasts from October to January. But, Shyanne seemed to have returned home in time for Thanksgiving (in 2021).

Deadliest Catch Shyanne Smith Career

Before setting sail on the high seas for Deadliest Catch, Shyanne was wrapping up another year at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. On her Facebook, there still mentioned that Shyanne “is studying” at the university. She got enrolled on 27 September 2017. So, she maybe will graduate by the end of this year. Before that and Shyanne went to Anacortes High School.

How Much Is Deadliest Catch Shyanne Smith’s Net Worth?

Shyanne Smith had not yet revealed her net worth. It is however believed that greenhorns in Deadliest Catch can make between 6% to 8% of a crab fishing boat haul. That is, if a crab boat catches $100,000 worth of king crab, a greenhorn could make $6,000 dollars per trip. But greenhorns usually are also required to pay for their food, gear, and fishing license in advance.

Yet again, not greenhorn crab fishermen’s salaries have not always been anywhere near as high as these examples. And some even have made more from sailing.

Is Deadliest Catch Shyanne Smith Dating Anyone?

As of 2022, Deadliest Catch Shyanne Smith had openly been dating Mason Twyman. Apparently, this relationship with Mason is something that also interestingly happened to Shyanne during her time on the show as she was first introduced to Mason as her fellow crew member.

Turns out, the two made it official on Facebook on 28 January 2022. But, outside of social media, their relationship was brewing as far back as 31 October 2021.

Deadliest Catch couple from the time they had a blast in Washington back in April 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

Despite the long distance, i.e., Mason living in Nelson, Wisconsin, and Shyanne living in Washington, they seemed to be doing well as a couple. In the meantime, they kept including one another on their social media sharing as often as they could.

Mason (on IG @masontwyman) started working at Arctic Packer LLC on 25 June 2016. While in the past, he went to Rockwell City/Lytton High School and graduated in 2013.

Deadliest Catch Shyanne Smith Age

Shyanne Smith reached the age of 23 in 2022.

Who Are Deadliest Catch Shyanne Smith’s Parents?

Crab fishing is supposedly a family affair for Shyanne Smith. However, it was not known if like her uncle, her parents also were into fishing.

Shyanne’s uncle is likely Shane Smith, half-brother to Captain Josh Harris of the F/V Cornelia. Shane and Josh’s father was Phil Harris, captain of the Cornelia Marie, who passed away from a stroke in 2010.

This Megan Suzanne Anderson who studied at Whatcom Community College and Anacortes High School is likely Shyanne’s mother. Megan could be found on IG @megan_suzanne77.

Further, this man named Nate Cruz of originally Kahaluu, Hawaii may be Shyanne’s father. Though on Facebook, he hinted at being single and living around Woodland Hills. While Megan continued being at Anacortes.

Then, besides her parents, Shyanne has two siblings a brother and a sister. There is Kaleo Smith, her brother who also happens to be her best friend. Kaleo could be found on IG @kaleo.smith. He seemed to be into skateboarding and he went to Anacortes High School. And sister Lola Smith (on IG @lola.smitth) was married with likely two kids and working as a waitress as of the time of this writing.

Deadliest Catch Shyanne Smith Height

Deadliest Catch Shyanne Smith stands around 5’5” tall and she markedly wears a nosepiece.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Deadliest Catch Shyanne Smith From?

Shyanne Smith was born and bred in Anacortes, Washington and she continued inhabiting in this place even today (by 2022).

  • When Is Deadliest Catch Shyanne Smith’s Birthday?

It is on the 17th of May that Deadliest Catch Shyanne Smith celebrates her birthday. And that makes her a Taurus.

  • Is Deadliest Catch Shyanne Smith On Instagram?

Yes. Shyanne Smith could be found on Instagram @shyannesmithh where there were 399 posts and 1,284 followers as of 18 August 2022. “Just a grouchy girl who loves punk rock and french fries” is how she introduced herself on its BIO.

Shyanne also shared glimpses from her endeavors, personal and professional on Facebook.

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