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Dempsey Wilkinson Bio, Job, Net Worth, Family, 90 Day Fiance

Meet Dempsey Wilkinson the star of season 6 of the 90 Day Fiance franchise Before The 90 Days. She is in a relationship with American Statler Riley and hopes they can be together. With no exception to the previous season, there will be no lack of drama but they are probably the most promising couple among all that we’ve seen so far.

So, more about Dempsey, here we cover her age, job, family, and more.

Dempsey Wilkinson On 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

English woman Dempsey Wilkinson is one of the new cast members of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days. She is starring on the show alongside her partner Statler Riley.

Along with them, joining this season are Amanda and Razvan; Riley and Violet; Christian and Cleo; Tyray and Carmella; Meisha and Nicola; Gino and Jasmine; and 90 Day Fiance’s first deaf couple David and Sheila.

Are Dempsey Wilkinson And Statler Riley Still Together?

As usual, neither Dempsey Wilkinson nor Statler Riley will confirm their current relationship status. Mostly the reason is to the non-disclosure contract they might’ve signed before filming the show. Additionally, they don’t want to steal the enjoyment of watching what happens as the episodes arrive on TLC.

One of the seven new couples entering the 90 Day Fiancé series is the American and British arrivals. They have been hailed as a couple to look out for as they will bring a genuine chance at love along with some possible turmoil.

The duo was first presented in the season’s trailer and through their biography on Entertainment Tonight. Statler is regarded as a Texas native with charisma and tremendous energy who enjoys insects. Statler struggled to feel like she fit in after being adopted. She met Dempsey, her British girlfriend, out of her desire for unwavering love, and they fell in love.

In her Before the 90 Days season 6 bio, Statler comes across as a nice and upbeat person. For the Texan, there may be a problem, though. For seven months, Statler and Dempsey have been corresponding online and getting to know one another. Statler decided to go to England to see her partner for the first time as a result.

Statler did leave out one crucial detail, though. She forgot to tell Dempsey that if their meeting goes well, she intends to settle down in the UK. This lack of communication might be a huge cautionary sign for Dempsey.

Statler has hinted on social media that she is still in Texas, but Dempsey has hinted that she might have moved instead. The British not only published numerous Instagram posts in April 2023, but they also feature her in scenes that closely match Statler’s images and films. One of these posts even depicts her attending a kite festival that remarkably resembles the yearly ABC Kite Festival in Austin’s Zilker Park.

Born and raised Texan, Statler is of age 33. A self-proclaimed black sheep in her family, she attended Texas State University and Simmons University.

Dempsey Wilkinson Age

According to some of her IG posts, Dempsey Wilkinson’s 29th birthday, she celebrated it in February 2023.

Dempsey Wilkinson Job

Dempsey Wilkinson has a job as a caterer. She is the owner of called Conscious Catering based in North Yorkshire. Connect with Conscious Catering via its IG page.

But, now that she is also a TLC star, she will also be pocketing a paycheck from the network. According to Intouch Weekly, 90-Day Fiance cast member makes an average salary of $1000 to $1500 per episode.

How Much Is Dempsey Wilkinson Net Worth?

The exact figure of Dempsey Wilkinson’s net worth is not public yet. However, we estimate it to be under $200 thousand.

Dempsey Wilkinson Family

Dempsey Wilkinson is daddy’s little girl. Her beloved father is named Richard Wilkinson who is self-employed and lives in Doncaster, England. Going by Richard’s Facebook he is no longer with Dempsey’s mom. He is in a relationship with Tara Gavan.

Meet Richard on FB and IG.

Dempsey has also introduced her mom Suzanne Wynn on her IG. On Mother’s Day 2015, she wished her mom, “Happy Mother’s Day to the rock in my life. Love you more than you will ever know. You mean the world to me.”

In her family, Dempsey also has one sister named Darcie Wilkinson. Darcie turned 26 years old in February 2023. She resides in their hometown of Doncaster. Meet Darcie on IG and FB.

Sadly, Darcie and Dempsey’s sister Reegan Wilkinson passed away a while back. Reagan was born in August 1991.

Dempsey Wilkinson Height

Going by her photographs, Dempsey Wilkinson’s height measure a moderate 5 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Dempsey Wilkinson Birthday?

Dempsey Wilkinson’s birthday is on 23 February.

  • Where Is Dempsey Wilkinson From?

Dempsey Wilkinson’s hometown is Doncaster, UK.

  • Is Dempsey Wilkinson On Instagram And Facebook?

Of course, she is. Here are Dempsey Wilkinson’s Instagram (@dempsey2494) and Facebook (@dempsey.wilkinson).

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