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Demetrius DC Calipi II Bio, Today, Parents, Last Chance U

Demetrius DC Calipi II is the son of American professional basketball player Demetrius Calip who formerly played for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA. But Demetrius junior in recent times has found for himself a different kind of fame, not as his father’s son but as the star of Netflix’s Last Chance U: Basketball.

In the 13 December 2022-released second installment of the series, a whole new roster of players was introduced to viewers for the 2021-2022 session. One of them is Demetrius, dubbed as “one of the most talented players on the team”.

Now, let us look at who he is and what he is been up to since Last Chance U and more in this writing called ‘Demetrius DC Calipi II Bio’.

Demetrius DC Calipi II On Netflix’s Last Chance U: Basketball

Netflix’s Last Chance U: Basketball series documents that for Demetrius the sport of basketball is not just a passion but also a family legacy.

As the series proceeds, viewers get to know how since he was a child, Demetrius was well aware of his father’s success as a basketball player.

The series also tells the story of his father, about how he was once part of the University of Michigan Wolverines during his college years and more. We are told that the patriarch’s team became the 1989 NCAA Division I men’s basketball champions. Demetrius senior since then went on to play in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Such an impressive resume of his father has always compelled Demetrius to not only match his father’s accomplishments but to do the same thing in his own way and even better.

To the cameras, Brandon also detailed his plans for the future. So, since the cameras are now turned away, let’s look at where the athlete is at today.

Where Is Demetrius DC Calipi II Today?

As of December 2022, Demetrius DC Calipi II was still affiliated with ELAC and was active in the 2022-2023 session. At this point in his career, his team had won 6 out of the last 8 games they had played. Also, together, they were looking forward to many more competitions.

Demetrius himself seemed ready to work hard and play in the Power Five conferences shortly. Today, more than ever, he looked highly dedicated to the game and seemed to be getting along well with his teammates. Even as an outsider, one could tell that he is right on track to success.

Yet, every now and then, he seemed to be feeling the heavy weight of his father’s legacy. In addition to his athletic affairs, Demetrius was presently based in Los Angeles, California. In case the series receives Netflix’s order for the third season, Demetrius, AKA Husky, will probably get a place for himself again.

During his high school years at Taft High School in Chicago, Illinois, Demetrius had an impressive track record as a basketball player.

In 2018, Demetrius was affiliated with Nike as one of the “Nike Elite 100”. The next year, he made it to that year’s “NBPA Top 100 Camp”. At this rate, he found a position at the University of Illinois (UIC). Being a part of UIC Flames was a huge boost for his getting-bigger career. But, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, he had to leave the Flames and the Division I circuit after playing just two games.

Demetrius DC Calipi II Age

When Demetrius DC Calipi II turned 22 years old in 2022, his father took to his Facebook to rave about his “Lil Guy who’s now a Grown man”. He said he loves him to the moon and back and that he and his wife are proud of the young man he has become.

Demetrius DC Calipi II Height

Until December 2022, Demetrius was standing at 6’3′ height. Also, he weighed around 170 lbs.

Who Are Demetrius DC Calipi II Parents?

There already have been enough talks about Demetrius DC Calipi II’s father, Flint, Michigan native who turned 53 in November 2022.

As for Demetrius’s mother, she is Cynthia Barnes-Calip. According to her Facebook, she is a legal assistant and real estate investor.

Demetrius’s parents were likely together and still married by 2022’s end. They have been always very supportive of Demetrius. Lately, while promoting Last Chance U on social media, Cynthia informed her followers that her son’s story should be on Episodes 5 and 6. Still, she pleaded with them to tune in for all the episodes.

Further, Demetrius is not the only child of his parents. He also has a sister. She is Danielle Barnes Heiney (Heiney), the inhabitant of North Hollywood, California. At this point in life, she was seemingly happily married. She also loved to go around as the “mommy” of Brooklynn Jenelle.

Is Demetrius DC Calipi II Dating Anyone?

Demetrius DC Calipi II’s relationship status was unknown at the time of this writing. Netflix did not tell us this one thing about him. Demetrius’s social media also was not that telling about his girlfriends, past or present.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Demetrius DC Calipi II Birthday?

Demetrius DC Calipi II’s birthday is on June 15th and that makes him a Gemini.

  • Where Is Demetrius DC Calipi II From?

At present, Demetrius was based in Los Angeles, California. But his hometown is Inglewood, California.

  • Is Demetrius DC Calipi II On Instagram?

Yes. Demetrius DC Calipi II could be found on Instagram @princexdc with 50 posts and 5,213 followers as of 14 December 2022.

Demetrius also seemed active on Facebook. But in none of these but in his TikTok account that he had the most followers so far. On his TikTok @princexdc, there were around 131.8K followers and 3.5 million likes already.

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