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Deshawn Radden Wiki, Survivor, Girlfriend, Family, Height

Meet Deshawn Radden, one among the 18 new castaways battling for $1 million and the title of “Sole Survivor”, on Survivor 41, the brand-new forty-first season of the American competition television series Survivor.

Known all about the contestant in this Deshawn Radden Wiki before you also find out whether or not Deshawn is speaking the truth when he says, “I sense that within this next year I’ll be most proud of winning Survivor.”

Deshawn Radden On Survivor

Deshawn, started on Survivor believing that he could be the ‘final Survivor’.

Confident, he even commented that he truly feels like he has the recipe to win. Then, joining into details, Deshawn explained why he believes he can win Survivor. He said it’s because he is self-aware, analytical enough to pick up on social cues, and smart enough to critically think through obstacles that may present themselves, without becoming flustered. He also gushed:

“I am physically enough…, but also, cunning enough to get any physical threats… persuasive but non-threatening. I have street smarts and book smarts and am empathetic enough to be read as trustworthy”

In the meantime, he wants to model his gameplay off of a few former Survivor players.

Talking to Parade in September 2021, Deshawnshared that he identifies with Cirie Fields the most as a non-winner and Wendell Holland as a winner of the most. Also, to their “What do you think people will perceive you as?”, Deshawn answered with an “I assume that people will perceive me as a very likable guy.”

He added, during his time on Survivor he would want his alliance partner to be loyal, a bit level-headed, and a bit predictable.

Deshawn Radden Age

When Survivor 41 premiered on CBS on 10 November 2021, Deshawn Radden had already celebrated his 26th birthday.

What Medical School Does Deshawn Radden Go To?

Deshawn Radden who is from San Bernardino, California is now based in Miami, Florida for his medical school. He is currently on the road to getting his doctorate, enrolled as a podiatry student (member of the class of 2023) at Barry University in North Miami.

A proud medical student, Deshawn also already acquired a Master’s degree in Biomedical Science from Midwestern University in Arizona and an undergraduate degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from California State University-Dominguez Hills.

So basically, for his schools, Deshawn moved around from California to Arizona to Washington, D.C. to Florida.

Deshawn Radden Net Worth

Deshawn had below an estimated $200K net worth when the world first knew about his Survivor stint.

Other than getting multiple medical degrees, Deshawn is also working as a shift manager at Jamba Juice and as a Medical Scribe at San Carlos Apache Healthcare, from the way his LinkedIn puts it.

Does Deshawn Radden Have A Girlfriend?

Deshawn Radden did not seem to have a girlfriend as of November 2021. Even if he had one, he did not care to open up on his CBS bio or his social media.

His social media sharing so far is especially devoid of dating life and relationship cues. He posted a few snapshots of his life as a medical student before changing the entire focus to his time on Survivor.

Deshawn Radden Family

Deshawn is one of five children. When asked “Who is your hero?” in his CBS bio, he revealed that his heroes are his parents. Why? He explained both his parents “truly” took parenting personally. Despite themselves coming from challenging backgrounds, they made it their duty to create a better life for him and his siblings. “I find it most heroic that they raised five genuinely good human beings, with good hearts and strong moral compasses. That can be hard to come by these days.”

So, every time Deshawn gets a chance he makes sure to chime in such good intentions and credit his parents for all they have done for him and his four siblings.

Deshawn’s dad Dwaine Radden Sr. is the executive director of PAL Charter Academy High School, a WASC Accredited charter school that has been servicing high school students throughout the Inland Empire.

Also, we came to know, that his older brother McArthur Deshawn, who continues to live in Johnson City, Tennessee, is his half-brother. The two share the same dad but have different moms.

Related FAQs

  • When Does Deshawn Radden Celebrate His Birthday?

For now, it was not understood when exactly Deshawn celebrated his birthday.

  • How Tall Is Deshawn Radden?

Charming, devious, resilient, and a seeming tattoo lover, Deshawn Radden stands below 5′ 10″ in height.

  • Is Deshawn Radden On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes! Deshawn is on Instagram and Facebook.

Until 11 November 2021, Deshawn had 14 posts and 1,484 followers on his Instagram @dr.dradd.

Deshawn also seemed to share less on his ‘Deshawn Radden’ Facebook and TikTok @deshawn.radden.

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