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Elizabeth Holmes Brother: Who Is Christian Holmes V? Bio, Age, Wife

Christian Holmes V is the brother of Elizabeth Holmes. Her recent trial and Hulu’s TV show have made her and her family the center of attention. So, what was her brother’s role in the company? What position did he hold in his sister’s company? How old is Christian?

Learn all about it below.

Meet Elizabeth Holmes Brother, Christian Holmes V

Meet Christian Holmes V, younger brother of Elizabeth Holmes the disgraced founder of Theranos. Christian and Elizabeth were born to their parents Noel and Christian Holmes IV.

The Holmes Family moved frequently while she was a child, making it difficult for her to maintain the bond. Elizabeth’s father’s job led them to Houston when she was around nine years old. Elizabeth perceived that her father felt guilty for uprooting the family so she wrote a letter to console him which read, “What I want out of life is to discover something new, something that mankind didn’t know was possible to do. it’s big on science.”

Christian’s great-great-grandfather was a famous surgeon after whom Cincinnati’s General Hospital was named. He married the Fleischmann yeast empire heiress Betty Fleischmann cementing the already established Holmes name as one of wealth and status. He often took pride in his family’s lineage.

Joseph Fuisz once told The Dropout, “her father had a real sense of entitlement in terms of the traditional importance of his family, that it sort of eroded over the years. The seeds of Elizabeth’s grandiose fantasy for her business connect to this paradise lost family mythology.”

But, people were curious about Christian Holmes V’s role in all of this. The government mentioned him in its opening statement but he has never testified. Elizabeth also looked rattled when they brought up his emails. So, what was his role in the Theranos? Keep reading.

Christian Holmes V Age

As of 2022, Christian Holmes V is at least 30 years old.

Christian Holmes V Wife

The dating/marital status of Christian Holmes V remains unknown. He is not on social media platforms which makes it harder for us to get updates on her dating life. But, likely, he hasn’t married yet.

What Is Christian Holmes V Job Title At Theranos?

At Theranos, Christian Holmes V was hired by her sister Elizabeth as the Associate Director of Product Management. Then, he went to serve as Director of Product Management followed by Director, Commercial Ops.

Lacking a background in science or medicine, and was making clinical decisions to approve re-drawing blood for tests that needed to be re-done. In a 2014 internal email shown to jurors, Christian Holmes wrote that “it seems a redraw is necessary given the disintegration of cells.”

But, he caught everyone’s attention when he chose to hire six of his friends from Duke University including one Daniel Edlin who testified in the court.

Daniel told the jury that Theranos’s founder’s brother Christian hired them as senior product managers, four of them at once in 2011 and two of the other later. The Duke grads ended up helping train Walgreens drugstore employees who were to deliver Theranos testing services starting in late 2013, Edlin testified.

According to Daniel, the trainees were told that “Theranos was an innovative Silicon Valley technology company,”. The training program included educating Walgreens employees about how Theranos’ technology could make blood testing more accessible and affordable.

The purpose of that was to excite Walgreens technicians to get excited and buy into the technology. But three years later, the partnership with Walgreens collapsed along with $140 million ($100 million payment and $40 million investment).

Daniel also told jurors that he was tasked with helping organize tours of Theranos’ Palo Alto headquarters for potential business partners, investors, and VIPs. He told the jury that he worked at Theranos from 2011 to late 2016. He then quit Theranos to go to business school because he no longer believed “that the company was capable of standing behind the claims it was making about its technology.”

Federal prosecutor John Bostic earlier in the trial said Christian Holmes was hired at Theranos despite lacking a background in science or medicine and was making clinical decisions to approve re-drawing blood for tests that needed to be re-done. In a 2014 internal email shown to jurors, Christian Holmes wrote that “it seems a redraw is necessary given the disintegration of cells.”

Christian had also sent emails to her sister telling her about problems with the tests and suggesting that they halt reporting certain test results. “It’s pretty obvious we have issues with calcium, potassium, and sodium, specifically,” Christian wrote to his sister. “Obviously I can’t tell them we are wrong, but they continue to send patients to Quest [another blood-testing company] after we report high, and the results continue to come back normal.”

Furthermore, Elizabeth had also hired her brother as a liaison for complaints which is normally the job of doctors to explain the test result to lab directors. But former lab director of Theranos Adam Rosendorff shared that Christian was pressured to come up with explanations about bad results that didn’t call into question the tests themselves.

Erika Cheung, who worked in Theranos as a lab associate, for seven months testified in the court that her orientation was conducted by Christian, who instructed her not to add Theranos to her Linkedin profile.

How Much is Christian Holmes V Net Worth?

Christian Holmes V should have a net worth under $1 million.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Christian Holmes V Reside?

Christian Holmes V resides currently in San Diego, California.

  • How Tall Is Christian Holmes V?

Christian Holmes V stood tall over the height of  5 feet 11 inches.

  • Is Christian Holmes V On Instagram?

No, Christian Holmes is not on Instagram.

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