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Derek Forestier Bio, Wife, Age, Height, IG, Making Fun

Children have the wildest imagination. And Derek Forestier is turning those imaginations into reality through Netflix’s new loony show, Making Fun.

Explore his life as this Derek Forestier Bio proceeds. 

Derek Forestier On Netflix’s Making Fun

Netflix’s Making Fun launched on March 4, 2022, and it saw a cast of five including Derek giving life to those children’s creative and whimsical imaginations.

But making those dreams come true isn’t as fun as it sounds. There’s a lot of design, architecture, engineering, and woodwork involved just to make one project functional. Thus, Derek and his buddies Jimmy Diresta, Paul Jackman, Pat Lap, and John Graziano (Graz Makes), worked hand-in-hand, each bringing their own set of skills to the table.

Among them, Jimmy was the project’s lead as he had over 30 years of experience in designing, creating, and building.

As for Derek, his expertise in hand-made signs, furniture, and original gifts, was what made the invention so appealing.

Talking about invention, the team made a giant robot with a giant mouth and fork on the first episode.” I don’t know if the world needed it, but we made it anyway,” Derek wrote over FB sharing a clip from the ep.

Also, the Making Fun star made 2 IG posts on Feb 4, 2022, revealing the “Secret Project.” One of which was captioned, “I know my kids are going to mad I posted twice in a day, but I figured every once in a while you have to let your hair down. Thank you for all the love.”

So, for those of you wondering, if the show was scripted or real? Netflix suggested that it is not meant to be scripted. But with that being said, there are obviously some factors of the show that producers cannot afford to lose control over. Thus, a few sequences might be shot more than once to ensure that all technical aspects of filming are done right.

How Much Is Derek Forestier Net Worth?

Derek Forestier garnered a net worth of above $500 thousand by 2022.

A home decorator and craftsman by profession, Derek sells his products on Instagram over the label “DerekFromMalden” and even takes customer requests. The last we checked his gallery included Steel and Wood Plant/Side Tables, Wooden Flag Boards, Vintage Coffee Tables and Drawers, and Custom Name Tags.

His products were priced anywhere from $25 to $500 on Etsy.

If you’re a fan, you can even buy his merch including tees, mugs, and charms from his official page “”

As for his education, he went to Somerville High.

For those of you wondering, a craftsman in the Massachusetts area made around $36 thousand per annum. So, add that with his salary from Making Fun, the guy was making pretty good money.

Derek Forestier Wife

Derek Forestier’s wife is a former Modell’s Sporting Goods employee, Christina Forestier. She hails from Salem, Massachusetts, and is a big-time dog person.

As of 2022, Derek met Christina were together for over 25 years, and celebrated their wedding anniversary on May 18.

According to his wife, Derek is her “best friend, and the best husband (she) could ask for.” She is very supportive of Derek and even promoted Making Fun over her IG, captioned, “So proud of you! You’ve worked so hard and finally, all your hard work has paid off. You’ve overcome so many obstacles, but always kept moving forward.”

Likewise, Derek had a lot to say about his wife. But to summarize, she’s his best friend, the love of his life, his partner in crime, a great wife and mother.

The lovebirds shared 2 kids — Samantha (born: Dec 22, 1997) and Max (born: August 4, 2003) Forestier.

Trivia: Christina celebrates her birthday on April 20.

Is Derek Forestier On IG?

Yes, as of March 2022,  Derek entertained 316 followers over his Instagram @derekfrommalden.

Also, here’s his Facebook @derek.f.125 (private) and @derekfrommalden (professional).

Find him on Youtube @DerekFromMalden with 4.9K subscribers.

Derek Forestier Age

Derek Forestier was 52 years of age when he appeared on Making Fun in 2022.

Most of the show’s casts were around 50 then.

Derek Forestier Family

Derek Forestier comes from a family of seven — his parents, himself, and 4 siblings.

Talking about his siblings, they are brothers Gary and John, and sisters Carolyn A. Forestier-Mulrey and Andrea Forestier Steinberg.

Unfortunately, Derek’s sister-in-law Kathleen A. Forestier (John’s wife) passed away in April 2017.

As for his brother, Gary, he was in a relationship with Holly Jean Cotter and resided in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Derek Forestier From?

Derek Forestier hails from Somerville, Massachusetts.

But as of 2022, he resided in Malden, Massachusetts.

  • How Tall Is Derek Forestier?

He stands tall at a height above 6 feet (183 cm).

His distinct features include — thick long bread and a tattoo over his arm.

  • When Is Derek Forestier’s Birthday?

Derek receives his birthday wishes on April 7, making him of an Aries zodiac.

On his 50th birthday, Derek received a knife from Chris Zep, a hammer from Paul Pinto, and a toolbox from Artfully Rogue.

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