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Debbie Lorenzo Bio, Age, Net Worth, IG, Irv Gotti Wife

Record executive and producer Irv Gotti has recently made headlines for his romantic life as he narrated feeling heartbroken by a popular singer during an episode of the “Drink Champs” podcast. However, this is not the only time, that Irv’s dating life caused the noise. People have believed Irv to have had relationships with various women from the industry. Yet, he was also married once to Debbie Lorenzo.

Now, the rest of the writing called ‘Debbie Lorenzo Bio’ is just about Debbie including why she stopped being Irv Gotti’s wife.

Of them, the youngest, Jay, turned 23 on 9 April 2022. With his other two kids too Irv always wrote long heartfelt messages on their birthday.

Meet Debbie Lorenzo, Irv Gotti Wife

Irv Gotti, otherwise known to have dated a slew of models and hip-hop artists, was married to Debbie Lorenzo for more than a decade and got divorced in 2013. And over the course of this marriage, they welcomed three children: Angie (on IG @mxv_ang), Sonny (on IG @mxv_sonny), and Jonathan Wilson “JJ” Gotti (on IG @iammxvjay).

There certainly were misreadings and even hate for one another at some point. But, when talking to ESSENCE in 2020, Debbie gushed that Honestly, there is nothing there between her and Irv. She claimed that as her buddy is the only way she has been looking at him. She ascertained that she cared for him for sure but also there was no love between them now.

As for her dating other men, she shared with the outlet that she would not want to date someone who is “separated”.

Also, rather than focusing on finding men, she was more immersed in learning to break the cycle of depending on men.

Debbie Lorenzo On Ashanti

In May 2019 on The Fierce Files podcast, Debbie Lorenzo spoke briefly about her and Irv’s former marriage. Going into detail she outpoured how their marriage failed to go the distance due to her husband’s philandering.

In the episode of Growing Up Hip Hop: New York, Irv’s ex-wife spilled in a confessional that he was infamous for cheating on her with multiple women while on the road. Of course, she had to speak about his “relationship” with Ashanti as well.

Debbie claimed that while she and Irv were still technically married but separated, he was dating the singer.

Later, Irv himself admitted to cheating on Debbie during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. He had recalled an incident where he had been caught sleeping with Ashanti. Yet, he also had made it a point to say that Ashanti was not the reason for their separation.

Though fast forward to today, he may not have the same compassion for his once-beloved. Because, on the ‘Drink Champs’ podcast in August 2022, Irv admitted to being hurt over her dating Nelly. Before this declaration, Irv had recalled a memory with Ashley from 20 years ago as an IG post in April 2022.

Then, one time, talking to Stone Magazine, Irv justifying his action also said that in any normal relationship men cheat on their women with other girls, and as for women they put up with the bullshit.

Debbie Lorenzo Age

Born in 1974, Debbie Anne Lorenzo reached the age of 48 in 2022.

Is Debbie Lorenzo On IG?

Yes. Debbie Lorenzo could be found on Instagram @debbielorenzo_ and there were 374 posts and 20.6K followers on it as of 5 August 2022.

Debbie also joined Twitter @francesgreyny in September 2017.

Here, in these pages, she mostly shares her life as a mom, an intrepid traveler, about her faith in God, updates on her business, and likewise.

Debbie Lorenzo Job

Debbie Lorenzo is a millinery designer who makes her money as she follows her own original energy and instinct to craft every inspiration, placing a focus on unique materials and artisanal techniques.

She is beyond proud to have founded Frances Grey, a line of custom, statement hats, designed/handcrafted by herself. This brand of hers came into existence in July 2017.

Debbie Lorenzo Net Worth

Debbie Lorenzo had above $1 million as her net worth as of 2022.

After marrying young, and raising three children, Debbie divorced and started to blaze her own trail, traveling the world and going back to school to complete a Master’s Degree in Social Work. After receiving her graduate degree, she began fulfilling work with organizations for social good, supporting women, children, and seniors.

She simultaneously enrolled in New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology’s millinery program in 2015.

When married to Irv, being a good wife and the best mother was all she wanted to become. In fact, this was all Debbie envisioned growing up. She wanted to be a wife, a mother, have a big house, and not have a profession. But, things sure changed since she parted ways with her ex-husband and she is glad that she did. As her present is such that she gets to feature in the likes of Marie Claire’s “25 Summer Hats You’ll Love Even If You’re Not a ‘Hat Person'” every now and then.

These hats are quite popular. To name a few, Danny, Jade, and Hudson were priced at $365, $370, and $370 respectively.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Debbie Lorenzo From?

Debbie Lorenzo, of Jamaican descent, was born and raised in a vibrant section of Queens, a borough of New York City. So, she felt energized by Caribbean heritage and spirit. This environment she believes greatly informed her personal style and her inspiration as a designer today.

Also, so you know, she is the youngest of four siblings (one Sister and two brothers).

Years prior to starting her own company, Debbie found her great-grandmother’s passport. And later, she wrote on her website that the unique signature style on her travel documents inspired Debbie to learn more about her and the life she led.

  • When Is Debbie Lorenzo’s Birthday?

Debbie Lorenzo’s birthday is on the 17th of June and that makes her a Gemini.

  • How Tall Is Debbie Lorenzo?

Debbie Lorenzo stands around 5 feet and 6 inches tall in height.

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