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Who Are HGTV Denese Butler Parents: Peter And Maureen Doyle?

Peter and Maureen Doyle are the parents of HGTV’s Denese Butler. Learn about the folks of the reality star where we cover details about their marriage, relationship, age, and current residence.

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Who Are HGTV Denise Butler Parents?

HGTV Denese Butler’s parents Peter Doyle and Maureen Doyle first met when the latter was 15 (a year after she moved to the US) and soon got married. In July 2018, Denese took to her IG to share about her parents.

In the post, she wrote, “They love hard and will take you under their wing as if you were their own! Yeap, that’s my mom and dad for ya! These two have set quite the example of how to love hard through it all. 41 years of marriage- and four kids later- geesh! Talk about goals! 🙌🏽 #theloveisreal #jesusatthecenter Ps. I wish I could say that’s me ☝🏽😫. I’m the last of four and somehow they stopped taking pics when I was born.”

They then lived a substantive life in the Boston area, where Denese grew up. She was adamant about choosing her own route, and she even gave an explanation of it in an HGTV interview.

Denese added, “Growing up, I never really showed an interest in my dad’s construction world. I thought I would be a scientist when I was younger, but that didn’t work out.” She added, “The one way my dad has influenced my journey is how hard he works, and that is something that has been instilled in me.”

As a result, Denese majored in fashion design after high school and planned to work in the field until interior design called for her attention. She worked in the fashion sector for numerous years and even established a reputation for herself after studying a course in fashion design while in college. But soon after, she decided to look into other possibilities and started working at a textile design business that specialized in luxury goods.

Denese started studying fabric construction while working as a textile designer, and she even gained a foundational understanding of interior design. She, incidentally, was enamored by interior design and knew she had to learn more about it.

In 2023, Denese Doyle is 36 years old.

Denese married her husband Mike Butler on April 21, 2012, vocalizing, “Head over heels for this white guy,” in front of her friends and family. This line was the same sentence Denese said as she was running up and down the stairs, a few days after she had her first date with Mike at Brooklyn Bridge Park in 2005. Now, as of 2023, the two are married for over 11 years and share three kids.

Meet Peter Doyle, HGTV Denese Butler Father

In 2023, Peter Doyle, dad of HGTV’s Denese Butler is 68 years old. Denese’s birth year is 1954 and the month is July.

Also known as Eman Theman, he lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Peter is a highly experienced master carpenter and contractor, and he raised his daughter in an environment that encouraged Denese to get into the construction industry.

Meet Maureen Doyle, HGTV Denise Butler Mother

On the 60th birthday of Maureen Doyle in December 2017, Denese posted about her mom. This means, in December 2022, she is 65 years old.

As for the post, Denese wrote about her mom, “My heart is so full! My mom is one of the most difficult people to surprise. Haha, not this time. It took us flying out to crash her romantic birthday getaway to give her the surprise we’ve so deeply wanted to give her forever! #missionaccomplished. She moved to this country at the age of 14 met my dad at 15 and the rest is history. I just love the way they love each other, pray for each other and encourage one another. I am so grateful to call these folks my rents 😚 #happy60thmom 🎉!!!”

Related FAQs

  •  Are HGTV Denese Butler Parents Still Together?

In 2023, HGTV Denise Butler is 44 years into their marriage.

  • How Many Children Do HGTV Denese Butler Parents Have?

HGTV star Denese Butler’s parents shared four children. Their two daughters are named Camelle Doyle and Anajah Doyle and their son is named Duaine Doyle.

Born in 1977, Duaine is 45 years old.

Camelle, who is 41 years old, was born in July 1981.

  • Where Do HGTV Denese Butler Parents Live?

HGTV Denese Butler’s parents are living in Mattapan, Massachusetts.

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