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Young Slo-Be Bio, Real Name, Age, Family, Death Details

The death of rapper Young Slo-Be has saddened his fans and the new fans he had garnered. He had a promising career ahead of him which came to an end on Friday morning in the first week of August 2022. While fans mourned for his family, they wanted to learn more about the late rapper.

Discover his age, real name, family members, and cause of death. We cover all of your queries here.

Young Slo-Be Death Details

He was shot dead in Manteca on the morning of 5 August 2022. According to CBS News, a guy was shot around the 100 block of Trevino Avenue on Friday morning. A little after 8 am, the police were called to the area to investigate. When they arrived, the police discovered a male shooting victim who had died as a result of his injuries.

The circumstances surrounding the incident are now unknown and under investigation. The shooter’s identity is unknown at the same time. The rapper’s passing was made public late on Friday night.

A media group the rapper worked with confirmed his death to The US Sun, stating, “This senseless act of violence has taken a man from his family and leaves a huge void in the West Coast music community”.

Thethizzler verified the information. The post read, “Rest In Peace. We’re devastated to announce that rising star @youngslobe2100 was shot and killed this morning. It was an honor to work with Slo-Be for the last couple of years and we’re heartbroken to say goodbye. Our hearts are heavy, and our condolences go out to his family and loved ones”.⁠

One fan took to Twitter to express Slo-Be was “arguably the best rapper in Stockton.” He added words of praise for the rapper for being “a stylistic innovator who couched the grim in comedy and half-whispers”.

A music Trizz tweeted, “I literally just discovered Young Slo-Be, was just at his album release. Dude was dope. Smh unbelievable”.

Passion Weiss also tweeted to pay tribute to the young rapper. He wrote, “RIP Young Slo-Be, the latest future legend stolen from us in this nightmare holocaust, the third in a murdered trinity with Drakeo & Bris, innovating a new West Coast whisper-smirk style, vicious and hilarious, forever rewindable. Slo-Be Bryant from Southeast, gone far too soon”.

Young Slo-Be Career

Young Slo-Be cited his father and his uncle for laying down the path to becoming a rap artist. Both of them rapped, but his father wasn’t serious about pursuing it as a career. Meanwhile, his uncle was popular among a small group in his community. But, his father didn’t entertain the idea of him rapping.

He stated in an interview, “On my momma. I got in trouble. He didn’t give a fuck about my rap. He said, “N**a, you went in there without asking?” He used to hate that shit. I remember I snuck inside, he was gone, recorded me a little song that I had written down, but I’m not gonna lie, I left the computer on so he would hear it though”.

Although establishing a career as a rap artist was a childhood dream, he only started pursuing it seriously around 2016-2017.

Slo-Be had recently started working with a record label. However, he had released a handful of work. According to his Spotify, he had already released eight albums titled Slo-Be Bryant (2019), 2100 Shell Kases (2019), Borona (2020), Slo-Be Bryant 2 (2020), Red Mama (2021), Slo-Be Bryant 3 (2022), Nightmare On Seventh Street (2021), Slo-Be Bryant 3 Deluxe (2022), and Southeast (2022).

The platform had earned him over 1 million monthly listeners.

An interview on the day of his death was released by Passion Of The Weiss. He revealed to the magazine that he grew up listening to Lil Bow Wow and Messy Marv, but he attributed the whispering flow to his mellow demeanor.

Young Slo-Be Age At The Time Of His Death

Born in June 1993, Young Slo-Be was 29 years old at the time of his death.

What Was Young Slo-Be Real Name?

The real name of Young Slo-Be is Disean Jaquae Victor.

Young Slo-Be Family

Young Slo-Be has musical influences from both sides of his family, his uncle was a local legend and his father was also a rapper.

Slo-Be told Passion Of The Weiss that he was raised by women. He said, ” I’d see the thugs, my older cousins, catch ‘em on the block or while I’m outside, they’d kick my ass and be like, “You better get your ass home.” Other than that, when I go home, it’s women. That’s why I got these three women on my neck [points to his neck tattoos], they raised me”.

His mother worked a regular 9-5 job on the other hand it was a different story about his dad. He revealed, “She worked a 9-5. She worked; she wasn’t selling no dope or none of that shit. She’s street smart, but she wasn’t a street woman. She always wanted her kids to do good. My pops, on the other hand, was a street n**a and you know what comes with that”.

Slo-Be and his father didn’t have a pleasant relationship. Speaking about their relationship dynamics, he added, “With my pops, we didn’t have a cool relationship, to be real. He was always the tough n**a on us He was a street n**a, so he didn’t really know how to be a father. He taught me the street shit though”.

Some of his family members are Daryius Victor, Douglas Victor, Christy Victor, and Kay Victor, all from Stockton, California.

Young Slo-Be Girlfriend

Young Slo-Be’s relationship information is unclear. He hasn’t shared anything about his dating life yet.

Was Young Slo-Be On Instagram?

Yes, Young Slo-Be was on Instagram (@youngslobe2100).

Young Slo-Be Height

Young Slo-Be’s height measured under 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Which Label Was Young Slo-Be Signed To?

Rapper Young Slo-Be was signed to Thrizzler on the Roof. According to The Sun, Tyrese Johnson the operations manager at the label stated, “From early on we knew that his work ethic and the care he put into his artistry would take him very far.” He continued, “We had high hopes for Young Slo-Be’s career and looked forward to doing more great work together”.

Moreover, the record label announced on its Twitter, “Rest In Peace Young Slo-Be.  We’re devastated to announce that rising star Young Slo-Be was shot & killed this morning. It was an honor to work with Slo-Be for the last couple of years and we’re heartbroken to say goodbye. Our condolences go out to his family & loved ones”.

  • Where Was Young Slo-Be Born?

The California-based rapper was born and raised in Stockton, California. Forbes hailed the city as “America’s Most Miserable City” in 2009 and 2011.

  • How Much Was Young Slo-Be Net Worth?

At the time of his death, Young Slo-Be’s net worth was around $700 thousand.

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