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Denese Butler Bio, Age, Net Worth, HGTV Fix My Frankenhouse

Did you just build or remodel your home, and now you don’t know what you want? Well, this is where Denese Butler comes in. Her job is to help homeowners navigate through the design process and create a new identity for their houses.

Keep reading this Denese Butler Bio to learn more about her.

Denese Butler On HGTV Fix My Frankenhouse

In 2023, HGTV once again found a gap in the niche and thus Frankenhouses was born. Hosting the renovation show were Denese and her husband Mike Butler fixing “homes that have had a plethora of renovations done over the course of their lifetimes — over the course of different time periods. The kind of houses that have gotten additions that truly don’t make sense.”

As seen on a sneak peek, the wife/husband was fixing a house with seven different types of flooring, six staircases, three balconies and two additions to the house have been made. A weird one indeed.

“Solving problems for families living in these types of homes is my favorite part of the job,” Mike said. “To fix the houses, I shake up the floor plans and build new layouts that actually function.”

Explaining her job too, Denese chimed in, “Once we have the updated layout in place, I restore flow to the home with cohesive modern design.”

Looking back, HGTV discovered Denese and her husband via Instagram. Infact, it wasn’t just HGTV who had their sights on the couple. Denese said that multiple production companies had reached out to her about doing a TV show in 2019, and they “finally made the choice on a company that aligns with our visions and goals.”

Developing the show, took three years of planning, she added. And when the filming was wrapped up, they were more than excited for everyone to see the hard work they’d put into the show. Also, over an IG post, they thanked all the “key players” who helped them with all the BTS work.

Mike And Denese Butler Relationship

Denese married her husband Butler on April 21, 2012, vocalizing, “Head over heels for this white guy,” in front of her friends and family. This line was the same sentence Denese said as she was running up and down the stairs, a few days after she had her first date with Mike at Brooklyn Bridge Park in 2005.

Now, as of 2023, the two are married for over 11 years and share three kids. “When I reflect on our life journey, I am in awe of how God took two strangers, and brought us together to create this beautiful life. If I find a window of opportunity to pause and reflect, I’m always reminded of where we started and how far we’ve come,” she said.

Talking about their children, their oldest, Ellis turned six in April 2023. He “is definitely one of a kind. His light shines so bright, and we hope that it touches people throughout the world,” Denese said.

As for Felix, he turned 4 in April 2023. He’s an “incredibly loving, kind, fearless and courageous” child.

The youngest, Lucy just celebrated his first birthday on October 16, 2022.

So yes, Denese was pregnant while filming Frankenhouses. No wonder, everyone always asked them how “are you all doing this with THREE small children?” before they responded with “it takes a village and a whole lot of Jesus.”

Fun Fact: Mike thinks that he met Denese when she had multi-colored hair and a shaved design on the back of her head. Well, he got it all wrong.

Denese Butler Age

Denese Butler was 26 when Frankenhouses aired in 2023.

But she was a year younger or two when she first started filming the show.

Denese Butler Maiden Name

Denese Butler’s maiden name is “Doyle.”

Who Are Denese Butler Parents?

Denese Butler is a daughter of immigrants. Her parents, Peter Doyle aka Eman Theman and Maureen C Doyle first met when the latter was 15 (a year after she moved to the US) and soon got married. They then lived a substantive life in the Boston area, where Denese grew up. Now, they’re 44 years into their marriage.

Peter and Maureen turned 68 and 65 years of age respectively in 2022.

According to the HGTV star, her mother was one of the most difficult people to surprise. But in Dec 2017, she succeeded in doing so by flying out to crash her romantic birthday getaway.

Find Peter on IG @eman.theman and FB @eman.theman.1.

As for her siblings, she has three brothers and sisters. Two of them are named Kameal Kameal (a Grand Canyon University graduate) and Duaine P Doyle (aka Iron Lion Jemmott, the owner of Iron Lion Muay Thai & Boxing).

How Much Is Denese Butler Net Worth?

Denese Butler flaunted a net worth of above $800 thousand in 2023.

An interior designer by profession, Denese was first exposed to the interior design world working at a luxury textile design company. Soon, she received rave reviews for her design, and referrals came pouring in. Thus, she founded her own design firm Perfect Vignette in 2017, tackling both commercial and residential spaces.

She describes her style as Practical, Cozy, and Timeless.

Trivia: Her favorite meal is Authentic Ramen, Drink is Red Red Wine, Travel Destination is Mexico, and Favorite person to follow on Instagram is Michelle Gerson.

Denese Butler Height

Denese Butler stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Related FAQs

  • Is Denese Butler On Instagram And Facebook?

Find her on Instagram @denesebutler

  • When Is Denese Butler Birthday?

Denese Butler receives her birthday wishes on April 12 and is of the Aries zodiac.

  • Where Is Denese Butler From?

Denese hails from Boston, Massachusetts.

But in 2023, she resided in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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